2005年12月01日(木) 13時38分
Welcome here. Probably interested in my lovely life/ shopping habits (oh I buy a lot sometimes - hahaha)/ some update news on my progress on my website (you know it: ha? Great!

These days have been really busy in working on the content of the site (just got
the skeleton by the help of one internet expert - thanks to him). There are still
other stuff coming, like I have to add more comments on the products listed,
some more skincare & makeup tips (I got loads in mind, just need to put them in
words!), write more fun articles on relationship, add some more cool pics there...
(wow so many!). Since my friends are working on some cool products that they
found very nice and fab (taking pictures and writing descriptions - hard work!),
I will also be putting those up at a later stage (clothes, accessories...). Wow I
am and will be just consumed by the site.

But one thing I am really happy about doing it is: Even though it's a lot of tidious and hard work, I am doing what I like and I believe people see the passion there. Doing something that one likes is really important (besides getting absorbed by
daily routine), it adds beautiful colors and energy to your life. I have never been
happier to own something that I thought it wasn't possible!
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