the market will reduce the supply of residential land supply house will be reduced.

August 30 [Thu], 2012, 12:32

The next two years, particularly in large cities of the housing market, only even more stringent. Like Beijing, Shanghai, affordable housing is a political task, we must ensure that the supply of land, must ensure that the construction area, the market will reduce the supply of residential land supply house will be reduced. Implementation of monetary policy, purchasing power will be up and able to come up if the house supply, then prices will Mulberry Satchel. Now two or three years time is a transition period, not to mention the 36 million affordable housing, even if construction is not got 10 million units, the market will reach an equilibrium state. Some time ago, several developers to call me, said the purchase of the policy to be canceled. I would not say it, the land now have to do to get affordable housing, and there is no supply on the market, this time to cancel the purchase once, the government has held down prices. Recently, the government told us to go to the meeting, the two main elements: first, the developer should actively committed to social responsibility, to build affordable housing; second is the exact message, the purchase will not cancel, this is a Mulberry Bags Sale .

Because the purchase of housing policy, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities in the purchase of 33 projects on the construction area and shrunk. Housing prices should drop, even if today did not fall, two, three years later they have to drop. Mulberry Tote 36 million units of affordable housing, if four people live in a house which is 150 million people, China's urban population was 600 million people, live in the capital and provincial capital is 200 million people, the light of affordable housing can live 150 million people . Commercial real estate is not subject to purchase policies, and higher returns. Beijing and Shanghai's rate of return is 2% for residential, commercial real estate rate of return is 4-5%. Therefore, capital, talent all flow toward the commercial real estate is relatively normal. If the house do the same with Xiali do, just do not do commercial real estate, like Mercedes-Benz, higher demands on employees, on the lot, and so the requirements are relatively high.