card ground second top-class luxurious jewelry wrist form stunning Yantai

July 16 [Tue], 2013, 20:48

January 16, 2009, the world is top-class luxurious to raise Chu card ground second"deluxe jewelry wrist form series exhibition" arrive at Yantai.Is this time at flap the China company Xia card ground the second special contract retail all of 9 styles of store exhibition to inset to drill the jewelry wrist form delicacy, bright brilliant, be worth of near must.According to know, this drive seven a life time fames of British king Edward is French brand of "the jeweler of emperor, the emperor of jeweler", this time come to the jewelry wrist watch band of high value Yantai, not only because person in Yantai elegantly appreciate personal status, is also the consumption potential that is optimistic about Yantai market.

as early as 1847, card ground the second legend start from Paris, 160 in the last yearses, with lend its principle, consummate and outstanding craft and grace for innovating boldly classic style, she not only becomes the for the use of emperor jeweler in numerous imperial houses, but also gets custom with the innumerable it bequeath to posterity masterpiece first, write world jewelry, wrist form and go together with decoration the history of the design creation, be subjected to world worshiping of celebrity refined scholar and support.

in the masterpiece of this jewelry emperor, jewelry wrist form the elephant is the most dazzling bright pearl among them.Design wrist form first while differing from general brand creation jewelry form, then the considering goes together with diamond for it, then how giving horary function for jewelry of the card ground second concern.Each card ground second jewelry wrist the form all embody an abyss of time only beautiful but again the one and only design style, its shape, choose a material and inset etc., completely create by the concept of deluxe jewelry, refract the essence of"luxurious artist" and very and highly collect value.

to 1853 design the card ground of the first clock second but speech, its deluxe jewelry wrist a form still a top-class jewelry craft with top-grade technique for making form of perfect combine.The all second deluxe jewelry wrists forms will be created completion after several hundred handicrafts of work prefaces, several thousand hours by jewelry Jiang and clock teacher of world peak in deluxe jewelry workshop in Paris.Therefore, card ground second jewelry wrist the form not only only is a watch, but also is that one is unrivalled, the one and only of art treasure;Also from here, card ground second jewelry wrist the form is just thus original to combine widely is extoled, not the fame and prestige of the Kui"jewelry emperor".

"know to all, the card ground is second to is a jewelry emperor, but in fact the card ground is second to is also the king of jewelry wrist form.Card ground the principle that is second to not only longly make form history, but also have an outstanding jewelry design creates a craft with good wrist form, the deluxe jewelry wrist form of this time exhibition is just card ground one small part within numerous second exquisite articles.Believe in the near future, the card ground is second to also get to Yantai more deluxe jewelries and wrist watch band." The card ground is second China east area general manager Ms. Jian Ya Wen explain a way like this.This time deluxe jewelry wrist form cruised an exhibition to make us second to card ground the top-class extravagant brand that owns long history of 160 years to contain deeper understand.

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