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The dynasty that the Xiao is limitlessvibram five fingers cheap to see a tall and big in stature man is walked by himself/herself, on the face immediately flash across a put on if have if have no of smile an idea, let people not clear inside.At after death, the tall and big in stature man leaves of one person at the right moment catch Xiao to come out on display of limitless face of that put on one Shan but die of smile an idea, at that moment would be a dark way:"You smile, smile, waited to descend you to smile not to come out ……" seem the heart have feeling generally, Xiao limitless vision immediately on turning, see toward the person in tall and big in stature man, and then flash across in eye a put on cold light, once that person's vision touch a limitless look in the eyes of Xiao, a cold idea is abrupt however rise."These miscellaneous fish, still solved first of well!"Xiao limitless light tone way, voice light, almost as if the gnat shout.But present person's sense of hearings all entirely different ordinary mortal, listenned to realistic naturally.However the others all have no viewpoint, in their eyes that is the naturally.But the tall and big in stature man is that once the air shake, and then facial expression dark come down." Also want to vilify him in the my hand with you?"The tall and big in stature man sneers at a , and then a strength of pound Bo from body inside gobbled up to open, connected to take package at after death that Human body up, look impregnable."Ha ha, once tried you to know!"The Xiao is limitless don't say more, the heart reads a to move, that negative sky of crazy knife revolved in front of him a turn of, close behind abrupt however disappear in the public in front.Tall and big in stature man's complexion a cold, and then once the eyes flash across put on relentless, the eyes tiny Mi rise, but makes him surprised BE, the Xiao was limitless negative sky of crazy knife don't appear within the scope of his view.However he is also very self-confident, now after death that person have already been wrapped up by his strength, as long as there being one silk slighting commotion by the side of that Human body, he can respond, and Xiao's being limitless negative sky of at that time crazy knife then will have no the form escaped.Square off(3) however fact but consumedly come from his to anticipate, Xiao the limitless air is constant, but inside the body with negative sky of the crazy knife is that wisp of if have if have no of contact but is in a twinkling undulated for a while."Go!"The Xiao is a to is limitless to lightly drink, the corner of mouth suddenly raises one strange radian of putting on.Chi!See the air that the Xiao is limitless to suddenly change, tall and big in stature man heart in a surprised, close behind is fury.Chi of a , the Xiao is limitless that is negative sky of crazy knife suddenly of emergence, originally still let tall and big in stature man heart in a pleased, but when he sees negative sky of the crazy knife appears of position, immediately is an at a loss what to do.Going against crazy knife in the sky is to appear, but as for position that appears, but be not the person being limitless after death Xiao of nearby, but appear in front of him.Proper while sneering at and wanting and resisting,

he goes against sky crazy knife suddenly a vibram five fingers australia converse, a short moment brush past he, arrive at he after death that person of position.This time, the tall and big in stature man wanted to make moves to be already too late.The Xiao limitless corner of mouth peeps out one silk light smiling face, uncanny, but let people surprised Shu."Break!"The Xiao is limitless originally light smiling face, at go against crazy knife in the sky and be apart from a tall and big in stature man to guard at after death the strength of that Human body side not distance, suddenly refrained from rash action, and then the ray of light of flash across an iciness in eye.The heart reads a to move, negative sky of the crazy knife is abrupt however acceleration, close behind bumped shot with the strength of that dim moonlight to arrive a cake of.Mao!The glow-in-the-dark Shan in a silver white appears, bright brilliant.That strength originally be for responding Xiao limitless negative sky of the emergence of the crazy knife but exist of, so the defence capabilities weren't very strong.Is negative sky of crazy knife 1 row, that diaphragm woulds be to echo but breaks, Mao of a , an indentation Shan appears.This time, that originally hid at the tall and big in stature man after death, the corner of mouth still took person's facial expression of taunt to finally and greatly change.Originally he also matchlessly believes