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August 08 [Wed], 2012, 10:47
My jaw dropped as the quiet young woman I had spoken to earlier in the evening leapt to standing, threw open her arms and belted out her distorted rendition of "Swan-ee (how I love ya, how I love ya)" as if convinced she was a Broadway star.Our laughter didn't seem to disturb or deter her in the least. On stage at the ski resort night club, the hypnotist continued his well-rehearsed monologue and each of the audience members who had been pre-hypnotized performed their designated tasks, triggered by his corresponding words, like clockwork zombies from "Swan-ee" and the Can Can to crowing and howling.Stephanie Dalfonzo, a certified hypnotist, said that though many people have pre-conceived ideas about this technique from television and the movies, she doesn't swing a watch or use a pendulum. One of the many vendors who will be at the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce and Brookfield Family Chiropractic's First Annual Health and Safety Fair, Dalfonzo will be educating attendees about hypnosis."One of the things Christian Louboutin Super Vic 120mm I love about the Brookfield Chamber," she said, "was that it was the first networking group I ever went to where no one said `Hypnosis? What are you gonna make me bark like a dog and cluck like a chicken?' They were all very welcoming and interested."Dalfonzo uses hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming and meridian tapping to help people reach their health goals. Citing weight loss as an example, she noted that anybody who's ever tried to lose weight knows that dieting doesn't work because it's an external change."So with hypnosis and the other techniques," she said, "you can access the power that you have within to make that change so that you lose weight and keep it off; so that you stop smoking and stay a non-smoker." Learning self-hypnosis and meridian tapping to relieve her own sleeplessness years ago, Dalfonzo reported that she can help people tap into their own inner power to alleviate cravings and fight stress and fears."There are a lot of people who have fear of highway driving, fear of driving over bridges -- all kinds of fears," she said. "I had no idea Christian Louboutin Dafsling 160mm Leather how much fear people have before I got into this."Speaking of fear -- I told Andrea Falk, a registerd nurse with the Travel Health Clinic in Danbury (who will also be at the health fair), about a friend who had traveled to Saudi Arabia on business for the first time last year. He was shocked to see a sign in the Riyadh airport upon his arrival that basically said "bringing narcotics into this country is punishable by death." He assumed that it meant illegal narcotics (and he was carrying only vitamins), but here's where a trip to the Travel Health Clinic before departing would have been a wise move. Falk emphatically advises that no matter where people travel, they should always carry any medication in a labeled bottle. "Don't put it in a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday thing," she said. "Leave it in the bottle identifying what the pill is. Even vitamins need to Christian Louboutin Simple Pump 70mm Black Patent Leather be in bottles identifying them. Of course, if the medication is a liquid or gel and it's bigger than 3 ounces you can't put them in a carry-on bag." Some countries require that diabetic travelers have a letter from a doctor saying they are allowed to carry syringes and still other nations insist each prescription medication you bring in has an accompanying doctor's letter. The Travel Health Clinic takes referrals from physicians and travelers can make an appointment ($40 for an office visit) to discuss their specific destination and anything health-related from what vaccinations and documentation are required to what foods and water should be consumed or avoided.Said Falk, "People going to Mexico should get hepatitis A and typhoid vaccinations -- but how many people do you know that come back and say `Well, I got sick because I drank the water?' So it's not just exotic places -- any travel outside of the United States."The Jan. 16 Health and Safety Fair to be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Green Knoll YMCA in Brookfield, will have many vendors and free admission.It also will have a lot of free screenings for vision, hearing, blood sugar, spinal, blood pressure, bone density and Christian Louboutin pre-diabetic, just to name a few. There will be Swine Flu vaccinations available; Amber Alert child finger-printing; martial arts instruction; free demonstrations and information on Lyme disease, personal trainers, childcare, exercise and oh, so much more.So, you might ask, what more could we possibly want? Personally, I'd like to hear someone spontaneously burst forth with "Swan-ee" but I doubt that will be on the agenda this time.For further information about the First Annual Health and Safety Fair call the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce at 203-775-8282 or go to Hypnosis is at 203-797-9288 and the Travel Health Clinic is at 203-739-6542. Linda Napier is a registered nurse and patient advocate living in Southbury who is author of the book "Tender Medicine." You can contact her via email at lindanapier@netzero.

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