About 'Chiisana Hito no Eiga Gakkou' (Film School for Small People)

2018年05月15日(火) 22時42分
Chiisana Hito no Eiga Gakkou (Film School for Small People) is a Tokyo-based volunteer group for providing places and opportunities where children can learn about and enjoy movies together with their parents. Found in 2005, we have been hosting more than 90 screening events, which are usually accompanied by creative workshops, in libraries, movie theaters, and other public facilities.
We are now focusing on a series of events named "Around the World with Movies" and have screened movies from around the world, including the U.S., Russia, Greece, Brazil, Australia, Switzerland, China, Egypt, Madagascar, and Kazakhstan. After the screening, we hold a talk session where a guest speaker from the country introduces children to the custom, language, and various other characteristics of their country.
  • URL:https://yaplog.jp/eigagakkou/archive/291
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