the tall and big in stature man's real strenght, but now this a moment, he has to doubt that he wasn't a dimmed eyesight.Person in"not ……" ground in the Xie Si yelled a , the frightened desire unique color to the utmost shows on the face, fluster under, beg rare desire to make a show of thoroughly, but everythings are all futile.Is negative sky of the crazy knife is in that person's various complicated visions, such as, scare, and unwilling etc.s and become more and more big, the in immediately after a silver white does Shan now, he immediately at present a black, lost consciousness.Burst!That person's skull drive negative sky of the crazy knife separated from the body, and then Gao Gao Pao since, Xiao a limitless idea read, that skull immediately burst of 1, exploded to open, became one Peng blood fog, the dissipation is up in the air.Xiu!Is negative sky of the crazy knife turn round, in the Xiao limitless heart on moving, immediately re- hold at hand in.That silver white sharp knife up, also have an in fine threads and close blood bead to roll to fall, look matchless terror.The whole summit of hill, by this time utter silence.The tall and big in stature man's body form, at the right moment the Lue arrives that person nearby, but everythings all have already been getting more irretrievable.Is close behind, once tall and big in stature man's vision turn and immediately sweep to the Xiao is limitless, in that vision, be full of the breathing of flame.Looking at appearance,

the tall and big in stature man is already a vibram five fingers speed t going of the spirit, may break out at any time.If this don't blame him as well, allow who just swore of finished saying a matter, descended a moment was worn for Chuo, the in the mind is afraid is all will be not pleasurable?Is much less have been god's favored son of he, just still said that person under his protection, the Xiao was limitless to harm him.But so a short moment, that person woulds be beheaded, this is huge anti- bad, seem the Xiao is invisibly limitless his slap.Fight although immortalization territory(1) but others want to smile, however see this waiting uncanny situation,all anyway smiling not to come out.And for Xiao limitless real strenght, they also shock in the hearts."You have to die!"Tall and big in stature man's eyes tightly stare at Xiao limitless, the fury of Tao sky nowise covers up to release.Other 4 people who follow him all died and left him just now a , but he didn't the least bit be afraid.Just the Xiao is limitless do of everything, he just thinks that he's the gist is just.Plus just because of that person's death, he don't think those details.The Xiao is limitless to smell speech, face the last great waves isn't surprised.The his hand holds to go against crazy knife in the sky, the corner of mouth raises, and the light smiling face on the face also solidifies gradually and and then becomes apathetic.Bomb!The tall and big in stature man acrosses an one step forward, the breathing of the male Hun rears, the energy of an extreme Zhe person undulates from his body inside gobble up but open, surroundings of the earth in a twinkling appear of crack immediately with can see without the aid of instruments of speed proliferation.Is close behind, he the body form is one Shan, in a twinkling is a disappearance, and then left a way at first cripple shadow.The speed of that surprised thunder sort, let the purple maple wait a person, in the heart a burst of misgiving.However the Xiao is limitless but is to solemnly don't fear to, his heart reads a to move, the evil spirit explosion in Tao sky inside the body is opened, that astonishing motion, the slightest as many as tall and big in stature man, even ambiguously still once had it but all and.2 people contend for Feng opposite, four eyes bump a bright light of fire.This time, have no what can say of, only one war.Only win the other party, can safely leave.As for failure of?The Xiao is limitless to sneer at a , anyway the owner failed, he can't fail.In his heart, have me invincible of conviction, extremely of firmness, hard falter.Bomb!A short moment, 2 people's attack finally crashes into a cake of, the astonishing motion gobbles up everywhere, all of spaces are unclear to distort, all of persons who let to watch are a scared Dan Zhan, a difficult speech of suppress from filled the air to open in the field, extreme Zhe person.This combat, which strong which weak, but still don't be able to know ……summit of hill on, the breeze son flies a sand to walk repeatedly stone, so big one district, whole be filled the air by smoke and dust, look Xiao Shu wild.The spirit riot of world extremely, a round and round bright ray of light blooms to open, the Xuan eyes absolute being Chi, let people marvel.

