I am feeling soo good!!!

May 23 [Fri], 2008, 5:54
Goooood morning every one (^-^)/

I slept very well.
However I did not have dream (>_<)

Today is Friday!
Welcome my weekend (*^-^*)

It is heavy raining this morning(@_@;

May 20 [Tue], 2008, 6:42
I am feeling very good these days!! I am very happy.(*^-^*)

Aromatheraphy and essencial oils make me feel so good, it make my balance good.

I'd like to study more about aromatheraphy!! I am really do that.p(^-^)q After I finished taking a TOEIC test I start to study it!! I had already ordered text books.

Have a LOVE-ly day.(^-^)/

I am feeling very very good(^-^)/

May 17 [Sat], 2008, 6:48
I woke up 5a.m. this morning.

I had a dream which is Jimmy ride a Shinkansen and come to Tokyo.

I was really surprised that I dream of him. We talked with phone last night for 45mins. I was very happy that I could talk with him.

My condition these days is very good. I can sleep well, wake up early, have a breakfast, go to a day care, meet my doc, have a councelling, have a good comversations with my family especially parents, have a good communication with my friends etc.....

I hope it could last forever. I will do my best.p(^-^)q

Long time no see!!

May 11 [Sun], 2008, 6:17
It has been a month?
I did not upload the blog??

There were things happen for a month.

1 I changed medicine.

2 I went around 88 temples with my mom and grandpa.

3 My ex-boyfriend who is my ex-fiance gave me a mail. He said he were going to stop mailing and make a phone. I accept it.

4 I broke off my boyfriend.

5 In the golden week, I went Yugawara with my family and stay for a while.

6 I make a first call to New Yorker. It was a second time to talk with him. I talked an hour and half.

7 I am going take a TOEIC test!!

That is my whole a month what happen to me.

It is soo nice morning(^-^)/

April 23 [Wed], 2008, 6:21
I took a bath around 10p.m. last night.

I started to do face muscles massage after the bath.
I bought a massage cream at Shibuya SUQQU last Sunday.

I put sweet orange, cedar wood, geranium essential oils to my Aromd pot.
Because of it?
I slept very well.

I woke up 6a.m.

It is around 5a.m.!!

April 20 [Sun], 2008, 5:29
I already woke up!!

I had a good sleep last night without sleeping pill.

Today is a day to talk with Jimmy first time!!

I can not wait!!

He gave me three bottles of essential oils and chocolate!!!

He is soo kind.

I sent him OMAMORIs, Japanese tea bags, rice snacks, folding fans, stones which I picked up at Katsurahama and letters.

I hope he like it.

I really can not wait hearing his voice.

I came back home last night.

April 19 [Sat], 2008, 5:36
It has been while that I upload this blog.

I visited 88 temples in Shikoku for 11 days with my mom and grandpa.

Goooood Morning!!

April 07 [Mon], 2008, 6:25
I am a little bit tired today.

I went to bed 2am last night.
I woke up now 6:08.

The weather news said rainy today yesterday, however the sky are blue.

Yesterday my grand pa came to my house, because he, my mom and I am going to go trip from tomorrow to 18th April.

We go to Shikoku to go around 88 temples.

That makes me make a wish.

I'd like to be more healthy and control myself.

Yesterday lunch time I talked to my parents that what I am going to be and how should I often go to counceling.

I am going to go day care fourth a week, meet my doc twice a week and take a counceling one a week till early summer.

I wish my condition could be better.

I have LOVE-ly saturday.

April 06 [Sun], 2008, 12:08
I met my friend who went to same elementaly school.

First we went to ice cream shop which chacked before.

I ordered W berry yogult ice cream with a waffule corn.

Can you see it?

April 05 [Sat], 2008, 2:53
I found picsy shrimp today.

It is soo tiny.

When I was elementary student, I used to keep ZARIGANI.

It remines me that.

The sky is soo PINK when I on the wax home today.

I like the best when the sky are deep blue, it color call GUNJO in Japanese.

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