Bloody Mary 

2005年05月07日(土) 0時04分
Today taste panel we had Bloody Mary for our drink! Was surprised to have that cos supposed to be juz non-alcoholic one! I found it quite nice but Jaclyn found it really strong! I thought it was juz the tobasco. It's quite a weird drink but I think I like it! I juz quite like having vodka~

Met 2 new associates in the canteen this afternoon. They r 2 guys from Romania to have cross training in the kitchen. I think they're chefs or sth. Actually I didnt really mean to have lunch, but as I found them quite nice to chat with, Ijuz spent my 40 mins with them. One's called Nick, n the other one's called Duruk, I think? Anyway they r very funny guys, expecially Nick, he joked a lot.

After work, went down to see Mandy & Anthony. Once again, I find myself a very passive & lazy person. I even dont have the initiative to talk to the HR to fight for my benefits. I juz thought, oh it's ok if they paid me little for my annual leaves, anyway they wouldnt treat me as a full time staff, asking them would be juz useless.

Mandy said,' Well, u juz think about it. This is ur own benefits n I think u juz have to fight for it. You juz think about how much the 'price' will be the difference between a full time & a student trainee for the annual leaves, it's juz not fair, u r sacrificing ur own annual leaves to go back to work. The money wont go into our pockets, only to urs, u juz go ahead n ask the HR, no harm! Maybe the money will go into our pockets if u lose on Mahjong, hahahah!'

Well, ok, let's see wot the answer will be on next Monday.

Damn, my degree course application is juz 'being considered' again for the 2nd round. how many more rounds will they have?? I juz dont find it very optimistic.

Sports Day 

2005年05月06日(金) 1時18分
Today probably is the day I've done most of the exercise these days. Went out with my colleagues to play ping-pung & badminton in the Happy Valley. So healthy.

I thougt I'd be the latest one to meet up at the tram station, cos I was in a hurry to a bank which I didnt really know where it was, luckily I found it quickly but there was such a long queue even tho it was almost time for the bank to close. If it wasnt Gogo who urged me to return her back the money, I wouldnt have been in such a hurry... Then it was about 445pm, Judy was already there at the station, and Candy was still in North Point... Alright never mind, those people in the office were juz about to leave, we arrived almost at the same time.

Alright played sports for almost 2 hrs, then all of us went up stairs to have dinner. The food was delicious, we had the shark fin double-boiled with chicken, the garlic chix, n the steam shrimps... lots of other stuff. Then we headed to a dessert house. After that, we dismissed, mE, Christina, Candy, Judy & Eva walked back to Causeway Bay then we went home.

It was quite a day, I really like taking tram, probably I dont really take that transportation often, it's all so fresh & interesting to me, cos the tram runs slowly, u have the time to view the surroundin, like the way to Happy Valley, actually it was the first time I went there, everywhere's juz so beautiful. I think I'll probably take a walk around there one day. Anyone will join me?

Here's a pic I took of a little baby gal at the centre today. She's juz soooo cute!

Post-Tinky B-day Celebration 

2005年05月02日(月) 3時16分
Ha! Another happy nite with my old PolyU mates! It seems Tinky's right, she said there were less n less people appearing everytime we had reunion... luckily, this time we still had 5 beautiful ladies coming.

I was the first one to appear in TST, was pretty worried cos no one really called, n i tried to call others: Joey's was directed to mail box...; Tinky didnt pick up the phone all the way...; Ruby was still in PolyU...; and luckily Kabos was juz on the way to come. I called Stephanie to see if she'd come, but it seemed she didnt know this event. She thought it was called off... no wonder her mobile didnt get thru... Anyway, at that time we still hadnt decided wot to eat, and I thought Joey'd have booked a table somewhere cos she's the organiser this time... however, nth was arranged yet.

Finally, we ended up going to the Langham, where Kabos work, there's a restaurant called Main St. Deli, US food. Kabos can give the receipt to her mgr, so we could get a 30% off! So GREAT! We had salad, pizza, pasta, & burger, for 5 gals. We were already very full by the time the Monster Burger came. But then the waiter there was really kind enough to treat us a REALLy BIG piece of cheese cake. We were so chuffed, n tho we were all feeling our belly all pouched, we could still 'destroyed' the large piece of cake! Ha!

We chatted a lot during the meal, about our placements, about our study, n about our future. It's almost time we all will finish our placements. It's been a yr now. Most of us still have about a month to go. Kabos'll go to the UK, Tinky, Ruby, Joey n mE will probably stay in HK to complete our degree, if possible. Pat will come back this May, hopefully they'll organise a travelling this summer, dunno if I can go...

Kawai's B-day 

2005年04月23日(土) 3時40分
Today woke up at about 10am, Gogo called me to report the sales of Kylie's live tickets. She said there were just a few people, but then when she got to the counter, all the seats facing the front of the stage were sold out; and let me remind u, today was just the first day the tix on sale, and Gogo was already there when the ticketing office open, so it was still very early... but juz some not so good tix available.... But anyway it was really great for her to buy the Kylie tix for me b4 she went back to her office and she said she was already late for work! I'm soooooooo glad she'll go to see the concert w/ me! I know she's really poor these days, but I've been persuading her to go to see, I said, 'You know Kylie Minogue! She's really the queen! You gotta see her cos there wont be many times she'd fly to HK to have live here! Tho the cheapest tickets are HK495, but I think really worth to see!' Hurray we'll go to see together with her friend too!

