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July 25 [Thu], 2013, 10:14
> Knight this career after years of development, there have been many professional interior detail differentiation, like the second game that appears shield against knight squire, on behalf of one branch. wWW, QUANben, cOM remove the shield against the Cavaliers, different from orthodox knight, as well as storm knight, knights, and so agile. Although these small branches, never shake the orthodox Knight Rider dominance in this career, but because of the unique characteristics of various branches of knights, they also firmly in this occupation occupy a place. Of course, since these branches knights, one-sided emphasis on a single property, they will be more used as a squire knight, knights and even individual branches of his life, I am afraid there is no chance of being promoted knight, such as agile knight. Knight is characterized by agile running speed, attack speed, dodge fast ...... Overall, the biggest long-term agility knight is speed! However, we will find that this knight branch of the Knights of the profession, has been in an awkward position! Run faster? Knights are riding a horse, knight itself running again soon, what is the use? ! Attack speed? A knight holding a lance, how fast can attack? ! Escape fast? Fast or leave it! Knight has been stress is indomitable, met strong opponent for shelter? That was what knight? ! So, agile Knight, greatest strengths, it is precisely that they become a real knight blocking the stumbling block! In fact, agile knight, more knights squire, but has been around in its own lord knight side, and other types of knights squire tie in together fighting. In fact, this type of knight squire, except for some very talented guy iso Rin interest, under normal circumstances, is held by the children of civilians. And Roland first individual race rivals, is such an agile knight squire, Luther. Luther a positive and negative hands sword, his eyes glued to Roland, while the foot has maintained the pace of the movement, slightly beating, more conducive to the body's muscles remain excited state. As an agile Knight, Luther did not like the orthodox knight, like many large steel inlaid wearing chain mail, but wearing a simple leather armor! Knight will be so agile in general, in order to ensure their maximum speed battle, had to give up part of the defense. Although the defense force to be relatively low, but each one will have a strong agile knight of faith, even if his lack of size A, the other party will not necessarily be able to get their own piece of clothing or jewelry touch! In fact, the knight squire test of this level, especially in the step agile Knight when the war, occupying a lot of advantages! Fast speed, storm general attack, has let them hold on the opponent's pressure, and agile escape, often allow bulky orthodox knight loss. Luther as a leader in agile knight, pour orthodox knight in his hands, does not know how much. So to be able to a quick Luther Knight squire's identity to attend Charles Knight contest the General Assembly! However, the previous record, Luther did not bring a little bit insecure. Think of just two games, Feng a pulse knight squire, act, like playing with blood, a shot is a trick to beat the opposition! As a teammate, although not talk about Luther are familiar to everyone, but he still had the experience of losing those two guys just force values, Luther ask yourself, even if it is your own, too, is impossible to win so neat! Luther never against any opponent lightly, coupled with just two races brought shock, before playing Luther are well prepared. This is definitely a tough battle! But wait until after playing Luther, he found that their preparation is not enough, he will have to face, is the third son Feng, Roland von! As a knight's squire freedom, travel extensively, when Roland von daimyo, long Ruleiguaner, Luther did not think his first game will be met him could not help but mouth bitter. Opposite the Roland, but casually standing there, it brought Luther powerful oppressive! Simply stood there, his right hand resting on the waist above the hilt, Roland did not even shield arm band, so calmly looked at Luther. Cried the referee early "start", Luther has been at Roland perimeter walk, never issued an attack. Roland in Luther's constantly test, the trace of flaws are not revealed, and he did not even pull out according gall! Everyone saw Luther continuous protrusion, push, rotate, walk ...... and Roland just slightly adjust their direction, has maintained a face of Luther, Luther even feel the slightest sheath according gall wire edge, sword scabbard if bound Barb! Experts see Road, watch outsiders. Look doorways did not say anything, but watch the, quit ...... This is the knight contest the General Assembly, not a circus! The audience booed everywhere. Roland unmoved, still quietly watching Luther. Luther was cold sweat fly, he has probably the pressure is much greater. In fact, Roland did not know, Luther skill is Gaia town