Some strategies for recepting the hotel

June 14 [Fri], 2013, 14:41
The wedding will have that kind of new atmosphere of sweet happiness, and it is the best achievement to remember. This needs to strengthen the wedding in some of the layout decoration. Do you know how to decorate more exquisite in a weeding reception hotel? Get a closer look the following these wedding site which layout the most useful ways.

Can you see your wedding dress up the action? Say first stage! The stage is an attraction place for weeding scene, therefore stage background is the top priority of the wedding site. Stage background is usually a gauze curtain, where upon a new own logo or Jasmine M140058 wedding photography, and proper flowers adorn active stage background atmosphere, and it increase the window on the details. The red carpet is necessary, this is the moment that the beginning of the wedding dress of new Jasmine M140059 wedding into the red carpet, table new transhipment will also step again on the red carpet, and it can be placed by French style, spread carpet with petals, and you also can use the balloon, and even you can use props structures such as aisle to attract all eyes. Wedding arch, the bride's father would be in the arch before the bride's hand to the groom. Bearing the weight of his father's entrust, the groom in the bride from arch toward their own wedding hall to the bride. New bride's father will take the door to the bride's hand to the groom. And the wedding floristry modelling design is very important, it can not only highlight the wedding to the administrative levels sense, but also it can let a guest while enjoying the beautiful scenery, and they can enjoy the food. please buy wedding dresses Jasmine M140059 from