happy valentine 

February 15 [Tue], 2005, 9:18
I went to work as usual... a little bit tired from yesterday because I went to my friend's friend house.... and stayed til late night.... spending long time cooking in the kitchen.

Last Saturday , played Tennis with Penguin 's friends.

Today,...Penguin went to see dentist,..... (toothache). He was asked to pay about 1300 pounds....!!!!...(actually he asked the price..coz he got a Expensive Lesson last time he paid 600 pounds for 1 hour treatment to relief the pain). Anyway he said to the doctor that he has a scary wife and she will be very angry (and KICK him) if he has to pay for this dentist plan. He prefer to go back to Japan to cure his teeth. so Finally,...the dentist kindly filled in something, just for temporary and gave some medicine for pain relief and charged just for 85 pounds.

Penguin will go to see dentist in JAPAN......

Well,..is it My Fault...that recently, I didn't push him to clean his teeth daily.... I used to but I fed up being an such a pushy wife.... although,...I am still... but I have been concentrate on his Feet rather than his Teeth recently..that's all.

hm...I myself want to see dentist too........and it's one of a good reason to quit a job and go to THAILAND ha ha ha


February 11 [Fri], 2005, 7:34
came back,..with tired eyes..... lots of document work...... and will continue for a few weeks.

Tomorrow, I got a day off...have appointment with one Thai friend. I will study how to use camera tonight...so far...I still don't know all the camera function
I want to set up a small studio to take a photo of my accessories too but I have no budget to buy camera equipment...(softbox, flash,..whatsoever)...

Anyway, I need a tripod first.....

hm.... go to bed with a print-out of camera manual.... anyway,..much fun than reading COMPUTER Programing... ha ha ha

P.S Recently, I really have not much thing to write,... have been thinking what I want to do for my life and what should I invest ......

Penguin is away 

February 10 [Thu], 2005, 7:38
Penguin is now in warwick,...not warwick avenue (my tube station)....ha ha ha...3 hours away by BR. He called me and told that he 's happy sleeping in a hotel...because no Evil Housewife, who is always yelling,..when he goes to bed without washing his SMELLY feet and OILY face.

Ha ha ha,...may be he feels LONELY a bit,...

I am happy HOME ALONE too,...
tired,.... Today, I used Photoshop to edit my own photo,....
very AMAZING....no need to go to use laser to remove my spots and freckles...
My photo BEFORE and AFTER is funny enough.... quite a lot of DIFFERENT (from my sight),.......

Should get to bed a little bit early today...Happy Chinese New Year !!! Everybody

Clean up 

February 09 [Wed], 2005, 8:02
I arrived home around 7 pm...then tried to find and finished all the chocolates that I have been hiding from Penguin,... mostly in my closet, my flatmate gave me chocolate cake from Harrods..... a big piece and actually, half of the whole cakes...

No wonder, I cannot have my dinner anymore...so full.
Feel that I should move a little bit otherwise,.... too full to go to bed.

I have to postpone my DETOX plan one more day...ha ha,...don't know when is a good day to start!!!!!!.

Is it chinese new year tomorrow??

I saw Election result today... feel a little bit guilty that I didn't put my vote.... actually, ....never..... I promise myself...next time I will!!!!!

Finally, I cleaned up my room............yeyyyyyyy.... OTHERWISE some spiders and some kind of insect will come to see me soon ....hu hu hu

forgot.....& my shot 

February 08 [Tue], 2005, 7:25
I think I haven't completed my diary about the trip to Japan... ha ha ha..
anyway, the last one week in Osaka, I was busy cleaning the house, moving , packing and it's nightmare. I was busy until the last night in Japan,..... packing until last minute...

I cannot show the picture that I took coz I should better ask my model permission to publish her photo before posing. Anyway, I can show my picture.... ha ha ha.

Sat-Sun Activity 

February 07 [Mon], 2005, 7:13
Saturday - woke up a bit early and went to Raoul's cafe near my flat and bought a few pieces of quinche and a loaf of orange cake. Got on the bus and tube to Richmond. Tried to be photographer for my boss and his wife.... result wasn't good because I forgot to remove R-Cross filter that was on my lens. I was then a model , acting a boring face, acting boyish,... cause the photographer(my boss) told me to.

Then I went to Leicester square to meet Ning and Neng, we went to ice cream shop (I can't believe it's yogurt). I had two scoops of Banana and Inild Cherry...the latter tastes much better though. My friend gave me a little present for my birthday. A bottle of Perfume and shower gel

My birthday 

February 04 [Fri], 2005, 7:48
Today is my birthday... nothing special,.. If I am in Thailand, may be I will get up early and go out to 'tak baat'

Actually I woke up a little bit early to go to supermarket where it opens from 7.30 am and I bought cheese cakes for my colleagues at work.
Sounds wierd???. It's my birthday but I have to buy cakes for other?!!!.

The idea that to bring cakes to the office on birthday , comes from people in German,... Who Who Who!!!!

anyway, I bought chocolate cheese cake, strawberry cheese cake, and blueberry cheese cake , and it's enough for 20 people in my office

I have quite a lot of my photo lately... Penguin doesn't take my photo but , always Setsuko-san who loves taking a photo.... so I have quite many pictures while she stays with me.

This is my good shot in my late twenty something. I took a day off and went out with Setsuko-san , go to Hyde park and Harrods, and Hermes sales... (just all HI-SO Hxx Hxx Hxx , ha ha ha)

Sab-chan & neuhaus 

February 02 [Wed], 2005, 6:55

Look familiar???. he is a cute boy, names Sab (saburo) because he is the third in five siblings. (the first is ichiro) he might come to stay with me sometimes. His owner lives a few blocks away from my flat. I have never look after dog before. I hope he will be fine with me :)

this belgian chocolate box is nothing to do with Sab-chan... I just love it. Neuhaus is the best !!!!. ( I just finished one box.... If I think that it's more than a quid per piece ( 70+ baht / piece).... I will be broke by this chocolate one day.

Last day 2004 

February 01 [Tue], 2005, 5:50
If I remembered correctly, I went to ODAIBA with Setsuko-san,
very cold day with snow....

we went to JOYPOLIS, it's kind of indoor amusment park, cost about 3300 Yen for free passport.(unlimited)....

Getting tired to think about my old day ( just a month ago!!!) ???????

Cookie-chan and my new watch 

January 31 [Mon], 2005, 8:54

I got this new watch from my sister, yeyyyyyy
The one that I have been using for half year , is now BoRO BoRo. (torned)
I got it from my sister's BF,.....

I have been thinking to buy a luxury one, but may be a few years later. I just shouldn't spend money for unnecessary things.

In January, I have bought a dog (doll), some harrods goods (to send to my sister).

I am trying to limit myself to spend less than 100 quids in February,
My birthday is coming, my current wish list is Air Purifier machine....
(I should get my hubby to get one for me!!!!.)
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