June 26 [Mon], 2006, 4:58

pretty Blythes@ president CWB 

April 21 [Fri], 2006, 23:41

I dont know that there were Blythe shop@ CWB

But there were not many outfits to buy lor

This one was super cute!!! I love her lips ar

Will they help others to open their lips like this? any cutom service,please???

This was also really cute!!! They paint her lips so great!!OMG...

maybe they will custom dolls

Spanish all day~ 

April 12 [Wed], 2006, 23:42

Presentation for a research project on Spanish Art@ Malinda's lesson todayThe most working class....

To increase interest (and marks~), We group members all dress up (partly) as Traditional Spanish costumes, just scraf and this fake rose on our silly head~kakaaka.....

I know it might be quite stupid

Happy 19th Birthday!!!!!!!!!!~to me^^ 

April 06 [Thu], 2006, 23:05

The day was so AWESOME!!!!

Thanks you guy for giving me such cool party

poor pic

My cake~YUMMY^^

Another Party with mom, Nicole and bigu@ RUBY TUESDAY~

Cake from Mom

Greatest gift of ALL!!!!!Thanks!mom~

The Latest Blythe watch by extravaganza!!!

see? she's envy ya~kakaka...

Thanks! KaYee~ 

April 04 [Tue], 2006, 23:24

This is my 2nd unazukin!

the first 19th birthday gift from KaYee

Shopping day>< 

April 01 [Sat], 2006, 23:13

Bought this^^ pretty cool card-reader from e-blue*

I love the mirror surface so much~(can be use as a mirror!!??)

Now I can get out my pics from my mobile/dc at place other than my home la~kaka….

New shoes~

platform! platform! platform! platform! platform! platform! platform! platform!

I love Rainie Yeung~

Bought two CDs from her~She’s so sweet~huh? Don’t she? And I love her songs,too^^


First work@ Joel's class~ 

March 28 [Tue], 2006, 23:34

proportion not pretty good~but really can bring out the feeling of the brand~Blugirl*

This was was Joel said

I'll give 65 for this myselfcoz all done in a rush


March 27 [Mon], 2006, 23:56

Finished this blouse at today’s lesson~

Em…quite satisfied, I’d say



March 24 [Fri], 2006, 22:29


今日收到速遞,他們做好我d Labels la~

Sooooo BRILLIANT!!!I LOVE them!!!


*Thanks~Miss Wong!


March 17 [Fri], 2006, 23:21
Oh My Goodness~
The MRI report had came out...It was "NO GOOD", I'd say......
The "component" at the pituitary had not went smaller, but in worse, it had incresed its size, upwards(I mean upwards, going towards my brain, the pituitary is 'under' the brain*)......Dr. says that if it's really a "component caused by a hormone disorder", it WILL go smaller or even diappear after a period of medication, comparing to my last MRI pics, that's done 10/05, it had gone bigger. In afraid of it being continuously growing, it will compress my optic nerve in a result of bindness.......
The Dr. suggested(rather saying that I should) me to do the operation, in order to insure my safety, preventing me to go blind, and he also say that I should do it to get some "substance" from it to investigate why it's somehow "anti-medication". This were all so terrible and scary
Dr. said that the operation will be done in about 2 hours, through the nose, they'll "remove" it in a small cut at the inside part of the nose(I've forgot what the parts really called.) This was done in this way beacause the piyuitary was so hard to reach, it's under the brain, in other words, it 's right at the centre party of your whole head, so through the nose in will be the most secure and nearest path

I will do it. I dont wanna be blind! If so, I will lose EVERYTHING! My fashion dream, my drawing dreams, my talents...Oh~NOOOOO!!!!
Ma'ma said that the most important thing is my will, whether I will wake up or not is all determind on myself~

I'll be answering the Dr. on my next follow-up, that's the end of April, hopefully,I will be doing the operation in June or July~I need to finish this semester before I go to do so

Pray for me.

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