WC 2014!

June 23 [Mon], 2014, 12:10
This shall be my long(?) or short perhaps post about the world cup so far! Heading into the WC, the team I would root for was the Netherlands! Their play was amazing as I watched bits and parts of it back in 2010. I wasn't able to catch their first match versus Spain but it ended in 5-1 I believe. I was worried for nothing, phew. It seemt like Spain just had a bad day but they had another drastic loss, eliminating them from the WC. Netherlands had their game once again with Australia and I was unable to watch that match as well. Ended in a 2-3 I believe but the Netherlands secured a place in the semi-finals. Besides that, I was watching the games when they were on, not all the time though. It's too much to be invested in every single team. I did watch the US vs GHA match and way before, I was to cheer on Ghana. Throughout the match, it was a battle between both sides and resulted in a 2-1 win by US. Of course, I was taken aback and decided to root for Ghana in their next game. Their next opponent was Germany though and let me just say there were so many predictions that Germany were going to maul Ghana. Either way, I still held firm onto my hopes for Ghana, I believe ;-; Their game play is truly amazing but really, I believe that first goal scored by the USA so early in the match deterred them from a better play. Either way, wow I watched the match from start to finish. I was unable to take my eyes away, well I sorta did to reply to messages to friends who were watching the match as well. Sort of, more like my replies were scrambled words that were like goAel forw ghNAe , woW 22 rUDE for knodckng down tha pyer! But either way, wow emotionally invested into that match. That was the fastest 40 minutes ever, I swear. Halftime started and I finally went to make lunch, only to realize wow nevermind, lunch could wait. Anyways, Germany did score a goal first, only to have a goal scored by Ghana a couple of minutes later. I was relieved because I thought Germany's goal could have ended the match. Ayew scored the first goal for Ghana, I believe. Gyan scored the second and they did this strange yet cool dance. Klose was substituted in and scored a goal, tying the game 2-2. A tie wasn't what I wanted but it's better than a loss really. Ghana still has a chance at least if they win their game over Portugal. Wow though, that was an amazing game. Both sides brought their top game, well I know Ghana did for sure. That was a amazing game, I know I already said that but wow. Like this wasn't a boring match, it was intense wow. Anyways everyone was aware of Germany's power yet Ghana did their best to stand their ground so kudos to them. Now a fan of Ghana's team,..and this is how I become a fan of things w w w. Now moving onto today's match of USA vs Portugal. I knew that if USA won, it secured a place for them in the semifinals besides Germany so of course, I wanted them to lose. Lose so Ghana could have a chance, that's what I wanted. But even so, whichever team moved on, they deserve it and no complaints from me. Anyways their game ended in a tie 2-2. Everyone's still alive in group G. Germany, Ghana, US and Portugal. Wow though, Portugal scored the first goal and it went on for a while until US scored one. US scored another at 70 min in, leaving only 20 minutes left. The match ended at 90, leaving 5 minutes of extra time. They managed to even the score with a goal with 30 seconds left, amazing. !! It wasn't an intense match as Germany vs Ghana but still was nice. I was able to leave for ice cream breaks during this match w w w . GJ to all the teams that worked hard today!
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