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August 09 [Thu], 2012, 11:20
If it comes to it, Salvation Army Capt. Marcelino "Butch" Soriano will end his world record feat for continual bell ringing only to attend his 11-year-old daughter's choir performance.But that's not until Saturday night. And Soriano, 44, started ringing his bell outside Macy's in Union Square at 9 a.m. Thursday. All told, Soriano hopes to ring - and ring - for at least 48 hours straight, besting the world record by 12 hours."If you're going to go for a record," Soriano said 90 minutes into his journey, "you might as well shatter it."Soriano is no ordinary ringer. He's collected for 17 seasons, and by day he's the Salvation Army's Golden Gate division's finance director, so he likened his street presence as a way to "walk the walk" with those tasked to bring in donations.Last year, the Salvation Army's Red Kettle campaign brought in a record $142 million nationwide, including $150,000 locally. Soriano is joining 24 other Salvation Army members around the Christian Louboutin Chiara 100mm Python country in trying to break the 36-hour bell-ringing record."It's my responsibility to try to raise as much as I can in the community I serve," Soriano said. "This is my incentive."

Easing the strainHis strategy to sustain the physical demands is simplefy shoes, long underwear and gloves are a given. In previous seasons, he's rung for stretches of eight Red Bottoms hours without a break."Don't use the whole arm," he explained, offering an exaggerated curl of his wrist toward Christian Louboutin Lady Peep 150mm Black Patent Leather his shoulder and back down. "It uses too much energy, and your arm will get too tired."He returned the bell to his side and wiggled it back and forth."Just use the fingertips christian louboutin black leather Guerriere 120 wrapped boots." Then he tossed the instrument into the air to shoulder height, let it drop to his waist, where he caught it, and continued. "A good flip every now and then is a nice touch."His real secret

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