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February 25 [Sat], 2012, 18:01
Well said Mr Miss Chen Xiaowei, online game market is a pound. Emerging industry, all of our online game companies should promote the national game industry in a heart to run the company, should put an end to the vicious competition within the industry, not just sweeps, more can not get its eggs, not for the moment to destroy the benefit of the stupid things the whole game industry. "Lam said the wind I looked at all loud. All surprised a moment, is not that the network only if Xiaowei Chen Xiaowei Chen, Mody x network was accusing the "second world" vicious competition. Do you want to pretend do not know the forest the wind? This is a bit too bad. Chen Xiaowei contemptuous spit a dark, underground passage out: merely mediocre. Lin Feng Chen Xiaowei that the evil looking face, smile. "So, I suddenly christian louboutin boots emerged in China some time ago I introduced many copy of" Zombies "type of game company, said a strong protest, this vulgar imitations how bad can promote the development of the national game industry, in particular, there is a These online games will be self-deceiving the city to "quasi-single, operations, this is not Huyou What consumers that to immediate, short-sighted move is absolutely shameful, downright hateful. "christian louboutin louis multi color strass high top womens sneakers

Lin wind impassioned shouting. All while listening to Mou course, this in some cities in addition to" Jiucheng "Who could it be! " Lin Dong, I protest against your malicious slander against my company. "Thundered Chen Xiaowei got up. " Slander? Miss Chen Xiaowei, when I slander your company.
Oh, you mean this sentence in some cities it? I thought you might got it wrong, I did not say "Jiucheng" but said some of the city's online game company. "Lam Fung sly smile. " You, "Chen Xiaowei Liu Mei inverted vertical, although the sighted one will christian louboutin heels know that refers to the" Jiucheng "But Lin did not say the wind is" the ninth city "helpless indignation sit down. Li was applauded applauded, it is a burst of indignation Chen Xiaowei cited.christian louboutin louis black high top leather womens sneakers

But Li was not afraid of a mere wage earners, actually so arrogant here, though not afraid to wear shoes barefoot won the spirit, but do not think that can be relied on women as nonsense, To know the ground, but there are many thorns. Lin cold winds sweep Chen Xiaowei, the real fun is yet to come. accusing my company, I let you disgrace. "There, Miss Chen Xiaowei said yes, manipulation media, misleading the users is a very despicable means. Here are the four, who all have a head, the face of successful people, most of them are company executives, the company has the sway, words and deeds of all the employees have decided the future of the company, so we can learn from these irresponsible journalists ah, TV presenters like irresponsible talk. "Lam Fung says with a laugh. The audience in an uproar, which is very significant for Chen Xiaowei, and everyone knows is the reporter Chen Xiaowei after birth, then christian louboutin sandals become a TV host. " Mr. Lin Feng, do you control in the insinuations I media? "Dr. Xiaowei Chen, rage, staring at a pair of water hyacinth in the round, she was so out ridicule ever been insinuations and gas body trembling.
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