also is one to one hundred thousand years

October 19 [Fri], 2012, 17:53
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultYe Tao is about to fly seven months after flying to the disk .
With his fusion of seven kinds of rules of God Xiu ,flew for seven months .The disk is located, is really very far .From the void show, facing the front of about hundreds of miles away ,has a diameter of seven or eight miles of the metal disc ,understanding Ye Tao was severely impact .
This disk appears all completely subverts Ye Tao cognition ,that is a cross between the presence and absence of matter between .Conscious detection when empty ,but the eye sight Tell ye ,this disc is indeed exist .
Disk color is a ye not say to color ,seven or eight miles ,the carved patterns, are completely blurred ,must be near to see clearly .If ye are God ,also cannot break through basic cosmic rules .
Ye Tao to the disk ,at the end of the disc above the foot ,feeling as if the ground general .But it is such a feeling ,but more is that he doesn .Just then ,a dark figure emerged from the opposite Ye Tao ,suspended in the disc ,as if a ghost .
Trial ,you have mastered the seven rule ,became a false god ,you must come here ,must be ready to be transmitted into the trial ,the mainland . A strange sound in Ye head in my head ,though unable to determine the source of the sound ,but Ye Tao instinctively know ,this must be issued before the shadow .
But the test is what? Before Ye Tao had time to wonder ,the voice continued : ten seconds later transmission will open ,please prepare, if through the test ,you will have to leave the universe qualification ,and give you a free information ,before you have three pseudo universe God into the trial to mainland China ,you remember during the trial in the mainland and your strength will be completely restricted, only to enter the mainland central trial trial temple and through eighteen layers of the guardian of the test UGGs Roxy Tall Boots,can obtain the final qualification trials in one hundred thousand years for the mainland ,a wheel ,a wheel in the final winner will only have one ,one hundred thousand years after the final Temple opened time ,if you are alive ,and living trials only you one, you will get out of qualification .
Then the sound disappeared ,the black ghost shadow slowly fades eventually disappear .Ye Tao body under the disc began some strange changes ,the above characterization lines at a succession of lit up .
Ye Tao was surprised, does he will immediately is transferred into the so-called trial to mainland China ?This is nonsense ,he came here just curious about the temple messenger described this disc only, can not wanting to go to that heard the so-called trial mainland ,also is one to one hundred thousand years ,ye just mad ,he turned around to leave the disk, but strange things happen ,at this moment, he suddenly found himself be benefited in every way God force had failed, ye that starts the whole body strength to get away from a disc ,his body becomes transparent ,body reveals be riotous with colour brilliance ,but there was no use ,he was firmly in the suction of the disc above, simply could not move .
The countdown has in the disk center glow UGGs Roxy Short Sale,a luminous character ,show that 9 numbers, and soon switched to 8 ,become 0 fool all know that until something terrible will happen ,this time ye crazy ,like chaos beads out break this empty room direct return to chaos .
But he took the chaos beads found even chaos pearl magic powers have no way to start, here is a far exceeds the rule of force the detention space live, Ye Tao couldn do anything ,just watched at the foot of the seven or eight mile law more and more bright ,center of the inverted matrix a little less time .
Finally the countdown reached the 0 position ,and then the whole disc erupts a terrorist fluctuations ,the entire space to swing ,Yuan disk center stand with Ye Tao at this moment a thud disappeared ,is transmitted to the transmission but somewhere ,chaos pearl has also been a passing go .
When Ye Tao once again appeared, he found himself in a strange world ,around is like jungle general boundless forest around ,some never seen strange ,fierce beasts in the sky around ,hang out with a red and purple two suns, here is a complete stranger the world .
But Ye Tao was really desperate and not this ,but he felt his body condensation rules force do not know how now should not at all ,if not the soul still revolves the song of the soul ,he even suspected reconstruction from experience is but a dream ,but the truth is after his death through the different world .
The soul of chaos Pearl also cannot open ,only the light strength of faith flies out non-stop nourishes the soul of Ye Tao ,Ye Tao knew it was the three hundred billion Olympus alliance the believer force ,all this indicates that the experience is not a dream UGG Langley Clearance, but now oneself really feel a little rules power, then the conclusion is only one ,it is really and the voice said, he came to the mysterious trials in mainland China, and only went to trial in Central China trials temple is likely to win and get away from the qualification .
out of breath ,ye sit calm your own mood ,he checks into a body of psychic powers ,found spiritual power is weakened badly ,if the original Ye Tao in vivo anima is a river ,so now he in even a invisible mist as the .
Be weakened so fierce Air Max 180 Mens,do not know can not fly ? If you can fly ,it leaves Taozhen is a bit desperate ,trial was not what mainland small place ,rely on legs to continental center trial than simply kill him and make him uncomfortable ,may run one hundred years are not necessarily run get .
A weakened ,and loss of regular and chaotic bead control, Ye Tao knew he could not travel through space .It was getting dark ,surrounding the ferocious beast look more cold ,as if suddenly a wild boar ,but than the boar much more ferocious beast quietly leaned toward Ye Tao .
Although the loss of power and rule of force ,but Ye Tao quite good ,natural feel slowly close to a beast, he now have no weapons ,had to hand for the knife ,behind the back cheap timberland boots, ready to come on a beast of a deadly strike .
Perhaps in a certain limit strength of reason, that ye horror to a fist can blow n planet physical force ,has also been a mysterious energy cancel out ,he now felt himself about and an earth Year-round Cultivation ancient martial master almost unknown ,in the face of the ferocious beast ,he had to with great care ,although he has an immortal soul ,but who knows in this oddball trials world after the death of resurrection is again where .
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