to be detained qualification

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LiChangYu way: "you know, it's not hard, face your honor to whom honor is due, the city not only abnormality promoting you to positive place pair place, also let you be responsible for the work of former do." "There is a saying, do is a beggar, former do enterprise find money, former do former city money to do find financial don't give money, city, former do thoroughly became a beggar do, I do the former head of the river is gai wang!" LiChangYu laughing: "you don't want to do, have a plenty of people staring at this table!" ZhangYangDao: "who is responsible for the former to do?" He asked his own directly under the leadership. LiChangYu way: "the competent industrial vice mayor is YanXinJian, he is your immediate brought "Strict vice mayor of like even are not, didn't what right!" LiChangYu stared make public one eye: "officer is not big, level concept is very serious!" "A lot, the danger now, have the organizational herve leger sale tube to be detained qualification!" LiChangYu couldn't help but smile as he said: "you ah, later you but most in the history of the river young positive place pair place, abundant what matter. In the mind all want to have a proper restraint, don't like it used to impulse." "The enterprise wants to reform, have no money is nothing, you these when leadership can not only give me a titles, also get to my money!" "Financial don't be I tube. If I have the final say, the education system of river also won't make things so much." LiChangYu this sentence is seeking truth from facts, financial power in ZuoYuanChao river is the hand, the bureau of finance PangBin is his valuable assistants, no ZuoYuanChao words to get money from the bureau of finance is difficult. Back to his villa is more at night, GuJiaTong and HuYin's two sitting watching TV in the living room, make public hold two boxes see wine come back, GuJiaTong will remote control to put aside: "have to make wrong? You didn't is not to give gifts? How to still take things back?" Some things just to make public, are watching TV HuYin she would say with smile: "it seems that you do the former director of the office, he was still not remember you!" Make public sigh a way: "I wish I could remember my is god of wealth, but the gang one by one all is a beggar, stretch hand to find I want money."

GuJiaTong way: "these countries to enterprise idea is that old, are planned economy to come out of trouble, now pushing them to the market, always put forth his hand to money, will not find countries want to idea?" HuYin's way: "natural changes in the concept of a day, so is between said reform not saying anything about said, but want to take out the vernacular real action." She smiled at the ZhangYangDao: "the future of the river depend on you!" Say that finish yawn: "you chat and I go to bed!" HuYin after she would leave, make public a BaLan live GuJiaTong of fine waist will her into the bosom, GuJiaTong red face pushed his way: "don't commit tomfoolery, quick take a shower to sleep!," and is not her tonight and make public individual living here, GuJiaTong heart natural some concerns. Etc make public bath out, now GuJiaTong and she would have to HuYin room to sleep, he came to the door of the creep GuJiaTong pushed, the door locked from inside, he again herve leger dress sale go to HuYin across the room she would push, also is same, make public heart the exclamation ah, zaozhiruci than arrangement they both go to hotel, brought to the home, even a kiss FangZe no chance of....... Big officer person is not without keys. Also have no door ability, but after much thought, this must not act too hastily, can't just figure moment of pleasure, and hurt the confidante within the heart Make public of the former determine the office do finally, in the city's municipal party committee in with office building and building, 13, 13 o5 zhang m1 between two, in the past there has been vacant and a clear about this. Pulled a few pieces of desk, pulled a telephone call, hang ShangJiang city enterprise reform office of the brand. Former do even if was officially established. The first is benevolence epoetin is ZhangYangZhao to members of the charisma, his main task is to pick up the phone, he was in the tourism bureau of the office that moment is, the phone business very skilled. Former received the first call do is GuJiaTong, because for the former office telephone only told a few make public, GuJiaTong was the first. "A director phone!" Make public picked up the telephone. GuJiaTong gentle voice ring out: "feed, zhang, you do is director of the former formal opened?" "That is of course!"

