Asian clock seminar:inquire into the potential of the hinterland high level wrist form market

July 16 [Tue], 2013, 20:10

September 5, at Hong Kong clock defer Asian clock seminar for holding, topic BE"understanding China market:The solution reaches the personal status of local high level customer to love and consumes mode".

the general assembly invited famous brand A. Lange& amp; S& ouml;hne(Lang space) Pacific Asia area board director general manager, Huang Ying Fei, serve as a lord to speak guest.Other guests include Hong Kong Mao the chairman of the consultative committee Ye from Hong Kong clock in hair bureau and Hong Kong form manufacturer will honorary chairman Liu Zhan Hao and China go limited company Executive Director Gao Ding Guo and Hong Kong Mao to deliver a Hong Kong clock exhibition in bureau clearly 2009 prepare and plan committee jointly chairman Deng Chong Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De and Huang Ye Guang.

Hong Kong Mao deliver a Hong Kong clock industry in bureau chairman Liu Zhan Hao of the consultative committee to mean while welcoming Ci, growth in the Chinese hinterland market was quick, expected in the future and could still keep the power head of high-speed growth for several years, the for this reason general assembly arrangement is the consumption mode that a seminar main force inquires into the hinterland high level clock market.

the Lang space Pacific Asia area board director general manager, Huang Ying Fei,

the Lang space Pacific Asia area board director general manager, Huang Ying Fei, said, China might just outstrip the United States and Japan five years later and became world's biggest high level clock market.He points out:Currently, the hinterland market has sales amount 18% in high level clock market in world;The share can rise to 20% after five years.Till 2015, the Asian high level clock market presumably totals USD 239,600,000,000, in the middle about USD 200,700,000,000 comes from a big China region.

Huang Ying Fei mean:The valuable clock is surely important for consumer of hinterland high level, early at the Ming Dynasty, China already from European entrance clock.To hinterland consumer come to say, the clock is the symbol of power and social status, also the valuable trifle of emperor's clan and nobility, can also show personal tasty and learn to keep at the same time.

marketing policy, Huang Ying Fei thinks in the hinterland to expand clock brand, the recommending of public praise and other people is very important.He says:The high level clock of the hinterland consumption the industry is being placed in a beginning since the stage now, there are no too many references on the consumer's hand, therefore advertise the publicity is an essential offensive, the advertisement can availably arouse the consumer's interest.Train to have in addition vegetable and Be worth trusting of sale personnel, can also arouse to sell quantity.

he means:Popular style, the gold case of watch goes together with leather wrist to take, and has the design that the diamond embellishes, all belong to best-selling product, rose gold style and more elegant and reserved design as well gradually spread.Wrist form and capacity version watch of forming a pair is all deeply popular product.

Huang Ye Guang discuss in the special subject emphasizes in the link, is different everywhere because of the favour of consumer in the market, if the clock company wants to expand field in Hsinshih and necessarily and first understand everyplace the consumer's different demand.He gives examples to say:Male consumer in Middle East because of whole body clothes mainly is white, so specially like a gold color;The United States and Japanese consumer's taste are as well not same.However, hinterland the taste of the consumer and other region consumers in Asias approaches rather.The hinterland consumer likes platinum color and more delicate 呎 code, the clock company needs to provide different 呎 code and makes the customer choose wrist form that suit slender wrist's wear so much.

in addition, he reminds that the company of clock wants to keep in mind change in the market at any time.He says:After financial tsunami, American consumer from is partial to solid gold watch hull style, change into to like to purchase to plate with gold a case of watch style.

the guest of seminar at table all and with one voice mean, the man is the main buyer of watch, have the hinterland high level clock consumptions 70% probably, but the female contains very big influence to the purchasing of end decision.The clock brand releases the neutral wrist form of men and women's suitable for use one after another and really has already helped to expand a female market of consumer, more females support a form body bigger style and also bring business opportunities for the high level clock market.

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