locals! As a native of the child, the Lutheran understanding of most people in the town of Gaia, the same, most people here know this was a little thief. Luther's parents when he was very young, they had died due to illness, and he very idea that to become an orphan. There's nothing natural gifts Rin, there is no adventure acts of God, little Luther, in order to eat, gradually became a small thief. Agile, rapid action, Luther soon became everyone's heart Gaia town. This kid steal anything, and rarely missed, despite how preparedness, still can not stop the little Luther third hand. Either because Luther pathetic life experience, but also the village folks, he would have been killed by random stick! But go a long time is not a thing ah, everyone has caused headaches, until that one free knight appears. Agility, intelligent mind, let freedom rider spotted Luther. When Luther knew that the freedom to do their own knight knight willing to accept squire, a small Lutheran almost laughable in the past. Freedom Rider followed after leaving the town of Gaia, slowly getting bigger with age, gradually broaden their horizons, Luther discovered that this freedom is not as knights of their own imagination, he just to find a fundamental No opportunities for promotion agility knight squire it! But Luther did not show any dissatisfaction, after all, be able to have enough to eat, can learn a lot of their own have never thought of things, which Luther appears to have been enough! In this way, Luther followed Freedom Rider, a whole street for a decade, until the knight contest the General Assembly will be held in the town of Gaia. Yi Jin does not return home, such as silk Night! So Luther back! He wants everyone to see, so that those who are kicking themselves, but never had his own people seriously injured, let those eyes full of disdain, but also to eat left his people to see, once the little thief , is now a powerful knight squire! I Luther back! This is Luther to put words to everyone! Therefore, the audience booed, Roland, it is a fart! However, for Luther, is knife! Cf bile is still sharp knife! Being mercilessly stabbed knife and knife to Luther's body! "Ah ......" Luther heard Bao, a change in just swim bucket, to come forward rushed over! Sword in hand bevel cut Roland! Roland wrong step back body, will be to escape the sword tip from Roland's chest, less than two centimeters! "Hey ......" Luther homeopathic rotation, followed pixia backhand sword. Roland did not escape this time, the right hand sword, scabbard with only half of the blade according to gall, Luther's attack on the blocked! Luther Aishen forehand sword stab out from under the body suddenly, directed at Roland's side door. "Cang Lang ......" according guts sword, and finally scabbard! Sword swept the sword rack open. Luther backhand sword stitch, straight Roland thighs ...... "Dangdang when ......" sword intersecting voices heard! Luther give full play to the characteristics of an agile knight squire, attacks such as storms in general, do not close the gap, like the Yangtze River flowing in general,Clutches And Evening Bags, rushes rolling! Roland seems to be Luther's fast-paced attack, completely suppressed, continuously receding, only relying on their hands of the sword, Luther continued to parry the attack. The audience burst into cheers, cheer voice, one wave after wave! In the audience, this kind of fighting,Oakley Sunglasses Lifestyle, more than just those two,Oakleys Polarized Sunglasses, to pretty much! The first two individual competition, Fung family of knights squire, no matter what state does Pa absolutely staunch, with only a trick you can defeat the enemy! However, from the viewing point of view, there is nothing mean, suddenly over, there are many who do not see how the squire knight moves, the game is over, is not fun! Which, like the battle between Roland and Luther, you come to me, and it buzzes! That was what the little thief? ! Liangbing sword, gotta dance, like the wheels, the wrong step, close, rotate, oppression Fung family of knights squire only continuously receding. Atta boy! The audience shout, especially local residents Gaia town, I did not forget to refuel the next person exclaimed: "This kid is the city of Gaia, a child also stole my home sweet potatoes on it ......" Different blind in the audience, Luther knows his big trouble! He is agile knight squire, the speed has always been long term, and Roland in their offensive under the speed of even less than their own, and even spare a worse way! His hand swords and wearing leather armor, chainmail do not give Roland a bright top, leaving even a scar! Luther knew that he temporarily dominant presence of the surface, but it is short-lived, though I do not know why the Roland has been the defense, but he knows that as long as Roland began to attack, when the failure is their own! Sure enough, the gap in the attack Luther heard Roland whispered: "You're pretty good ...... but ...... My turn!" <
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