"I'm going to negotiate, zhang river pharmaceutical factory director is to guide?" Chapter two hundred [a fire 】 Now in a fully river pharmaceutical factory production condition. GuJiaTong see is the existing facility and condition of the factory, FengAiLian river during the factory director as pharmaceutical, although serious corruption, can after all in building workshop, reform, equipment or do some work, despite the river pharmaceutical factory in production and management silent, the river pharmaceutical factory hardware or good. So in FengAiLian river pharmaceutical factory after the event, still caused the parties concerned. As for software, because of the present dilemma by river pharmaceutical factory, in the factory the most senior technical staff have been lost, skilled workers also have many went to the river the third pharmaceutical factory. GuJiaTong river pharmaceutical factory in the river and it has had a couple municipal government ghd hair straightener consultations, business is business, GuJiaTong want to put the state-owned enterprise privatization, her interest is in after privatization river pharmaceutical factory could have huge gains. River of debt and pharmaceutical factory worker of the settlement is her river and the city government is the key to the negotiations. The city government has emphasized for many times that river, state-owned enterprises must be privatized social responsibility, that includes the resettlement of soe employees, jiang city leaders have the foresight to see if you can't be a solution to the problem of the worker, the worker will be in the enterprise reform process, is pulled to the society, the enterprise the question will become a social problem. This is clearly the leadership does not want to see a situation. In the course of the negotiation in river pharmaceutical factory, the preliminary opinions on the city is, who want to take over the enterprise, not only should take over the future of the enterprise can produce benefits, but also accept all of the staff and workers of the enterprise, and enterprise debts. GuJiaTong in careful consideration of the pharmaceutical factory, after preliminary river and the city government has reached an intention, she took over the river pharmaceutical factory, her take over will be a full receiving, state-owned assets supervision is responsible for the river pharmaceutical factory assets and liabilities comprehensive evaluation.

River pharmaceutical factory in the conference room, GuJiaTong by a party, a river pharmaceutical factory, and the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission do represent former river city government party composed of three party meeting was held. GuJiaTong as acquirers, she is mainly to assert their future idea, let a party the doubts of river pharmaceutical factory, once the purchase become fact, pharmaceutical factory in most worried about the is, they will not be abandoned these workers? When the deputy director GuanJingGuang river pharmaceutical factory put forward this problem of time, all eyes were focused on the GuJiaTong body, the problems and the key. HuYin radha GuJiaTong as the assistant is responsible for answer, she say with smile: "this problem,cheap ghd straighteners we river and the city government consultations, and many times as a into businessman, first will have a sense of social responsibility, we took over after the river pharmaceutical factory workers to the society, will increase social burden." GuanJingGuang way: "we many workers said. The past workers are the masters of their enterprises, you come, we have all become, you of the enterprise is we master! You even if not now, and will we dismiss will make a dismissal!" GuJiaTong and HuYin she looked at each other, or she would answer by HuYin, HuYin's way: "from the planned economy to the market economy is a complicated process, this process, the idea of people in the changing. The director of this problem I can be divided into two parts to answer you, you think you are the master, the enterprise concept is hazy, more is floating in slogan, can I represent miss their commitment, later you will still be the host of the business, but will change a form more positive, more actively participate in the enterprise management and operation to. As for dismissal of the problem, you look at the now pharmaceutical factory, the past everyone thinks he hold iron rice bowl, as long as to work on time off work, always have a fixed salary can take, can be proved wrong. Factory" iron bowl "also not insurance.

We have no promise later not dismiss any person, but can ensure dismiss each one has a good reason, after the reorganization of the factory will advocate river, no used to this kind of competition and mechanism of the worker be sure to be washed out, but each has the qualification in the business enterprise inside worker, his salary and benefits will close and enterprise relates in together, I now no promise of future income will have how much, but I can expect, this will definitely is that all people are satisfied with the Numbers." She would answer complete HuYin clear, at the same time, unbeatable, several of the manufacturer representatives also silent nod. GuJiaTong smile looked at HuYin radha, oneself really is no choose the wrong people, HuYin she would have good management experience, mind strain is outstanding, choose her as his assistant is absolutely the right step. As a former to do vice director, make public how much the image of the city government represents the river, he said: "everyone trust river pharmaceutical factory is the reform, a pilot, city leaders attach great importance to the reform of the coach outlet online pharmaceutical factory, in policy will give pharmaceutical factory the biggest discounts, reform for all is a fresh things, but I believe, as long as our efforts to ensure that enterprise reform, some of the smooth implementation, can ensure that river pharmaceutical factory reform into!" GuJiaTong and HuYin is Sarah's heart, this fellow up deputy place class is different, also can say the word tell, the tone rhythm take hold also had some leadership style. After the meeting the river pharmaceutical factory several leader they visited the factory was accompanied by the current situation of the production condition because of. So how many workers in the factory and not go to work, appear very depression. JianChaShi sasac, deputy director of the FengYu sigh a way: "state-owned assets is so imperceptibly losing......." GuJiaTong frowned, this sentence listen to some not pleasant, he got at the not yourself? GuJiaTong whispered: "so say reform is imperative, ChenKe refractory or KuMuFengChun in all a nidea." HuYin's way: "state-owned assets supervision enterprise assets evaluation can be to a fair and just, and we also want to evaluate your assessment, if in and out too big, cooperation things here." Since when the GuJiaTong assistant, of course, will everywhere employers consider, HuYin she would obviously is a professional man.

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