Hejian exercise to find clues to vote relatives Yi En difficulties encountered

October 20 [Thu], 2016, 23:47
Queen taught Prince, in this complex world, only to win the throne was possible to ensure that mother and child safe. In order to arouse the attention of the prince, the queen when Prince Hall flogging informant to make eunuchs Liu Bing, till Liu beaten to death.
Li Wei Shen Zi Mu see friends just out of prison, it is necessary to turn off the trail into outer probe Liu, Li Wei IP Messenger to their Young Xiao Jun, let him make use of their contacts to help Shen Zi Mu.
Lixing Shen and Su Yi-Ching,
Giuseppe Zanotti Hommes London Canvas and Leather Sneakers who visited Jianggong Gong messages in the river, the river could not find the name of the people, he had to pause in the suburbs tea stall. Su Yi-Ching inadvertently see handkerchief pattern and texture of ordinary people all non-boss embroidered, should be the palace was used. Informed, this matter is next door to lend focus Aunt boss, and her death in men, moved out of the village. Details boss would like the night before the focus moved Aunt things, suddenly, a hidden weapon shot in the chest boss and wife died on the spot, another clue hunted interruption. To bury the boss, Shen also made arrangements to exercise Guancai Pu Dong to buy a coffin.
Guancai Pu Dong also made unintentionally from that boss there, the focus for the ladies in the capital killed her husband bought in this port Shanghao coffin, the face of the mysterious focal Aunt couple Shen exercise inference should focus aunt's husband is Jiangling Jianggong Gong.
Shen Lixing pushed coke Aunt home door unlatched,
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Metallic Strap Leather Half Boots In Black a mysterious figure suddenly jumping through the window and fled from the house in the Jiangling. Shen Lixing attend to catch this person entered the room probe found, this person should be very familiar with the circumstances of this room, he searched for some important things from. Su Yi-Qing Shen exercise and want to find out as quickly as possible to escape the man, they pretend to return to the capital, but secretly secretly let Dongchang come manpower support at home Jiangling spread a dragnet. After the catch the man, after interrogation, the man recognized and Jiangling wife jiaoxi are cousins, this is a hairpin to come. He said that only let him go, he will go, who led the applicant to exercise his cousin. Halfway, the man lied diarrhea, accompanied by a statement also allow winter to
Women's Giuseppe Zanotti High Top Buckled Sneakers Velvet Blue help themselves untied the rope, took the opportunity to flee in a hurry. Shen exercise murderer, Qinzhu this person again. That support seems vital hairpin in Shanghai Lixing hands, very cunning eyes met with the person, refused to explain the whereabouts of his cousin, the applicant decided to exercise where they live sit back and wait. Sure enough, not long after the widow of Jiangling on the initiative to come to surrender.
Cao Yuan's death, the family look great misfortune knocked Mrs. Cao, Cao Yi En worry incessantly. To no longer Duwusiren mother, Cao Yi En decided to leave the capital, she went to bid farewell Fuchu Liu Ji, Liu Ji insisted again Get silver.
Cao Yi En defected with his mother in the table regardless of the country and, behold, the Cao staying in repairing the house of the table regardless, does not even recognize this account, Cao Yi grace and her daughter turned away, Language rich family Cao Yi En Section first felt inconstancy of human relationships. Cao frail mother tired of, with shortness of breath hearts and minds, and sometimes collapsed to the ground. To make matters worse, Cao Yi En silver out for help, is just for the sake of the believers snatched a small profit, they had staying with a farmer in the countryside, helpless Cao Yi En ready to defect to Liu Ji.
Look back to the capital, the ministers saw the king in power, have joined the king's birthday, sometimes crowds. Qi Wangshou feast, Harmony surface, but in reality simmering, Liu Ji and the king secretly more power. This is fun time, Zao to read the edict, the emperor in recognition of King master Qi Wangzhong heart, a sense of filial piety days and big plus praise, thanks intrauterine Zuojiao, giving supreme glory and privileges. The situation worsened, Liu Ji Xu adults arrange Punishments sure to go to eradicate the investigative exercise Shen et al., In order to break the king right-hand man.