but intelligent life in the universe

October 19 [Fri], 2012, 18:15
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThis is a complex process ,in short ,the aliens finally did not know where to take out a similar instrument ,language translation machine that ,by this instrument ,aliens and Ye Tao can communicate successfully .
Ye Tao made his own request : I need a map ,can you give me . Alien leader nodded : the map we have ,is one of the most nearby six billion light-years from the imperial government ,our product ,what do you want to exchange ? Ye Tao smiled and said : you said .
Alien leader touch nose to once said: the map can give you ,but will you do us a favor . Ye Tao asked : what for ? Alien leader commanded to hand down for a machine ,that can be projected ,placed in front of Ye Tao ,began running a picture ,the picture seems to be in an underground cave shoot ,the beginning is very quiet ,some aliens seem to shoot them travel records, from time to time to camera what to say ,look very happy .
But with a body covered with shiny scales black monster ,a chaotic scene again ,this is all that black scales of several alien monster tore up, imaging device is also black scutes monster a crunch .
This is our aim here ,here is our Nora empire on a remote planet ,occasionally Empire citizen here for leisure ,this out of the way things ,Empire top very seriously, we are the imperial warrior ,was sent to kill the ferocious beast ,now in searching for it head ferocious beast position ,if you can help us to kill the head ferocious beast ,that I will put the map free gift to you ,what do you think? OK.
Ye Tao nodded ,and then said: you have and the ferocious beast information related to prepare ,I go with someone, don ,she is my partner . Ye Tao with a single hand ,point out ,the doors open ,a step forward, disappear .
Alien leader at Ye Tao hand to open the doors ,suddenly stood there, and then suddenly disappear towards Ye place down ,shouting : love !Azeri ! ( Asawa the alien civilization language represents God meaning .
) The rest of the aliens are all scared knelt down ,they knelt there, his face is fear and reverence .Ye Tao to open the doors ,a step back to Phoenix lily . Lily ,I found that the aliens ,they say they have near the star ,but we need to help a small favor will give us the map ,you have a look at this .
Ye Tao and his magic mirror ,and combined with the vision of art, will just see the floor show in Phoenix before Xiongshou lily . Master, the ferocious beast about and general primitive lower animal difference no where to go ,far did not form it ,I a finger can also turn it up ,master ,let me out please .
Phoenix Lily road . Oh ,yeah . Ye Tao nodded ,continued: now I put the shuttle space spell to you UGG For Kids,have a try can play ,if you can ,then you can have a bit security security .
Thank you very much . Phoenix Lily said happily . ye did show in Phoenix Lily forehead ,will and shuttle space with some memory and comprehension passed ,Phoenix Lily close my eyes ,feeling .
After a while ,the Phoenix Lily opened his eyes ,breath away ,as Ye Tao points out like that on a finger . Rumble spatial fluctuation of diffusion ,Phoenix Lily the space before the concussion ,a visible corrugations to her fingers as the center to spread out below ,the ground was space corrugated sweep ,immediately rumble followed shaking .
The ground vibration, Phoenix Lily cannot stand firm, had to fly back up ,just point out spatial corrugated no mana support ,was immediately inspired Avenue power to heal ,only the ground huge distortions can prove that just about everything is really happened .
Master, I ,I can ,break open space . Feng said Lily white . All right ,you are not my realm ,you work to old state estimation can be broken open space ,don ,I follow the master UGG Caroline,there is always the practice to the law of golden immortal day .
Ye Tao negative hands standing vanity ,confidence said . The master chicken Lily moved at ye worship ,said . The lily UGG Raya Outlet,let ,guess those people to wait ,you need not nervous, although they have some strange ,but intelligent life in the universe ,and we can exchange .
Well, Feng Lily nodded .Ye Tao pulled on chicken Lily hand North Face Women's Boots Sale,pointing out a ,the spatial penetration, whirlpool shape space gate ,ye pull a chicken Lily into which ,under a moment in the alien spacecraft .
why they knelt on the ground ? Phoenix Lily out space gate for the first time ,he saw the kneeling on the ground ,with love spells !Azeri ! Alien. These aliens look and people vary greatly, but the big, what of odd shape biological no ,although chicken Lily had never seen such skin folds ,body and innate Tao different shapes of weird creatures ,but not surprised by how much .
You on my knees UGG Kenly? Ye Tao strange, remember to go before the aliens oneself completely is a pair of equal exchange about, like how in is kneeling here . Azeri !God, gods, please accept our faith .
The alien with language translation machine ,crawled to ye ,to kiss Ye Tao . I said ,what the hell are you doing ? Ye Tao saw the alien such action ,shook his head ,although in the primitive is the highest attainment ,obtained Boulevard Saint ,but have been very low-key ,this was the first time was when God worship .
God ,please accept our faith . Alien leader pious prostrate in front of Ye Tao . I said ,I believe ,but don toe . the other would touch your feet ,not meant to stop ,Ye Tao cold ,to prevent road .
It is ,is ,is the alien leader immediately stopped and said . So ,now we have to kill the ferocious beast . Ye Tao said . God ,thank God would you please come with me . Alien leader took Ye Tao away on their ship .
The spacecraft interior very spacious appearance, went through a long corridor ,Ye Tao and Phoenix Lily came to console .Then ,in the ship all the alien leader to Ye Tao to kneel ,spaceship finally took off, the spacecraft set destination ,Ye Tao in the spacecraft screen can see, is the planet back intermediate location to a glacier cave interior point .
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