CNOOC's cooperation is only a beginning

July 19 [Thu], 2012, 18:32
March 21, National Grid and CNOOC head Liu Zhenya, and Fu Chengyu on car batteries, electric vehicle charging change the co-operation of the electric network construction consultations. The national grid is then announced that National Grid will strengthen cooperation in the electric vehicle industry, with China National Offshore Oil Corporation. The industry believes that the national grid selection, in cooperation with CNOOC, to take land in the construction of the filling station to reduce spending, while at the same time determine the standard of car batteries, can be described as a stone two birds.

National Grid in the filling station building for electricity line, while CNOOC's Lishen Battery electric car battery manufacturer. The areas of battery manufacturing standards, different interfaces, the national grid, in rn873 AU213AAcooperation with CNOOC, whenever needed, but each is seeking.

A source close to the national grid sources, the national grid last year's investment in the charging station to reach about 300 million yuan, in which the premium is relatively high a cost.

National grid in 2010, developed at the beginning of the year 75 new charging stations and 6029 charging pile plan. According to the national grid plan announced on March 6, 2011 will be the new 173 electric vehicle charging station and a 9211 charge pile filling station an increase of 231% compared to 2010.

CNOOC earlier also repeatedly stressed that CNOOC is an energy company rather than simply the oil companies. To enter a new field of energy, as early as the end of 2006, CNOOC set up a special New Energy Investment Co., Ltd..

In July 2009, CNOOC's production of lithium batteries for electric vehicles to a major vendor - Tianjin Lishen Battery Co., Ltd. to invest 5 billion yuan for battery production line in Tianjin, a new plant to build 20; 2009, CNOOC and Putian Group joint venture of Putian CNOOC New Energy Power Co., Ltd., and then the latter led and Zotye cars in Hangzhou construction charge-for-power station pilot.

National grid, and CNOOC's cooperation is only a beginning, the future of the national grid, two Grid Corporation of Southern Power Grid and Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC are likely to join hands. "March 23, Xiamen University, the China Energy Economic Research Center Lin Boqiang evaluation of existing national land policy has been difficult to allow the power grid enterprises to go do the same in the oil, petrochemical, as the layout of a wide range of terminal sales network, while oil prices need to face the era of electric vehicles approaching the challenge, therefore the future of both cooperation and also competition.

In this regard, the Southern Power Grid intended for executives, said: "Southern Power Grid in the future must also cooperatebattery for BQ350AA with the oil prices, but the time and manner are still being explored."

Electric Vehicle Industry Alliance has joined the central enterprises of Southern Power Grid, the route taken by its current contrary to the national grid and building charging stations to 10 in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanning, Kunming and other places, mainly in charge mode, charging pile 350

An extension of the producer responsibility

July 19 [Thu], 2012, 18:27
The battery power is the important parts of the new energy vehicles, used batteries, dealing with safety, environmental protection, battery recycling is one of the new energy vehicle development an important part of most countries (including the United States, Europe and other developed areas) has not been established energy vehicle power battery recycling system.
Battery recycling of the Europe, the United States and Japan and other countries has a considerable scale

Japan: Honda Motor Co. are being taken within the battery of measures to extract recyclable metal containing rare earth metal producers to extract the battery in order to promote the development of rbattery for AL10D56esource recycling activities. Toyota Motor Corporation from the battery to extract the metal nickel battery materials, but also actively promote the recycling of other metals. In addition, the Nissan Motor Company and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is also the company for battery recycling experiments.

Europe: recycling companies already have the advanced lithium battery recycling process technology, the the Umicore newly developed ultra-high temperature processing techniques (pyrometallurgical recycling) can be used for a large number of processing spent lithium batteries. Umicore 's company is located in Antwerp, Belgium of the Hoboken plant is currently able to achieve the years in dealing with the the the scale of of the 7000 tons of used and end-of-life rechargeable battery.

The United States: The the Toxco the company's lithium battery recycling processing techniques: cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen environment battery making it the chemical nature of the material to become inactive, and then open the battery separator which the material.

Duke Energy, USA, and Japan's Itochu Group has signed an agreement of joint development of advanced energy technologies, to initiate the evaluation and testing work on electric vehicle battery recycling, including the secondary use for other purposes (household energy and energy storage power station, etc.).

Europe and the United States established a rechargeable battery recycling network, and related resource utilization enterprise also has a lithium battery bulk recycling technology for recycling car battery power to do the technical reserves.

Our small amount of battery recycling, lack of network end of the level

My car battery has not yet large-scale retirement, and therefore has yet to develop a professional car battery recycling system. Basically the same as automotive power batteries and consumer electronics products in the nickel-metal hydride, nickel cadmium, lithium battery recycling routes, mainly to extract valuable metals such as nickel, cobalt, rare earth elements, China has basically have the appropriate recycling technology . To establish the recycling system lag. Mainly in the following areas.

