the elegant long hair swinging

May 27 [Mon], 2013, 16:35
Zi Xun to anger, loudly shouted: "Yang Fan, you dare, dare to disturb the court,Cheap Oakley Lifestyle, you believe this officer......" To Zi Xun said here, suddenly be Agape and tongue-tied, he gazed at Yang Fan, suddenly pointed at him, exclaimed: "who are you? You're not Yang Fan!" After the church was hearing Wu Zetian eyes suddenly a, handsome Chenteng stood up, Wu Zetian coolly glanced at him, to CSL minister a shiver, and lamely sat back. "Yang Fan" the elegant long hair swinging, feel oneself highly flattered to smile: "Hey hey! To censor is really good eyesight, some did not Yang Fan!" To Zi Xun again surprised again Nu to drink a way: "who are you? Why pretend to be Yang Fan? You...... You...... What is the man?" He have a look that several escort "Yang Fan" tolerances, see them all a strange smile, his son stood on end, a dangerous feeling arise spontaneously. A jade s è white robe handsome childe hand Ivory bone gold small fan, rode hall, long way: "why he was impersonating Yang Fan, is not important! What are they, and not important! It is important to...... Responsible for holding needle, money, from the Pei Xuanli connection, actually did not know Yang Fan, the...... Is it right? Some funny?" Soft feet Fu tou he wore a black gauze material, forehead with a jade, wear a white jade s è lotus shading edge waves, embroidered robes, waist a ribbon,Jordan UK sale, tied her windward y ù fold a slender waist, is at the foot of a pair of leather boots, autumn Zhan Zhan, graceful charm through a lot of J ī ng god. Awed by her tolerance to Zi xun. Don't scold the export, only one asked: "who are you?" The "Yang Fan" stared at him. Shouted: "bold! Princess Taiping face to face, not to see!" "Peace Princess?" To Zi Xun listened to each other to speak of this to be not letter. But look at the men's women's tolerance, think she dares to break the Royal table judge school bully awe-inspiring, but can't help that. "Peace Princess?" Li Youdao heard suddenly eyes a bright, rushed over and will speak with the Princess Taiping, Taiping princess was that as the first class men stopped. Li Youdao to take, exclaimed: "your highness. The old men in prison, also please your highness to speak to his majesty, the wrong, wrong......" Pacific Princess did not reply to him, this is the Princess Taiping cleverness. Even though she is a princess. Like this a major, also should not be involved in too deep. If she took Li Youdao's remarks, so Li Youdao again she is no matter? Tube, no matter success or failure, she set foot there, the original position of transcendent advantage not answer existence. If only concerned about Yang Fan's case, even if she too badly again, mother will not cause any fear, because the mother know why she set foot there. But the case of Yang Fan once over, the verdict will shake the cornerstone of conspiracy case. With the parent's J ī ng Ming, will check the case. At that time, if found Di Renjie, does not have the rebellion, the prime minister,Jordan UK sale, minister, assistant minister who must bear her a lot, if they really have to Princess Taiping Rebellion, also need not take a cent stem >
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