The Xiao is limitless to greatly become vibram five fingers cheapa territory of middle, tall and big in stature to war man immortalization territory initial stage, make people feeling unimaginable.But all these all occurrence at at present, from not get the other people don't believe this fact.The tall and big in stature man presents a long gun and knows on seeing to isn't any article, point of a spear the cold light gleam, the breathing of an iciness fills the air, and all of spaces are unclear distortion to open.He a time and Xiao Be limitless to have no towards bumping, crazy Lu, hurtle the murderous look and fury in sky, because the death of four younger brother Shis, younger sister Shi, let him thoroughly break out, all everythings, all push it the limitless body is at the Xiao up.The current tall and big in stature man looking at a Xiao limitless look in the eyes and almost wants to tear to pieces the other party into fragment, and then Chuo its cremated ashes, eat its flesh and blood, pick its Jin skin.He the breathing explosion of immortalization territory, the Hun is thick and pound Bo, half of territory the sky are all of quiver, the wild breathing piles out and seem creation of the world power, let people surprised Shu.Looking back Xiao is limitless, his air is mild like water, Mou light astringent, the Mou son of deep utter darkness makes people can not guess his viewpoint.But in his hand, that is negative sky of the crazy knife be curled up by black fog, repeatedly black light flicker, people the slightest don't doubt its sharp with power.Fight an immortalization territory(2) Xiao the limitless and outstanding body stand erect in the summit of hill, the breeze son once kisses, a wisp of fringe of hair fluttered to open with the breeze, determine vicissitudes of life of one silk caltrop be all revealing his violent in action to have no.Meanwhile, whole on him, the wild Zhe person's black fog remnants rounds under, the evil spirit outputs crazily more inside the body, he is originally pre-eminent have no the vehemence of , is also increased to top for an instant here.He can feel to get, the in the moment tall and big in stature man isn't a general immortalization territory to fix for of the person can compare.Think necessarily the other party is over there nine You evil door in, settle however is also have the highest position."Boy, from break hands two legs, Rao you are deathless!"The tall and big in stature man makes a noise, relentless of vehemence Ba the unique Hao concuss and let people be terrified.Spread all over on his face supercilious with despise, doing not think the Xiao is limitless can really with him to war."Ha ha, that sees you having this skill!"The Xiao is limitless to no longer say more, say this time that the excessive useless talk has already canned not have any function.The tall and big in stature man wants his life, but the Xiao is limitless again is fold hands remain on standby of person?The answer is clear, undoubtedly negative.The Xiao is limitless from teed off to living, the brain inside has never appeared to be seized without putting up a fight this phrase."Since it is so, that you die!"In addition to never thought that, tall and big in stature man also the Xiao is limitless to have already expressed very obviously,

again keep on saying, undoubtedly is , vibram five fingers australia deceive yourself as well as others."Put out a soul gun!"The tall and big in stature man is a to greatly drink, the silvery long gun tees off a string of telephone, dazzling have no, soon after an energy of pure pound of Bo woulds be from his body up spread to divert, and then flow out point of a spear, send forth the motion of an extreme Zhe person of.By this time, the pole in the tall and big in stature man's hand grows a gun and seems and then seems to limber up to come over for an instant.A way the unclear in meaning is difficult to understand of sign text as if the sign Zhuan generally appear at long gun body up, make people seeing not realistic.Is close behind, that is silvery to grow the point of a spear of gun, abrupt however is 1 to jilt, a string of string represents the destructive energy forms of the electric spark Shan appear, surroundings of space a burst of quiver distort and and then break information to spread and around and immediately appear a way space crack.Is long gun calm auto, vibrate of tall and big in stature man body ascend gorgeous of all of dress Shans is make ring, the his a head of bushy black hair pours to stand up, a gun stabs, the winds and clouds disgraces, the earth on, a way the crack extend to open by the speed canning see without the aid of instruments, extremely terrible.The Xiao limitless facial expression also makes moves at the tall and big in stature man of in a flash, became dignified to get up.Just can the shot kill four other immortalization