Brookfield Ethics Board dismisses two complaints because they were not filed in timely fashion

September 20 [Thu], 2012, 12:14
BROOKFIELD -- Ethics Board Chairman Alice Carolan on Tuesday confirmed that two recently filed complaints were dismissed last week because they were not filed in a timely fashion.Though she would not elaborate on the nature of the complaints -- the first two this year -- Carolan said most complaints her board has addressed are not related to any malfeasance, but rather a lack of awareness of what might be perceived as a conflict."Nothing sneaky or deceitful'' has been alleged, Carolan said.In the board meeting held on June 28, Carolan said no information about the complaints, or even if they are swim related to the same incident, will be made public because it was dismissed without any action.Had action been taken, the matter would have been referred to the Board of Selectmen."If we don't act on a complaint, everything remains confidential to protect people's reputations,'' Carolan said.The minutes of the board meeting state that the meeting was called to order at 2

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