Ye Ming now associate St. peak practice

October 19 [Fri], 2012, 18:09
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultYe Tao left first for three months ,the more calm ,many previously hidden no monk jumped out ,have established forces ,patulous domain ,each local bleeding events numerous fight .
Now in the holy palace ,be Ye Ming is carved with a figure statue .Ye Ming focused on the engraving ,he frowned, holding the right hand fingers trembling constantly portray it, ,is fluent .
Ye Ming carved ,in addition to him are carved the statue ,the Holy Spirit palace there are many seat has carved statue of a man are full of .These statues are carved are all the same person ,and Ye Ming looked almost as like as two peas ,but Ye Ming knows ,he carved these statues are not themselves ,but have gone from here leaves tao .
Since ye leave first ,Ye Ming and her telepathy between is a powerful force to cut off, the original in the primitive time, Ye Qing and Ye Tao are telepathic ,I can speak and split ,one idea can be perceived by one ,but now Ye Ming can feel Ye Tao life is still strong ,but not with the deity exchange .
These days ye Ming heart often anxiety ,but nothing useful approach ,now his practice is only accurate St. peak, the fundamental fights but that seal telepathic power source, ye know that force calculation of the source is actually the prehistoric world way .
Ye Ming also thought directly from here and then go ye ,but if he wants to leave here ,heaven will come from heaven UGG Classic Short,nature decided it wanted to abolish all take forcible possession of ,do not allow anyone to leave the .
Ye Ming now associate St. peak practice ,must fight the heaven ,there was heaven calculate a lost life tragedy .Moreover ye also told Ye Ming that put him in an element will after the time to tavatimsa outer Longhu Palace Tinghong Day sermon ,learn hung days many spells ,and still seeks wins hung days of Mongolian traditional .
Such a variety of, so that Ye Ming could only anxiety ,not out . Alas Ye Ming sigh : is really helpless . He then continued careful carving up ,soon a complete human figure will be completed .
Seeing his carving statues done slowly ,Ye Ming mouth smiled ,saying : this is the 900th statue of the . Ye Ming ,a total of nine hundred and ninety-nine statue was carved the statue of Ye Tao, then drips blood offering training into objects, using a ritual spell ,this nine hundred and ninety-nine statue worship away ,an instant release strong forces ,forced to break the shackles of heaven ,and Ye Tao made contact .
Ten days later ,Ye Ming finally put all the statue sculpture is finished, he first put the nine hundred and ninety-nine statue in accordance with the innate rule to all determine the location ,and then fly to the sky ,the bite finger force nine hundred and ninety drops of blood ,the mana control respectively falls to the nine hundred and ninety-nine bronze human figure .
Blood dripped onto the nine hundred and ninety-nine statues ,was immediately statue absorption ,Ye Ming and running mana ,a strange law will play ,began offering training these statues .
Seven days later ,Ye Ming offering training success ,all the statues are turned into objects, the blood red ,with a touch of the coercion to the surrounding shed . Sacrifice for ! Ye Mingfei to the nine hundred and ninety-nine statues above ,mana surges, sacrifice for launch ,on the ground nine hundred and ninety-nine bloody statue with vibration ,a dazzling red mango ,the red awn all together ,into a tiny bit .
Ye Ming closed his eyes ,divine consciousness to that point, at that point, the force was severely weakened ,Ye Ming finally felt Ye Tao ,the spirit of his outgoing wave ,asked: deity ,where are you now ?Return to the earth ? Ye Ming ?How do you contact me ?I remember the way power seems to blockade the primitive ,you should not be linked to my .
Ye Tao came through the knowledge of God fluctuation . I ,this matter I dwell on it at greater length ,with sacrifice ,our strength to temporarily break the barrier from heaven ,now more and more messy ,everywhere is a monk battle Northface 3 In 1.
Ye Ming said . You ask me where to go ,but I don where I was ,I now is a special case ,to show you something . Ye Tao ,along with voice ,and a pair of moving picture, the picture there is a white planet ,the planet before expanding ,then turned into the boundless frozen earth ,then the end of the screen ,Ye Tao continued to voice came : I .
On that planet ,the planet overall surface is covered in ice ,I feel to the outside of the planet above seems to have the breath of life ,well do not say more, I just want to see if there is intelligent life, the universe is too large ,simply can not find where the earth ,the planet I found the first planet with life ,the hope can be found as humans alive than higher human wisdom of life, if we can get from them map of universe ,I think I can find the earth .
So ?Congratulations to him ,hope he can get back to ... ... The ground ... ... The ball. When ye Ming found at the foot of the nine hundred and ninety-nine statues began shaking fragmentation ,internal blood power seems to be dissipated, conscious transmission is interrupted .
I ,the next time ,I can hold, the statue to run out of mana . There is not much time, Ye Ming quickly said . Well ,you don worry ,perhaps before an element will be ,I will go back .
.. ... Ye Tao voice has not fallen UGG Highkoo Boots,Ye Ming nine hundred and ninety-nine smaller statue suddenly hula ,all collapsed ,the red pole also disappeared ,Ye Ming feels weak link and the deity is cut off .
The extraterrestrial civilization ? Ye Ming looked at the foot of breaking into slag nine hundred and ninety-nine statues ,right hand chin to meditation .To say nothing of Ye Ming here thinking of extraterrestrial civilizations ,saying only that billions of light-years away Nuwa ectopic ,now to the tens of thousands of Malay people, these Malay lined up neatly ,as practiced in general ,out of the two row of standing ,seems to be waiting for something .
A moment later ,dozens of big witch to ,one of the big nose he sniffed the air ,said : there is no smell of blood ,we sent out the witch who should not die ,they seem to be Nu Wa palace people .
Brother ,whether to pursue ? Another big Wu inquired the way big nose . No, a Wiccan ,death is death ,no big deal ,the goddess is said to have large UGG Classic Tall Stripe,golden immortal work North Face Kids North Face Jackets,we recover the past, also accounted for less than what is cheap, since she got the Nu Wa palace let out ,we will not quarrel with her .
The big nose of the finish, a step to the Nu Wa palace front, and shouted: Gong Gong Zu Wu men Malay people listen to ,I removed the Nu Wa palace ,we built a new . With a punch
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