E-Cigs Don’t Cause Higher Teen Smoking Rates

November 11 [Mon], 2013, 18:34
Report states that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s anti-vaping tactics are just scare tactics, and the science proves it.

The Center for Diseases Control and Prevention issued a statement in October saying that teens were at a greater risk for smoking eGo CE5 Clearomizer cigarettes or using other forms of tobacco products after using e-cigarettes because of the nicotine that e-cigs contain.

The results of the study were so shocking that the researcher conducting the study, Theodore Wagener, professor at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center’s general and community pediatrics departments, presented the results to the American Association for Cancer Research, which is located in National Harbor, MD, saying that:

"It didn’t seem as though it really proved to be a gateway to anything,"

Unfortunately for the CDC, his science has once again proven them wrong, and that their statements are nothing but scare tactics used in the hopes of keeping the largely helpful stop smoking product off the market in favor of other anti-smoking products manufactured by Big Pharma.
In fact, a report via by WebMD.com cites the new study, which found that there is absolutely no increased risk associated with teens who use nicotine while vaping e-cigarettes as compared to teens smoking traditional, combustible cigarettes containing tobacco and nicotine.

What’s more is that the study found that there was a decreased risk to the teens’ health because of the lack of tobacco in the eVod Bcc Bottom Coil Atomizer e-cigarettes, as so many studies conducted previously have sown.

Simply stated, e-cigarettes are not the “gateway to smoking” that the anti-smoking groups allege they are – and the science proves that fact.

Specifically, the report, released on Tuesday, October 29, found that of the 1,300 students in college surveyed about their tobacco and nicotine usage, only 43 of those students’ first time use was with an e-cigarette device.

Of those 43, only one single student continued smoking and smoked traditional cigarettes as a result. That is one person of all 1300, which is less than one-half of one percent – if not fewer. The 41 others who started with e-cigarettes only vaped e-cigarettes never moved on to anything else.

In all, fewer than two percent of survey respondents smoked for the first time using an e-cig, and all the others were already smoking tobacco before they started with e-cigarettes.

Despite these and other study results, a variety of anti-smoking groups are trying to get the devices regulated by the Food and Drug administration because they still insist the devices area gateway to smoking tobacco.

It’s become clear that the motives behind regulating e-cigarettes is not one of safety, but of ideology, which is never the right reason to legislate something. If politics has taught us anything, it’s that you simply cannot legislate morality.

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