Dressing Like Your Baby: Obnoxious or Adorable?

July 27 [Fri], 2012, 15:22
Hey, here's a picture of Selma Blair and her ridiculously cute baby boy lunching in matching breton stripes and white shorts! Happy Internet times! Upon seeing this photo, the corners of my mouth instantaneously went from down-turned to up-turned, and then I realized something: I'm a card-carrying lover of parents dressing like their babies.

Truth be told, I didn't just make this realization today when I saw this picture of Selma and her son Bobbsey twining it up (I just couldn't think of a better intro paragraph), I realized it when I, almost-mechanically, laid down my credit card for a pair of shorts for my daughter because I had a similar pair. I never thought I'd be into it, because, typically I loathe all things hokey in fashion (even when ironic), but there's something so cute, and actually kind of stylish, about moms or dads dave and johnny homecoming dresses like their daughters or sons. Most of the time.

Now, I don't claim to be an expert in parent/baby dressing, but I do think there are a few unwritten "rules" that oughta apply when doing so. Like keeping it simple; having your baby la femme dresses cheap like you (not the other way around); and realizing that there is a shelf-life on this practice (dressing like your 8-year-old is significantly less cute than dressing like your 8-month-old).

As far as keeping it simple goes, I say make like Selma and stick to a pattern or a color-scheme. You and your babe don't have to wear the exact same outfit, you can just both be wearing stripes, or blue and white, or similar sandals. Super cute.

When I say "having your baby cheap flirt prom dresses like you and not the other way around," I pretty much mean one thing and one thing only: Don't wear a onesie. Or a bib.

And, finally, I think this is something that probably should be given up at some point. I mean, right? There's probably a time at which this gets creepy. Also, I don't know how many tweens will find it cool to have their mother or father wearing the same shirt as them.

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