March 03 [Mon], 2008, 1:43
Today I meet my friends at 原宿. It has long time past that I went there.

First I met at ドトール and chat a while.

Then we go to brand new shop of PJ which is under wear store.

The last photo of object which is plane put on maybe thousands of スワロフスキー. It cost 888000yen!!

Crapes are famous foods in TAKESHITA DORI. I had carmel nuts with cheese which is delicious. I often choos hot apple cinamon.

What kind of crapes do you like??

We walked through 竹下通り then went to OMOTESANDO HILLS. This was second time to go there.

All most of shops are very expensive to buy (@_@;

Shibuya journy

March 02 [Sun], 2008, 7:35
I went to Shibuya to meet my friend who go to Canada for working holidays next Thuesday.

It had been a while that I met him. He became looking better that I had thought.

First we are looking around the shoes shops. There are many converse shoes which I like a lot.

I found heels which is 1500yen and that shoes fit me. My shoes size is 25 or 25.5, so it is very difficult find.

Second we decided to go to UDAGAWA cafe, which is famous for cheese cakes. However there was no emty sheat, so we were going to other cafe.

During we were looking for cafe, I found nice clothes shop. In front of store there was good denim mini skurt, but I could not wear it.(>_<) It was too tight for me. And we found nice fooded T-shirt, I think it is rare that T-shirt has a food. We consider about which colour is best for me, there ar
e parpul, pink, tarcoize blue, white, black and yellow. He chose me yellow for me.

Time will fly that we got hungry, so we are looking for dinner place. Finally we went モーパラ which is 食べ放題 restaurant. We had しゃぶしゃぶ.

Then we concider about what we desert he have. We had make a reservation to 宇田川cafe, finally we could!! That is pics of 宇田川cheese cake and dark cherry talt.

And he recmmeded the book.

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