final version Clipboard Center v 1.61 how install

March 07 [Thu], 2019, 16:04
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final version Clipboard Center v 1.61 how install

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Jérémy Marchand

Clipboard Center

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Clipboard Center is an easy-to-use and powerful clipboard manager. Through a history, lists, and a flexible interface, it allows you to copy and paste images, text, and files in a more efficient way.
- Capture the Clipboard - At moment you enable clipboard capture, texts, images and files copied in your apps will be automatically added to the history.
- Paste efficiently - Each entry, and even a selection of entries, can be pushed again in the current clipboard by a simple click.
- Manage your clipboard with lists - Lists allows you to save and organize the captured items from the clipboard. Each entry will be unique (Clipboard Center control duplicated item and merge them). To find them more easily you can also add labels.
- Blacklist - Copy from apps of your choice can be ignored by Clipboard Center by adding them to the blacklist.
- A window with multiple behaviors - The app's window can be attached in the upper right corner of the screen, allowing you to easily access it on a desktop or above a full screen app. When the window is detached, you can also make the window stay always visible and on top of other apps.
- Drag-and-drop - In addition to capture items from Clipboard, you can drag and drop images and texts from Clipboard Center on other apps. And vice versa, Clipboard Center can receive items from other apps.
- Clipboard Center preserves the original data - An element of clipboard generally contains multiple representations of a copied item. In fact, most apps provides a standard representation (text or image) of their clipboards but also others specific to these apps. Clipboard Center ensures that data will not be lost during the capture.
- Preview - Each item lists are viewable in a preview window. The texts of several pages or large images are perfectly visible.
- Search - Clipboard Center offers a quick search among lists and history.
- Customizable - There are three display modes: simple lists, lists grouped by apps, lists grouped by type, - You can configure the types of clipboard that will be captured (texts, rich texts, images and files), - The number of items in the history can be limited for better readability, - Customizable shortcuts to toggle app's window and capture.

10.14.2 Clipboard.Center.ver..3.61.HVLE2V.pkg {1752 KB}

Updated version 1.62.Clipboard.Center.dmOVS.dmg {1883 KB}

Best to OS X 1.65-clipboard-center-uaraq.dmg {1605 KB}

Recomended Mac mini {1736 KB}

Updated 10.12.5 lJl.vers.1.64.Clipboard.Center.tar.gz {1605 KB}

Jérémy Marchand

Official site:

Recomended on High Sierra LinkTracker_3.2.0_mL1FCm.dmg 1.5.0

for El Captan VERS-2.1.0-PEEK-RFL.ZIP 1.1.1

Recomended! version 2.4.3

Updated version TYME-VERS.4.5.5-AM3.TAR.GZ 3.5.5

to MacOS 1PX.Joining.Hands.v.3.1.1.tar.gz 1.3.1

Version for 10.11.6 2.0

{1359 kb} Clipboard Center 2.61 MtkWi4 1.64 New MacOS

{1850 kb} vers 1.62 Clipboard Center 1l2GQ 1.65 Featured 10.14.1

{1801 kb} App UOF8 CLIPBOARD CENTER V 1.65 1.64 Version MacBook Air

{1392 kb} Download D6BZ84 2.61 CLIPBOARD CENTER 3.61 Version MacOS

{1343 kb} Software VER 1.62 CLIPBOARD CENTER T3TTDZ 1.64 Featured! version
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