Complete guide to iPods

June 04 [Mon], 2012, 18:55
As someone who has owned a few iPods in the past couple of years, I have experience with the the mini-hard drive models (20, 30, and 80 GB), the Nano, and the Shuffle. There are many accessories to enhance your enjoyment of this iPod. Also, care will also extend your iPod experience.The flagship of the iPods, the 30 and 80 GB sizes, are the most fun. Large storage capacity for your music collection (7500 to 25000 songs) and the ability to view photo and video files on it is a big plus. Its ability to act as a secondary hard drive for your computer is another advantage. However, these players need a great deal of tender loving care. Make sure you have a protective cover whenever this iPod travels with you. Also, don't drop this device, especially on the sidewalk or the street.
The Nano has variable storage capacities (500 to 2000 songs), depending on your needs, and a view screen like its big brother (or sister). It can display photos, but can't play videos. The advantage to this device is its memory is a flash drive, not a hard drive. It's not easy to jostle this device while walking, running, or working out. Given that, use a protective cover whenever possible to protect it from scratches.The Shuffle's best feature is its small size. The older model is shaped like a pack of chewing gum and comes with a lanyard, but version of the Shuffle released this winter can be attached to your garment. A wonderful accessory with a flash drive, it plays approximately 100 songs and it good for being on the go.There are many options for listening to music on the iPod and the Nano. You can listen to music by artist, album, song, or genre. Putting your entire music library on shuffle can be an interesting experience, especially if your musical tastes vary. You can also take a some control with your music by creating playlists. Put songs together by your favorites, your moods, or themes. The possibility is endless.For the Shuffle, the options are more limited, You can either have the music on shuffe (and this is very random) or have the music on continuous play, where it plays the songs in the order they were compiled for the Shuffle.Take very good care of your iPod, regardless of how much punishment you think it can take. Avoid dropping them, spilling liquids on them, or letting something fall on it. Invest in protective equipment. Also, when your iPod is connected to the computer, make sure to properly eject it from your computer before disconnecting it. Find the iPod on your
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