I gave up to go to a department office~ 

2006年02月17日(金) 20時54分
I had have stomachache from yesterday.
So I gave up to go to a department office.

but All my friends who went to a department office said [ needress to go ]

kashi just said [come to school on 14,15th and write a personal history]

tomorrow I have a work .So I have to sleep early.but I want to watch finding neme★ so, mabe I watch it.

February 15th <WED> 

2006年02月15日(水) 20時48分
Exam had finished!!
I can just pray until result publication of exam.

I saw "Utyoutenn Hotel".
It's little long.
But it's good!!
Bravo-!! Kouki Mitani!!
I like his casting.

February 5th<SUN> 

2006年02月05日(日) 23時20分
Exam have been coming!

But I think of Cheese factry.
Once day, Dora told me "If we had cheese factry, we should save in partnership"
So I seriously think about that.
I think the campany partner should arrange million-yen, preparation I may not see parents on parents's dethbed, health of body and mind within minimum lives, and very wide and deep vessel.
There is very country place , if any , to be able to buy land.
And I thought sheep is easiest animal to raise.
But sheep have risk to have "Scrapie".
That is a serious probulem.
Sheep is good meet and nice milker.
But it has risk.
I should study about Scrapie, too.
Of course I should study milk, cheese and milk animal more.
Above all, managemant!!....I'm uncertain of that...

February 3th <FRI> 

2006年02月03日(金) 20時56分
That's so terrible...Albe.

Today I brought presents for ICCHIE.
Big presents are liked by him?? We had a little worry.
But I recieved a mail by him just now.
It said cheerfully "thank you, I'm glad".
It's good☆

I went Kaiten-Sushi for the first time, yesterday.
That's tast isn't so good.
But I enjoyed Kaiten-Sushi.
It was fan.
I had wanted to take a custard pudding at Kaiten-Sushi.
So I taked fulit custard pudding!!
I'm satisfacted with my first Kaiten-sushi.


2006年02月02日(木) 22時39分
Don't care~(^-^)elefant is so cute ♪i love this!

well,Yester day I couldN'T go back home...

So I stay Dora 'S home I didn'T study for tests......

It makes me nurvous.....

But when we finish our test ,I'll go to KARAOKE

OH, cats begin fight! they have the mating season now.

January 28th <SAT> 

2006年01月29日(日) 1時09分
Dacks and pink cherry blossam is so cute.
But it is too cute for me. Especially so cute pink.
Sorry I'm not comefortable in pink world long time, so I change Elephant.

Exam is so hard.
I don't think to pass the all.
Oh no!

January 25th<WED> 

2006年01月25日(水) 23時17分
Thank you Albi☆
Oh Supring come here on ahead.
Exam have threatened...Oh No!

TOday test was not good 

2006年01月25日(水) 22時06分
Test was not so easy against my expectations.
So I wrote strange answer.It was a big mistake....

And,Iwent to shopping because I was tired.

I divert my mind from irritating to shopping.

Today I bought a camisole~(^-^)It confortable to wear~

And it was not expensive~only 2000yen★I love sale!

tommorow I have an English test .

but I don'T study anything,,,,,Ihave to do ...so seeU

have a nice dreams

Oh fine day 

2006年01月23日(月) 23時25分
Today,I went to school after tree days!

Yabe has a lot of snow SO i was veryvery surprise!
I had to watch my step~ if I am careless I slip and fall~(T△T)

My hometown is south in kanawaga.but Yabe is north.

so I usually feel cold at Yabe.

After School,I talked with Dora and went to the library to collect report's snple.

After that I couldN't finish my report but,I want to buy a pillow.

I want to get good sleeping!

So, Iwent to MuJIRUSHI RYOUHINN and I bought a down pillow~~~It is soft(^-^)

I'm satisfied with that pillow~

Maybe tonight,I can sleep well♪


2006年01月23日(月) 0時36分
Are U Ok? I worry about U< Aya

It was hard yesterday.There were no customer so I couldn't sell(but I didin't have passion to sell something.)

I'm sorry My boss. Please tell why I didn't have passion.

I have been a cold for a week.So I was DARUI MAX!

Today I sleep sleep slept slept.......

I'm better than yesterday.but........I don't know how I am tomorrow

I was irritaiting so I bought comics Nofive which have very cute pictures!and nice world★

if U want to read I'll lend you ♪ but,,,,,, this world is dangerous because People who don't like this world hate me.Please Don'T leave me alone.......
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