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August 10 [Fri], 2012, 11:20
The Connecticut Post had a rather nice puff piece last weekend about Rep. Jim Himes' vow to work hard for re-election. We don't need another self-serving representative like Chris Dodd, and that is what Mr. Himes will prove to be. The story didn't specify which Wall Street investment firm he was vice president at, so I will. Christian Louboutin You You 100mm Nude It was Goldman Sachs. If you do some research about Goldman you will conclude, as I have, that if it is not a criminal enterprise, it is at minimum an amoral enterprise. It took billions in taxpayer money through the equally nefarious AIG to cover huge losses from credit default swaps. And it continues to do so -- as of Sept. 30, Goldman posted $42 billion in derivatives against a mere $115 million in assets. And then there are the obscene bonus of late. It is Goldman Sachs where Jim Himes cut his teeth. Recently, another puff piece about Himes lauded him for proposing financial reform without restructuring. Well, restructuring Goldman Sachs and its ilk is what this country needs. In fact, it should be broken up. A good litmus test regarding Himes' honesty is to ask him if he would support Sen. Bernie Sanders "too big to fail, too big to exist" initiative. And would he support McCain and Cantwell legislation Christian Louboutin Patent-Trim Felt Ankle Boot to reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933? I bet he won't. Watch where he gets his campaign contributions. I bet they're all from his Wall Street hedge fund buddies in his neighborhood of Cos Cob.Robert Zapp Shelton-Fairfield County needs a congressman who votes for our families, not a political party. Unfortunately, Jim Himes has been nothing but a rubber stamp for the Democratic Party. In your article about him Sunday, you mentioned that he took a few minor votes out of step with the Democrats. What you fail to mention is he has voted 95 percent of the time with the Democrats, and has gone along with his party on every major vote.Jim Himes has clearly learned the ways of Washington well. He voted for a 24 percent increase in government spending, a record $1.4 trillion deficit, and a government takeover of health Christian Louboutin Mater Claude 85mm Black care. Then he comes home and talks about being a "moderate." Give me a break! People need to know Jim Himes is a traditional liberal, and not a moderate. If you want a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi, Jim Himes is your man.Mark S. Holden Shelton Louboutin Sale
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