HE day move into the Liaoning men's

March 18 [Mon], 2013, 11:26
Koga only adhere to teeth. The whole game, he scored 24 points to help the team to 119 than the 117 victory over Zhejiang. However, on the next day, HE days held was diagnosed with a fractured wrist. Korea injuries a month after greeting the day held the same injury early goodbye to the stadium. This season is the fourth season nike free run ireland HE day move into the Liaoning men's basketball first-team CBA league campaign, before the rookie played in garbage time, but now he has become averaged played 34 minutes of the main players. This season, the performance of the Koga bright spots, the data has also been a qualitative leap averaging 15.2 points and five rebounds, averaging 7.7 points and three rebounds skyrocketing scene. In the home game against Foshan, he cut melon vegetable like H nike air max 2013 ireland
Liaoning men's basketball, HE days cite capital a firm foothold in the 3rd position, his role and the value is no one alternative. The injured Koga, a strong firepower in Liaolan it has misfiring, the good times and bad performance of the outside line has been plagued by Liaolan until the playoffs. If HE days bootstrap can play the last game against Xinjiang Liaolan turnaround is not impossible. Luohan Chen back home playoff round exit, Dongguan new century men's basketball players are summarized, and then womens nike free run 1 the team everyone off the small false. Team small and medium Luohan Chen yesterday microblogging wrote: "their first season has been over a period of (time), harvest a lot of ups and downs in my mind more calm. Now I'm finally home like the air, the taste here, where the spirit of 'eat bitter, Pa was pretty endure annoying' do their best (star city of Changsha, I love my family). "the new joining Liaoning National Games men's basketball in Greece The foreign teachers Yesterday officially surfaced
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