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September 20 [Thu], 2012, 11:15
San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 30, 2011 The iPhone word game Epeler, also available as an iPad word game, is a new offering from the respected 'games 4 iphone' team at Gtune Studio. Epeler puts vocabulary skills to the test with a fast-paced word game that also challenges coordination with Tetris-style falling letters. "We're very excited about the Epeler and think its one of the best games on the iPhone out there. And I'm pleased to announce the 'Best of iPhone Word Game Challenge to celebrate the launch," says Phil Chiu, spokesperson for Gtunes and, himself, a devoted games on iPhone player.Forrester Research estimates that the revenue from customers buying and downloading apps to smartphones and tablets will reach $38 billion by 2015. So to help Epeler stand out in this crowded, but lucrative app market and rank as one of the best games on iPhone, Gtune Studio created the Epeler 'Best of iPhone Word Game Challenge.'Play to Win iTunes Gift CardsThe Epeler 'Best of iPhone Word Game Challenge' is open to everyone who purchases Epeler iPhone or iPad Game. "The object of the Challenge is to complete Epeler's 32 challenge levels and gain access to the final screen before anyone else,' explains Chiu. That final screen reveals a secret winner's phrase. "As soon as players get the secret phrase, they can email it to the dedicated contest mailbox at aprilchallenge(at)epeler(dot)com or take a screen shot of the final screen and send that to us," explains Chiu. Prizes go to the first three people who complete the 32 levels of the word game and contact Gtune Studio. "We'll be awarding iTunes gift cards for first, second, and third place competitors, in the amounts of $50, $20, and $10 respectively," explains Chiu. Gtune Studio created the Epeler 'Best of iPhone Word Game Challenge to promote the newest of its iPhone games apps, but also to encourage good-spirited competition among people seeking the best games on the iPhone. "In addition to their iTunes gift card, winners also have bragging rights that they were one of the first three people in the world to beat all the levels of Epeler," says Chiu.Results will be posted on the Epeler Twitter page on May 5, 2011.Playing for Win Skill and KnowledgeEpeler can be played alone or two players may challenge one another with a WiFi connection. During game play, letters fall in Tetris-style puzzle fashion and players must rush to create words and discard unnecessary letters. But Chiu believes what makes Epeler unique is that it combines both vocabulary and coordination skills. "So it's an iPhone word game that is challenging for players at all ages and one that can be shared and enjoyed with everyone on a level playing field."Gaming Goes GreenGtune Studio is an environmentally conscious business and Chiu notes that the company's green philosophy is reflected in its iPhone word game apps. He notes that Epeler screens depict a variety of transportation-themed scenes including an old-fashioned engine, a boat, a car, and air plane, as well as a power plant. "The game was first and foremost created to be fun," explains Chiu, "But we're very proud that mixed in with the fun is a theme that supports caring for our planet and taking personal responsibility for keeping the earth clean and pollution-free." To learn more about the Epeler iPhone word game app and the Epeler 'Best of iPhone Word Game Challenge, please visit epeler. To order the iPhone word game or iPad word game directly from iTunes Store.iPhone VersioniPad VersionAbout Epeler and Gtune Studio Gtune Studio has been in the business of fun since 2007 when it first began developing Apple Mobile games. Epeler the ultimate word-building Tetris-style puzzle iPhone word game and iPad word game is the company's newest swim entry app. Like all Gtune Studio apps, Epeler was put through rigorous quality assurance testing to ensure superior design, programming, and functionality. To learn more about Epeler and the 'Best of iPhone Word Game Challenge', please visit epeler/ or go directly to iTunes to purchase the game and download instantly. 2011bestiphonegame/epeleriphonewordgame/prweb5196334

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