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August 16 [Fri], 2013, 10:17
Full text ad free; 795 chapter peak plan. You may already know from some web sites, but here I give you some things, the TBC is built on the basis of the 60's, but it has changed a lot. In addition to those 5 small copies of the change, the change in the team is very large, absolutely is the epoch-making change, but change is good or not good then two say, time will prove everything (I always think, if Blizzard has maintained the 20 person and the 40 person world of Warcraft team mode, what will become of, but the fact is not if). A copy of the team before the age of 60 is only one of 40 people, this case activity up very trouble, because the organization of 40 people is not easy, plus reserve reserve personnel logistics personnel, a team basically need to close to the two regiment of reserve personnel. For those idle game player who basically did not participate in such a large team of 40 people the opportunity, so Blizzard specially expedition in this piece of information the burning house on team copy reform very large place. The first copy of the team's biggest cut from 40 to 25 people, basically cut off half, that is to say we after the team only 25 people play the wasteland, to now 10 teams if all the reservations to the TBC will increase to about 16 teams, it still sounds Canada Goose Vest Men a bit scary. But according to my estimation, the number of our team finally can be maintained at 10 is good, always the TBC very will affect us in. And Zhang Ming also began to give everyone slowly introduced a blizzard in the Burning North Face Down Outlet Crusade to raid the huge change, this time the change isn't Zhang Ming take the initiative to Blizzard brought out, Zhang Ming in the heart do not want even Blizzard change. But his strength is small, so the blizzard in the studied the development of world of Warcraft throughout the 60's after a decision. It completely changed the original situation of world of Warcraft, and as for the consequences of changes in what is good is bad it is time to prove. Anyway, this change is a very strange place, this also is to let game player who is very easy to play after the things, that was originally in the 60's Heli Arctic Parka UK when 40 people team no personnel not neat situation. Before the prescribed time already have enough personnel online, so that when the campaign began will have a large number of candidates waiting to enter a copy. But when the TBC despite the blizzard team from 40 down to 25, but there are many 60's old guild to encounter one thing, that is active when personnel are not homogeneous. Often can have exactly 25 individuals in the population have very good in a specified time, without thinking can have a backup, but the actual situation and will often meet only 20 to the individual is not even to 20 cases. Although do not know like this thing in this life, whether it will repeat, but Zhang Ming believes that even so should also be than the last country to take strong many, after all, #
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