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August 09 [Thu], 2012, 11:10
Fast fashion model "three magic weapons" booster bag industry restructuring
Do not you see, ZARA, H & M, UNIQLO, GAP, an international chain of fast-fashion brand with lightning speed, the layout of a second and third tier cities, the rise speed of the local fast fashion brand VANCL, Me & City is also amazing. H & M on the beach to record a single store sales of 2 million records, a record single-day sales of over one million yuan VANCL during peak periods - repeatedly hit by the fast fashion brand marketing miracle, indeed, the shoes and bags brand envy. What is the secret of the success of fast fashion brand? How to steal the division or two, to inject new vitality into the brands of shoes and bags? To share the revelation of the fast fashion brand shoes, bags industry, we are again back to square one and look directly at the core proposition of the consumer. Look into the changes in the consumer market to take advantage of fashion the essence of ZARA, H & M shop, you will see the fashion of random stacked pile of clothes, full of desire to pick out their favorite styles, and can not wait Strip home. ZARA plagued much "quality" time, his shop is crowded scene is still amazing. Indeed, in a Kate Princess, KATEMOSS they were wearing ZARA, H & M to walk the streets of the era, we have no reason to resist the charm of the fast-fashion brand? "The speed of fashion change of consumption of urban residents in China is the world's fastest." Yuan Yue, chairman of the Horizon Research Consultancy Group, thinks so. Two years ago, Trends Media Group and Horizon Research Consultancy Group jointly launched a "fashion index of Chinese urban residents. The report pointed out that fast fashion has become the most prominent feature of the Chinese fashion, A significant change in the consumer market in recent years, consumers in the era of information explosion "fatigued", as well as fast-paced life, work status, and drove them forever chasing the latest fashion and pop. To face this reality and sensitive to capture consumer demand, is one of the secrets of the rise of fast fashion brand. To track the logic behind fast fashion, we can see the dress "FMCG" the impact on consumption. , Resulting in the replacement of more frequencies and more frequency of contact, the more the frequency of consumption, more dependent on "fast consumer goods, and ultimately get a steady stream of profits. Are not just selling clothes, but fashion sense. FMCG consumption, the functional properties of the clothes here are more abandoned (which is why "quality gate" incident to ZARA does not pose a threat to the root where), more attention to the added value of the clothes - that is, the fashion sense. One thinks in order to impulse, the impulse is the garment industry often the driving force of consumption. For businesses, the selling is no longer a product, but the rhythm of the youth customer value of fast fashion is to create this fashion experience to the customer. How to make the consumer's impulse to buy? How to create an irreplaceable fashion experience? Fast fashion brand shoes and bags brand to China's a vivid lesson. Around the thinking of these two issues, let's get rid of the shackles of their own brand business, closer to the core proposition of the consumer. "Fast hard quasi-charm magic weapon" fast hard quasi "- if we use three words to describe the fast fashion brand, is no doubt that this is its charm. "Fast" rapid design and pace of product updates will be "fast fashion" chase pushed to the extreme. Allegedly, the H & M, Mango a year launched from 2000 to 4000 of a single product, ZARA, more New speed increased to incredible proportions, can be introduced each year about 11,000 design a single product. Final apparel products from the clothing of a fashion show photos to appear in the ZARA stores, you only need four to five weeks time; and its designers are ready to modify their designs according to the market reaction to a design modified time is strictly controlled within two weeks. The influence of "fast fashion" has begun to penetrate into the high-end clothing and shoes and bags brand, brands have to carry out bold reforms. New tradition in the past to launch the spring, summer, autumn and winter season distinguish subversion, in recent years by young consumers sought after luxury brand Coach has been the launch of its new cycle of compression for a month, and updated monthly stores the window of the image, gucci handbags outlet. To break the season practices, styles and more updates soon, like a chameleon, to please the consumer, this is Coach draw inspiration from the fast fashion brand. This change makes the Coach apart from the traditional luxury brands, and to maintain the growth. "Ruthless" low price is enough "relentless" fast fashion brand logo. Another key to fast fashion brands dominate the market is cheap. Hundreds of thousand dollars, and the traditional high-end fashion brand clothing or even million fast fashion clothing prices are generally a few hundred dollars to the majority. In other words, similar to the clothing, the price of fast fashion is only the traditional fashion a small part of. Lower the costs of its existence magic, fast-fashion brand, almost without exception, have chosen to developing countries based production networks. Maintain a balance, to hold down costs and ensure quality is definitely a very difficult art. That is why, like ZARA such industry bowl occasionally missed. However, the objective treatment, the expense of quality is not the the ZARA choice to hold down costs, its unique supply chain system is the magic weapon where. ZARA a firm grasp of the entire supply chain, including design, warehousing, distribution and logistics system, and strictly control the cost of each supply chain. 