What a tough day 

June 17 [Sun], 2007, 18:38
No emails from my bf but messages from other 'boy' friends were in the box instead. How many days should I wait for --- for what? Nobody knows.

The usual life is always there. My hometown gives me cozy and ticklish feeling... makes me cry. Gosh what am I doing here? Being alone is what I have dreamt for? Is the the result i got from all my experiences and efforts to go and back here or there? Who imagined, 16 years-old me could predict lonely k8 living apart from parents but still depending on them to spend together on lonely weekend?

Loneliness is dependent and emptiness is remorse. Agree, baby?

Tell me baby everything is meant to be and there is no worth to think 'if'.

Alas the days and happiness I kissed off are whispering to me "why do you regret so many things now k8? Why didn't you notice it was so precious and you should have kept it? you're already 28 and it's too late to take them back anyway you know. Just say good bye and turn your back on them"

All right what a tough day when you have whole day free just to think about yourself. Be happy all my darling family and friends, I'm just happy having you all.
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