no ESG !!!

August 09 [Sun], 2009, 11:22
last night was the bad night, I waited for a long time, finally, the ESG offer was not me~is my hatred ms.a!!!!!!!her perf. last night was reli suck (in my eyes)....everytime i talked with her, i hate myself and i need to pretend i was hearing!!!!!!

i dun hv any esg and vsg offer la~~~i thought i might have any 1 of them!!!
now i reli hv to face the reality la!!!!EA!


August 01 [Sat], 2009, 22:00
AI~~i dun know why they argue a lot in one topic??
this topic which existed for a long long time..but it seems never be easily handle~
what the fuck!


July 31 [Fri], 2009, 17:21
Monday 3-8-09 to bangkok la~
monday 10-8-09 supposed is the first day working in LANDSD.(EA)
a week later ja~
i hope i can get well soon!!
i hope everything is fine!!
thank you


July 30 [Thu], 2009, 23:06


July 30 [Thu], 2009, 23:02
i am reading the fourth book la is "Breaking dawn". it is reli reli reli reli reli GREAT. I love edward cullen.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EDWARD CULLEN BITES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
i do love ROB PATTINSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they are reli rrrrrrrrrrreliiiiiiiiiiiiiiigorgeous.
BITE ME!!!!!!!!!

this story is GREAT GOOD...Green is gd!!!!!purple's great!!! likes drug to me

1 yr contract @ landsd EA

July 25 [Sat], 2009, 16:49
a few days ago, i recieved a contract from landsd which is the post of EA. this is only a year contract. once finished this year contract, no more further contract or promotion?!(i think...)...but, i may take this job la..although i am just the person in the waiting list, now i can take this 1 year job. Actually, i think i am now lucky la~!i can use more time to think abt my future whether i am suitable for the surveying industry. will i be intrduced to take the apc exam???will i be surveyor?actually, i dun want to, i just want a happy and normal and stable life!

prudential surv int.

July 24 [Fri], 2009, 23:21
today, i have an interview @ wanchai.
the reli damn shit interviwer...i dun like him..he asked so many irrelevant questions. he thinks his company is a big firm??i dun think so lor..why so look down on ppl?
if they reli accept my application, i dun want to work wiz them 2 lor~
i dislike ant. but i need his information and now pretending friendly wiz him~.~so hate myself.

this year

July 24 [Fri], 2009, 14:42
in this year, things didnt change a lot to myself...i hope so
but, thinsg around changed a lot. susanna starts not my fd anymore la...not a sad thing may be.......may be i dun want to talk to her anymore tim~~~she is a kind like a bitch, but, to think twice, we do have a lot of fun time together. in my deep mind, i still want to have a connection with her or contact or gathering regularly. but i have to enduse her bad temper and hatred attitude. i hv to stand for it.

and for another person, lap is my best fd....i think....but not to him....he always want to eszcape from me~why??i juz want to be fds wiz you. but, why you want to escape from me...u reli busy??i dun think so~.~

also, that person after her exchange prog. i dun want to talk to her anymore la...not like a year to 2 yrs ago ga la~she always will be my classmate only~i hate her and dun like my deep heart!

chun and ant are somewht a son of the bitch. i dun want to show them la...juz play with a distance is okay~

start career life??

July 24 [Fri], 2009, 14:27
frankly speaking, i am reli confused about my future. I dun know whether to go thru my career now??or should i study aboard for my favourite / dreams come true. Truely it is, i reli want to study aboard when i was 7-8 years old. But , now i am a fresh graDUATE. i am so confused abt my future. And, if i start my career. I have so damn many concern too.

i just want to hea in my life, having a job that i like and happy forever and wiz fdz. i want to travel around the world. i dun want to work so hard wiz my jobz. so so so so many concern. u may think that i am a lazy persoin. yes you think right! i am z lazy person b'coz i just want to stay alive and doing things that i love to.!!!!

Moreover, today i will have an interview. but , i just search from the web. this company was not gd and i am quite afraid of this company= =may be= =i dun hv passion to hv an interview. god bless me plz!!!!!!!!!!!!give me a chance and brave to answer the question...and i should be clever enough for this company!!!plz PLZPLZPLZ

i dun hv a chance to exchange

October 12 [Fri], 2007, 22:19
i dun hv a chance to exchange
i feel so SAD
Why i dun hv this chance?
i believe i was better in interviewing than EVERYONE
but at last, i dun hv the chace????????
wht the hell Dr.chiang doin'?
is he eat shit?
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