Gong Fu really tired . You don fool me

November 10 [Sat], 2012, 12:35
Traincollector HTML simple template model uggs boots on sale, relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultAbstract Chapter 537th back to the original place -- in the face of such a crisis situation ,Chen Feng was still thinking to deal with the law, and Gong Fu how will give Chen Feng the chance to breathe ?Gong Fu follow suit ,dehisce is a loud roar ,the sound B ō d-ng again,toward Chen Feng pass .
Turn to !Chen Feng was surprised, but in the face of almost enveloped the Gong Fu front in all regions of the B ō,Chen Feng wants to hide ,nowhere to hide, but know the sound B ōserious Chen Feng,this can not await one !See him slightly squat ,Anjali mudra shrinkage on the waist on the right side ,and at launch : Monkey King B ō ! Gold s- gas B ō since Chen Fengpalms out ,enhanced five times B only a monkey ,with unmatched ferocity ,like king comes ,y- rolling the front all the impious .
It is bearing the Chen Feng hope B ō,this B ō ,although not sound B ōB only,but gas !In the species rank ,gas B ō than thesound B ō senior,gas B ō should bebroken sound B ō,Chen Fengru is trying to .
However ,the fact is often so get the opposite of what one wants ,but two B ōcollided,gas B ō d-nghad no time to shake ,was Gong Fu acoustic B ōis decomposed intoa little bit of gold s- energy ,no strength ,no momentum Canada Goose Mountaineer,B ō andB ō B ō,collision ,gas ,dispersion, nothingness .
What the hell. I ō b! But see sound B ō alreadyfast melee ,Chen Feng didn want him, quickly squat double Tu ì Ji,tie a horse ,his fists at waist ,and spit out the word: huh ! This is a new understanding of fat seventeen ?Anger in the rules of angry growl skills ,effect and Gong Fu beast roar almost, can stun all their strength ahead than low creatures ,Vertigo effect for one second .
Unfortunately ,heaven just understand fat law ,although is the complete nature law ,but additional effects only this one angry growl ,others did not display .Chen Feng did not know this roar can resist Gong Fu beast roar ,but now ,Chen Feng with no better way ,if it is slow ,it waits for him, only a blind alley .
The roar ,carrying Chen Feng last hope ,it can not resist Gong Fu beast roar ?Is now a sound on sound B ō B only,and results .Sound B ōphasecollision ,finally is a startling noise ,like a hot water bag is blowing up the character of the J ī strongnoise ,then B ōd-ngmutual shock ,has attracted around the air do h-nlu-n earthquake d-ng ,Gong Fu acoustic B ōimpulse is stronger,the full range of earthquake d-ng in the direction of Chen Fengchong hammer .
,not ! Some of Chen Feng music ,but has been B ōd-ngb ōandshock ,two B ōsuperposition,Chen Feng was not slow to act, but unable to move !Cheat your papa uggs for sale. Chen Feng sound is sad cry ,but see Gong Fu head horns and ray arc flash ,scared Chen Feng careful liver spasm ,and saying: heroes !Angle left !I had the words to say Coquette UGG Slippers!Stop Tess UGG Boots!Four d-ng !I had the words to say ! Chen Feng this is a desperate struggle finally ,but unexpected, Gong Fu really stopped ,chuckled: what that ? Or Gong Fu is to see Chen Feng is not his opponent ,also not trying to kill Chen Feng ,or, Gong Fu thought before this offer, thinking of four sets of n-ng dragon !After all, kill Chen Feng ,Gong Fu only n-ng to a set of dragon ball .
Chen Feng Gong Fu stop, I suddenly gasping for breath ,calm down ,just smiled and said: heroes don you found it? Find out what? Gong Fu indissolubles . You not found ?C This is serious ! Chen Feng twisted limbs ,gas B ō imprisonmenteffect disappears ,active .
What Said ! You look behind you ? Chen Feng is startled face .Gong Fu large wrinkled brow ,a look back, behind his back ,no matter ,but Chen Feng already rapidly fly ,but mad sad ch-o red ,angrily: don ! Don ?You when I silly ! Stem however ,also do not run ?With such a strong rival ,just down only a blind alley ,not run away ,to find a mountain d-ng practice ten years to eight years ,and then stage a comeback ,better than life trapped in the Wolong mountains .
Chen Feng the mad fly ,the body that steel egg voice : Earth people ,why are you so .?With his steel ah ,not a death ! Steel you egg !Give me shut up ! My mother egg . .
.. ... His voice was heard: a wild-mannered fellow that I agree with you, Gong Fu strength can not be overcome, escape is the best way . Please, word accuracy ,this is not to escape ,this is called strategic x-ng retreat .
Well ,well ,your retreat quickly ,Gong Fu quickly catch up . Chen Feng the mad fly ,Gong Fu tense up, two speed matched ,maintained a kilometre distance ,a chase of a run ,so after ten days .
Heroes, don into ? Chen Feng was so depressed . Into the !Left dragon ball ! Gong Fu also get depressed .No way. Dragon ball with the same ! To leave ! What the hell. After more than two months ,Chen Feng storage bag previously filled with food almost depleted ,once the food consumption of air hunger ,down to zero ,and Chen Feng even run ability are not .
Master, you tired? Don you have a rest? Chen Feng watches run away ,is the physical and mental fatigue ,especially his body in a wild-mannered fellow steel egg and others do is go to bed snoring, let the Chen Feng spirit of some breakdown .
Go rest !Don ,I don ! Gong Fu really tired . You don fool me ?Our legitimacy ! Well ,a deed ! You stand . You go ahead . Well ,you first stop ,the beast growl ! ,I know you are malevolent ! You don have to stop ! You think I ! A chase of a run ,and a few days later .
,don into ? Some of Chen Feng feeble .Jiao Tu had bothered to talk to Chen Feng ,but Chen Feng refused to stop ,Jiao Tu can catch . !To tell you the truth ,my body is bad water Mozun flying Mochizuki ,you shall not kill ! Mozun ?Large statue ?Jiao TU was startled at first ,then sneer : little tiger me ,Mozun is a ghost ,flying Mochizuki is what ?Heard of ! Rely on !N ǎ inǎI,Hu ā k-shorts with the strongest God flying Mochizuki had never heard of ?Damn bumpkin Clouds of bad identity is Chen Feng relied on ,can encounter an information closure bumpkin ,Chen Feng can how? Continue to run the ! Hey ,if food is not enough ! Has a wild-mannered fellow worried voice from Chen Feng.
Outgoing . Not like ,is there soon ! Don with his brother ,let us fight for it, he would not chase ,we run is also useless ! Unfortunately, Chen Feng encased in armor ,otherwise ,it must be a hard B ī face,a complete food ,Chen Feng is unable to escape, it seems ,can only fight a gun !However, the odds ?Just before Chen Feng is about to go when, in front of the last is to meditate man attracted the attention of Chen Feng .
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