Bishop Abilities

August 06 [Wed], 2014, 12:30

Maple Warrior: Increases the stats of all celebration members. Mastery Book is required to master the capability to level 30.
Big Bang: Gathers energy to kind an energy vortex, culminating inside a potent Holy explosion that damages numerous enemies at as soon as. Bonus essential cost may be applied.

Infinity: Allows you to make use of abilities with out spending MP and features a chance to trigger Power Stance on hit. Continually recovers HP and MP, and increases the harm of all attack magic. Enemy attacks will not eliminate this influence. (Cooldown: 3 Mins)

Resurrection: Resurrects a celebration member utilizing a ray of holy light in maplestory paladin character card.
Genesis: A holy ray of light shines down in the sky, burning numerous monsters at 1 time. Provides tremendous holy harm to all targets. This capability has elevated crit opportunity.

Angel Ray: Attacks having a holy arrow, dealing tremendous holy harm. Very efficient against Undead or Devil type monsters.
Bahamut: Summons Bahamut to obtain a set duration. The Bahumut can attack mulitple monsters at as soon as and upon studying the Bahamut ability, your resistance to all abnormal states will permanently improve.

Hero's Will: By focusing your thoughts, you're in a position to ignore some abnormal status effects. Nonetheless, this might not function on all abnormal status effects.

Buff Mastery: Permanently increases Magic ATT. Duration of all of the buffs applicable to self will improve upon using ability.
An On/Off ability that's activated when the capability is utilized and deactivated when the ability is utilized as soon as much more maplestory paladin or hero.

Arcane Aim: Ignores a portion of enemy Defense when attacking. Harm dealt increases with consecutive attacks. Stacks as a lot as 5 occasions.
Sophisticated Bless: Significantly increases nearby celebration member ATT, Magic ATT, DEF, Accuracy, Avoidability, Max HP, and Max MP. Upon using ability, MP consumption will probably be decreased. Might be stacked with other buff abilities, excluding Bless. (Demands Bless Lv. 15).
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