22 of its own factories, more than 260 suppliers of raw materials, more than 400 collaborative processing plants, logistics centers and more than 500 stores strong network supporting ZARA goods the fastest, lowest cost in the world within the flow. "Quasi-accurate understanding of fashion is a fast fashion brand essence. Fast fashion brand in the worldwide network of excellent designers, they are always rushing around the world fashion show, an amazing sense of smell convergence of fashion and mass consumption. They are not copied, but in the rapid absorption followed by interpretation, this interpretation with a rebirth of nature, in order to bring consumers fresh, without losing the original flavor of fashion. Accurate brand positioning clarity of brand image, whether ZARA, H & M, Mango, or in China, the rise of the network upstart VANCL fast fashion brand branding never begrudge the original capital, and they brand positioning has a very clear and the defined, trying by brand spokesperson, store image, or shopping process, allowing consumers to enjoy more than just products, but also a highly personalized brand experience, this highly personalized brand experience to maintain the consumer brand loyalty. Accurate grasp of brand positioning and consistent spirit, lack of shoes and bags in China industry. Such as invitations to star to serve as endorsements, fast fashion brand accurately grasp its audience with highly personalized advertising slogan to fit their ethos of the star, hit the heart. The VANCL invited Han served as endorsements, and "I'm not Han, where customers" slogan, sweeping away the youth audience. VANCL of responsible person so accurately describe its advertising at least have two characteristics: first, advertising design from the content description, style, design must comply with the aesthetic values, and consumer psychology and other characteristics of the 25 to 35-year-old stage groups. Secondly, you want the product features, advantages simple eye-catching display to the user, while providing convenient direct purchase channel, A general review of the shoes and bags in China market, first of all many of the positioning of the brand itself is not clear, Moreover celebrity endorsements simply as a tool for suction gold, this "dubious" often lead to the invalidation of advertising investment. Standardized the operation of large-scale expansion of clothing chain operated by the ultimate goal is to solve the standardized operation of the largest regional market differences. Rivers Road Advisory Principal Consultant Dai Chunhua teacher was cited a standard soybean example to illustrate the standardization of the retail system is irreplaceable, gucci purses outlet. The soybean origin to the present 40 million soybean farmers in China, the three northeastern provinces and Inner Mongolia in 2006 nearly 40 percent to 50 percent of soybean farming land is barren. The reason is that almost 100% of the domestic oil extraction enterprise is not from their acquisition of soybeans, but through international trade in imports of foreign soybeans, in addition to the price of reasons, including the important one foreign modern farm production of soybean quality and stability, the entire batch of soybean oil extraction rate to ensure that in 22%. Chinese soybean due to the fragmented individualistic agricultural mode of production and acquisitions can not guarantee consistent quality, 23%, 21% oil extraction rates of soya blend, can not guarantee that the entire batch of soybeans to maintain a very stable oil extraction rate, which low-margin food oil extraction industry are enormous. First of all foreign soybean not win on price, but win in quality as one of the massive amount of win in the standardization of farm cropping patterns. Fast fashion brand deeply grasp the essence of the standardized into the ZARA, H & M, UNIQLO shop, regardless of their shops in Beijing and in Chengdu, the terminal shops in the design, shelves, and the appearance of goods configuration, the display even modes of operation are the same. When a customer entering the shop, almost able to experience a streamlined, standardized services. As pointed out by the person in charge of these brands, thorough standardized bring the high efficiency and lowest operating costs. Senior shoes and apparel marketing performance improvement expert Zhang Ji recommend shoes and bags learn from the experience in a fast fashion brand, combined with the operation status of the local shoes and bags companies, around a few key points to expand, and not all the details of the design of store operations. For example, to attract customers into the store by showing standardized with the standardization of sales of the experiential, or cross-sell to loyal customers standardized, and so on. Seize several key points would not be distracted, but the actual operation is more easy to use.
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