territories to fix for of person, how much some its never thought thats, plusing all of them is despise the Xiao limitlessly fix for, this just lucky succeed.But although the current tall and big in stature man has never used to make an effort, however that carriage for making moves, undoubtedly be want with the power of the thunderbolt, strangle Xiao is more limitless than a start, make him not the slightest turn over a body possible.Is also such in fact, the tall and big in stature man realizes the Xiao self-discipline natural endowments of limitless terror and has jealousy in the heart and pluses the antinomy of their formation, let his heart read abrupt rise to kill an idea to living also not is what strange matter.The weak at the mercy of the strong, survival of the fittest in natural select, this is the existence rule!Want to keep on existing, have to have than of other people stronger real strenght.Want to sign a body at the Dian of myriad people, make reference to a bottom or a real strenght.Does the real strenght make decision for there aring real strenght, all rules and rules, not just real strenght parties?The Xiao limitless nature understands this, his eyebrows tiny Cu, however didn't fear to in the heart.This walks all the way, what strong wind the surge have never seen, an immortalization territory fixs for of person just, he didn't°yet to fear of situation.Fight an immortalization territory(3) the heart read a to move,

the Xiao limitless and silent operation rises vibram five fingers jaya negative sky of evil achievement.A short moment, in his surroundings, black fog curls up more very.And then Xiao once the limitless eyes quickly passing time turn, lookinging at the tall and big in stature man's long gun will soon near front, at that moment would be to manage pure thoughts and feelings, prepare to cope with.Shua Shua!The Xiao is a limitless Shan body, speed Ba unique world, don't dare to say unrivalled and the one and only, but at summit of hill these people's eyes in, that undoubtedly only treads world of strange soon.One Leng absolute being of tall and big in stature man, time responds to come over, the Xiao is limitless the limitless a way cripple shadow for having already avoided to open that gun, and then leaving Xiao for at first, letting people looking deeply can not measure, don't know where is the limitless true body of Xiao appeared.This a moment, all of the pores of tall and big in stature man whole body is tiny piece, the eyes tiny Mi rises and and then and cautiously respond limitless place of Xiao of position.But end he still kept disappointing, Xiao the speed of the limitless disappearance, let to have some Lin in his heart however.However the tall and big in stature man is also extremely self-confident, don't believe that oneself will plant at a greatly become a territory to fix for of hand up, so this a moment, his heart reads a to move, the vitality absolute being immediately concentrates to one a little bit high.Xiu!In this time, the Xiao is limitless to appear, accompanies with his emergence, the together black light is also a Wu to appear from the Shan.The speed of that together black light, the Xiao of ratio was limitless to still once have it but all and, let part watch of person's eye pupils like purple maple,etc all for it tighten.Qiang!In the Xiao in a flash of limitless emergence, the tall and big in stature man would was to respond.The his eyes tiny Mi rises, and then the reaction is quickly also matchless.However because is passive defense, pour to also make him tiny some delay.When his long gun and Xiao are limitless of go against crazy knife in the sky collision together of time, the Qiang Qiang makes sound to spread, extreme of Zhe person.That gold iron hands over the voice of Ge, matchless irritating to the ear, even if such, the tall and big in stature man is to don't thought of unexpectedly such violent in action of limitless strength of Xiao, this shots under, unexpectedly is visit blade enough to spare of still deeply huge dint flows out toward his arm.Weng!This huge dint hugely makes people suffocate and if not that personally realizing, tall and big in stature man is how can't thought of, either a greatly become a territory to fix for of person is how self-discipline such a huge strength.After a slight quiver, the tall and big in stature man finally cannot helps but falling back an one step, that huge dint flows out to appear in the pubic region through his arm and wildly let shocked.Murmur!The person, who watches, sees this act, all is can not control feelings of swallowed one mouthful saliva.They know the Xiao is limitless very strong, but can also attain so the shot wound of its never thought that to the strong that fights an immortalization territory, calling is afraid it for unreal territory under one person also not for lead."H'm hum!"