Dzogchen can re-Advanced

December 29 [Sat], 2012, 16:24
Demons frantically devouring around effort terrorist differentiation moment the entire space full of demons, space endless effort,timberland boots outlet, in addition to his own demons, did not see the other demons. Left the military face became pale, and did not expect the golden flash of Jinqiao thousand devils hole all the demons all denied. Beware of magic spread over the entire space, space repression suddenly disappeared, spiritual knowledge can be out of the body to see the clear picture of the whole mysterious territory. Mind immediately conjures a strange sight, like to a very strange space. Leftover military eyes of a flower, appear in a battlefield, extremely dark, to see a dead body falling like a crazy rainstorm falling formidable fighters dead bodies, body parts separate heads and feet body floating around. An extremely tall stalwart body in the void gradually revealed, growled: "Casting Gods monument of countless martyrs torso to my family a corpse into a smoke flow into the giant body, the body into a bottomless monumental giant monument seems very heavy landing speed, it seems that through time and space, and landed in a place. Left the army around the place very well. Tombstone, Boom! Fall to the ground, and lifted the cloud of dust frenzy, the sky a huge body, the body has many tentacles, one thousand, ten thousand red tentacles, wrapped the one with the body, frantically swallowed flesh. Tombstone lift the dust,Women's Canada Goose Livigno Parka, break through the sky, and the emergence of a black hole, these behemoth like evil thing sucked dust into the seal bar black hole sealed up. The air hung bright voice sounded: "days off I also, I called blaming Heaven," the sound came from the tombstone, and stalwart sound exactly the same, dying sorrow sound so left the army that was somehow the pain, the flesh and blood tingling, The dead monks like their loved ones in general, eye inexplicably ribs tears, grief from the depths of the soul under control of the mind, exudes endless grief. The army left eye a flower, awake from hallucinations, looking at the ghost say how kind and seemed to see their ancestors, understand that this is the induction of blood. The virtual shadow Gradually dissipated, leaving only for an incomplete memory to left Army. Left the Army in tears, this scene is not the time to see, but every time I saw that kind of pain than before suffering double. From indifference to worried, worried to curious. Heart a desire to unlock the mysteries of the war at that time, who is that giant body? To do so, he felt faint in the protection of this universe. Left the military try this puzzling mystery expulsion open, know that the ability to cross the nine days before they can unlock the mysteries of the year, even upon a time is not qualified to, want to be impossible to solve the mystery. Pack a good mood, and gradually absorb a lot of the vastness of the Buddhist doctrine, the sword of wisdom to absorb a lot of demons to understand Buddhist doctrine, Buddhist mark symbol changed. Small Sage emerges truth about Buddhism, the sword of wisdom Buddhism imprint into a Buddha. The leftover military clearly know Buddhism imprint to the realm of the Great Perfection hearts are extremely pleased, and then received the Buddha demons memory, her face became pale. Any sword of truth formation, the the concept symbol should appear Dzogchen can re-Advanced. Now is the distraction of the Great Perfection, half-step fit of. The seven symbols only Buddhism imprint Dzogchen want six other symbols Dzogchen, prohibitively difficult. Extremely shocking news from the Buddha demons,Canada Goose Jackets, the universe will be the death of the birth of the universe and destruction have left the truth of the Road Law, there are strong escaped the destruction of the universe came to this century. A useful message in the universe, there was a time, all Road to reach the pinnacle of the existence of a man named seven Taoist practice seven Daodao law, it is their own sword of wisdom with the said law concept Just find Taoist legacy Road Act truth, the sword of their own wisdom can Dzogchen, Advanced fit of expected. Otherwise, life can only be trapped under the fit on.
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