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July 19 [Thu], 2012, 11:27

Relevant experts recently proposed: a red and navy blue clothes should become the first choice of the summer. Most people think the cool colors of the light-colored clothing is cooler to wear, white people hogan donna feel transparent blue make people feel like water fresh. Guangxi Institute of Silk and Linen Textile Textile Products Quality Supervision, Inspection and Zhanfuzhanchang, senior engineer Guoze Quan said, the texture is different, different colors of the clothing is not the same protection from the sun, dark red or navy blue synthetic fabric is the safest sun protection clothing . And skin care products, in fact, the clothes also have a UV protection factor. If you observe carefully you will find, with the advent of summer, the mall has already began to sell clothing affixed with a label of SPF. The Guo Zequan man-made fibers may easily lead people to sweat, wear in the body as cotton, linen, wool, silk fabric feels comfortable, but the ability of UV reflection, the effect of sunscreen good. From the choice of colors, light yellow, light blue, beige and white clothes so that people feel cool from the heart, but in fact the UV protective role of the poor. hogan scarpe It is understood that in order to enhance the summer clothing resistance to UV, many clothing manufacturers are working on manufacturing a sunscreen agent injection, this could make any color clothes with strong protection from the sun. In addition, the production of washing powder and detergent manufacturers began to use a sunscreen agent injection for the detergent, clothes washed in this detergent can be appropriately increased UV protection.

showing strengths. Properly looked in the mirror yourself, then decide that you are suitable for wearing what look like wedding. If you have pairs of legs, put the short skirt repair. 2, to allow the changes. Do not think to try the first time be able to fit into the perfect. A tailor or do it yourself. You do not have to because the sleeves are too long or skirts are not suitable to give up one of hoagan outlet your favorite wonderful marriage. 3, a suitable lining. Appropriate petticoat make you have a smooth perimeter type. Curve not only will not reduce your charm, but to increase your allure. 4, a variety of white. Pure white make anyones skin color pale. Ivory also has its weaknesses, the choice must be careful not to take too much yellow. 5, do not be afraid of patterns. As long as you like and choose the right size and proportion can be used, even if it is a dot or bar. 6, emphasis on accessories. Shoes and jewelry to match with the overall apparel. If you are particularly fond of a style, whether it is a necklace or a bracelet, be careful not to let it make you dress eclipsed. Herein secret is only one word: balance. 7, over-decorated. If your dress is decorated, the best simple headdress. The balance is the key to the. 8, the performance figures. To focus on themselves, rather than hogan 2012 fashionable dress. As one fashion version of the person in charge said: "For being in the limelight, not my dress!"

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