Well today went out again to celebrate Kawai's B-day. Everywhere else was full... Then finally went to Dan Ryan's in the Festival Walk. Everywhere else was so full today. Carla went out to meet me first to buy gifts for Kawai. (we bought a hand cream from Crabtree and a lip gloss from Lancome) Then we settled down in the restaurant, I then immediately spotted Sammy and Siu Yee, the 2 very very popular Djs in HK. Hahaa, Sue & Carla took the chance to have pix w Sammy, I think he was a very nice guy. Then we had great laugh as usual, catching up w each other. We havent really seen each other for a long time. After that, went to Kowloon City to have the sweet soups. But b4 that, Wendy left first cos she said she'd got lots of homework to do.

Here r some of the pix we took. Cheers~

21-April-2005-Farewell to Maggie 

2005年04月23日(土) 3時32分
Yesterday, had a really big meal in Kwun Tong w/ the JW people, it was for Maggie's farewell. Of course, b4 the meal, mE, Candy, Anthony, Mandy & Ah Bon had the mahjong time first in Mandy's house. (The highlight wasnt Maggie, it was for the Mahjong! ha!) We r really the gambling gang. Whenever the JW people go out, there must be mahjong time. Yesterday I thought I'd lose some money, cos Candy & Ah Bon were really big winners, luckily I won some games b4 the end of the mahjong, and then at about 9pm, we had the dinner, I was really full after the desserts; then mE, Anthony & Maggie went back home together. Had a really great time!


2005年04月01日(金) 10時36分
Yesterday I had a nightmare. I was in a forest with my friends n family; it was a really wild forest, there were different wild lives u can imagine... lions, tigers, leopards n sth like wild dogs, they were all very fierceful animals and I wasnt sure why they were particularly BIG in size...; I didnt know why I was there, I juz knew at that time, we were in a very dangerous situations, cos all the animals were looking at us! I was at first chased by a leopard, I was so frightened and I kept running, n somehow I got rid of it, but then when I looked around, I saw my friends n family, they were still talking n ignoring the dangerous situation they were facing, n then i began to walk out of the forest, then I saw a v. giant wild dog, it was baring its teeth, n I saw saliva coming out, I was like 'Oh gosh, pls let me get out of here...' when I walked, it followed me, then I began to run, n it started chasing me again... I thought' 'Oh no, I 'd be eaten...' ... there were a few times I was almost bitten by that giant dog, but then I was awake, n that nightmare stopped. Thank God for that, Does that nightmare have any meanings? Does it reflect sth from my real life??

This morning Maggie gave me the Nokia pouch n a very cute mobile strap!

Maggie said,'Look Yan Yan, I juz picked up sth at the North Point Station, dunno if this belongs to u??'{サイド

Then I already knew she's got the pouch from Anthony, I was so flattered to have the pouch again to protect my mobile, I dun wanna scratch the phone anymore; n Maggie's so nice, she also bought me a mobile strap from Log-on; there's a little black pig, n they both thought of me when they saw that character! I'm a little black pig!

They're juz so nice n so cute! I love them!

A day 

2005年03月30日(水) 10時52分
Right, it seems I've picked up the habbit to write an everyday blog again tho there's not much special to share. I'm not sure if there're lots of people know about this blog. But anyway it's a good place for me to release some of the pressure or share the things that I wanna share, with anyone.

Today I had the longest conversation with one of my guests in the hotel. He's already 'famous' for holding you back and non-stop chatting with u. I finally experienced that. He's a v. funny guy to talk with, but sometimes too long-winded. And I was so surprised that he gave me and Ellen each of us lei si at this time! It' s juz so kind of him although he's so long-winded...

Still dont feel like sleeping at this moment. Maybe the coffee was too strong. I even had a breakfast at Cafe de Coral before I went back home. But then I went to toilet for a few times as I think it was the coffee, the sweet soups that Ellen Chan bought, they juz couldnt mix together.

Future & my Nokia 

2005年03月29日(火) 22時08分
One of my favourite colleagues from my dept. will leave v. soon. I'm sure she'll have a v. bright future in another hotel, I'm really happy for what she'll be going to do, I hope one day I can do what I wanna do as well, I think people should follow their dreams. Maybe I'm still searching what I wanna achieve? I'm always not sure what I wanna do.
mE & MagGiE

Last nite while I was on my way to work, I left my Nokia pouch on the train... I immediately reported to the Lost & Found but they said no record... how could I be so careless? It's my brand new phone n I lost part of it... I juz dont know how to describe my feelings about losing my pouch. Anthony said he'd give his to mine as we use the same mobile, but I feel it's juz not the same anymore.

Today I fell asleep on the train that I forgot to get off at my station, I know I was so tired and sleepy, I forced myself to wake up the station before I should get off, but then I fell into sleeping again... n I missed the station...


2005年03月28日(月) 14時15分
How come a mother could accuse her daughter like that?? The accusation could be the most unreasonable and largest joke on earth. She didnt want to argue with her.The daughter only felt bad, helpless and hurt, She'll never know how to recover the tension between herself and her mother and she feels she'll never do anything to relieve the situation cos she feels it's useless. The daughter doesnt want to hate her mother, but it seems she cant help it.

I like this picture v. much. This illustration is done by a very famous Spanish artist Jordi Labanda. There're also lots of great art work by this artist and I'm sure you'll love them v. much. His works are full of humour and meanings, they're juz beautiful. I juz love them.

Well, different people have different ways to view things. People have their own perceptions. It's juz if people can make a compromise on their difference. Maybe they dont need to make a compromise, it's juz if they can make the difference smaller.

My B-day pressies 

2005年02月08日(火) 2時59分
These are the pressies I got from my friends for my
birthday; really nice pressies n I 'm really happy. Thanks
everyone for being so nice
to me, I'm blessed as u guys have given me a wonderful
year. All those troubles shall be left behind n called an
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