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July 31 [Tue], 2012, 10:45
The Police Department has a flashy new presence on the Internet with its own Web site. Located at walnutcreekpd, the Web site is a way for people to check on crime in their neighborhoods or find out the answers to such questions as can you drive without shoes and whether police can handcuff people without arresting them. There's a police log Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120mm Fluo Yellow for various sectors of the city, along with crime prevention tips. There is also a place to check on most-wanted criminals in the city, to sign up to be a neighborhood watch captain and to check on job possibilities. The police log is updated every evening, and everything on the site can be Christian Louboutin Double Noeud 100mm Cognac translated into Spanish with the click of one button. The Police Department is planning to film a spot for the local community access TV station this week and will Cheap Christian Louboutin begin distributing bumper stickers that says WalnutCreekPD. Christian Louboutin Mago 160mm Black

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