How to Market Software with Small Budget

April 19 [Thu], 2012, 17:06
As a software developer I have seen lots of software application that died just due to lack of methods how to market it. It is extremely frustrating whenever a team of several people put lots of effort in an application as well as ultimately it simply vanishes in the mist of your time. Software promotion is as essential as every other pert of the process and very few items become worldwide popular with no proper promotion.

How to Market Software with Small Budget

Make it useful and easy-to-use

Noticeably, nobody would pay for something useless. So, try to make your software as essential for people as water. At the same time, you know that the program marketplace is very wealthy nowadays, you will find many items which are similar within their functionality and people need to choose one of these to make use of. Therefore, usability is very important. And easy of manipulation makes the more people enjoy it.

Obtain more exposure for your software

So, we now have a great, helpful, user-friendly software application, but no one know it. Then how can you make more people know your software?

The answer is selling programs with software submission. But manual submission needs you to sit around computer all day long to look for all the useful download sites and directories, register them. Manage well of your accounts and passwords, fill in tons of forms and then post these forms one by one. Or you can create a PAD by PAD generator and then submit PAD directories, but this also consumes you much time, because there are so many sites you have to submit to. So, would you like to waste your time on this? Of course not, everyone prefers to do something meaningful. But how?

Software submission software is just what you need. With it, you can submit your software to lots of sites instantly. Besides, it will also greatly increase the opportunity to be visible to visitors. It makes your software more competitive than others. Moreover, the links in PAD file will make your software get higher weight in the search engines and also get more visitors.

Or you can try other ways like PPC, forum, platforms (ClickBack, PayPal and so on) etc. But I still advise you to try application submission.