Battery recycling less. Nickel recovery, for example, the annual domestic hydrometallurgical 8000 t of nickel, nickel battery recycling through social recovery of channels, the vast majority is derived from the waste generated by the manufacturing enterprises.

The collection network is not perfect. Existing domestic battery recycling network is mainly dependent on the recovery of large and small companies, multi-level recovery network is difficult to ensure the effective recycling of waste batteries. Generally a single rechargeable batteries are smaller, low value, no interest-driven, recycling companies will not take the initiative into the hands of consumers recycle waste rechargeable batteries. Batches of waste batteries, on the other hand, has some value, but because of the recycling companies too many times resold increase the difficulty and cost recovery of renewable resources business recovery, and limit the size of the business development of these renewable.

Recycling enterprises are small, a low level. Enterprise engaged in the recovery of cobalt and nickel metal, but small-scale recycling companies, without the main battery recycling, often engaged in the recycling of scrap metal to scrap containing nickel, cobalt battery, these small recycling companies, non- specialized recycling, it is difficult to ensure that the resource recovery rate.

The environmental protection risks are great: according to state laws, the enterprises need to apply for to the the operation license of the of Hazardous Wastes and, the recycling and disposal of the in order to engaged in the waste of nickel-containing. However, due to the interests of the trend, the community there are a lot with no hazardous waste operating permit enterprises engaged in illegal scrap batteries containing nickel, cobalt, waste recovery and refining, not only disturb the market, but also leads to environmental and safety hazards.

Battery power cascade utilization and recycling management system established within a decade

The national "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2011-2020)" is clearly to develop the power battery recycling management practices, the establishment of the battery power cascade utilization and recovery management system.

1. An extension of the producer responsibility, and to specification the recycling system. Adopt extended producer responsibility system, and for the production enterprises and scrap auto companies, the authorized recycling approach that has not been authorized by the manufacturers scrapped automobiles dismantling enterprise does not have recycling scrap car battery group. The same time, manufacturers should also be used car sales and service network recovery the user to replace the battery pack through the channels for control of the production enterprises, to ensure that waste batteries from the hands of the consumer's recovery to a professional recycling company or battery recyclers.

Enhance the power battery recycling industry management, and create a favorable market environment power battery recycling enterprises should have a certain qualification or authorized by the manufacturers; battery recycling industry, environmental and technical barriers need to set up high; to crack down on illegal operators, for technical the qualifications to create a better businesscheap AS10D75 environment.

(3) economic incentive system. A deposit; to consumers and to encourage enterprises to adopt the "TM", the return of the old batteries replaced with new batteries to be discount.

(4) strengthen publicity and education, to raise public awareness of environmental protection: to play the role of industry associations, the media, relevant organizations, widely publicized, the popularity of the battery components and improper disposal of the potential environmental threats, and knowledge.

Shale gas to achieve large-scale exports

July 19 [Thu], 2012, 18:25
Concerns about the situation in the Middle East as well as the debt crisis in Europe under the influence of the decline in global oil demand, will be the two main factors that affect future oil prices. International crude oil prices hovering between bear and bull market two extreme possible. Face of high oil prices, on the battery for AS10D61one hand, we should vigorously develop new and alternative energy sources, at the same time, because there is not an alternative energy source can be a very economical way and improve the technology to replace traditional fossil fuels. Therefore, by reducing the energy price subsidies, promote energy conservation, the inevitable choice to deal with high oil prices.

He Vatican satisfied, Platts Platts oil seminar recently held in the near term, the political risks of the oil-producing countries in the Middle East, especially the Iranian nuclear crisis and other factors, will enable the international crude oil prices remain high and volatile. Deterioration of the situation in Iran, resulting in the Strait of Hormuz is blocked, the industry estimates that crude oil prices even rose to $ 200 per barrel at the meeting. However, the medium term, the impact of the European debt crisis on the global economy global oil demand and the resulting decrease in the international price of oil dropped to below $ 100 a barrel.

He said the Vatican is satisfied that the current problems may arise in addition to Iran's oil supply, the supply of oil in Sudan, Yemen, Syria and other countries have failed to reach the upper limit, Libya's production capacity has not been fully restored, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries spare production capacity has shrunk. Commercial crude oil inventories for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the past seven months continue to lower, and is now below high quality UM09A31the average level in five years, which caused great pressure on the current oil price.

She also stressed that the short term, the possibility of shrinking global demand for crude oil. Iran, the situation does not deteriorate further, crude oil prices likely to remain at current levels for some time.

She also said that if the future of the U.S. shale gas to achieve large-scale exports will drive natural gas prices fall, will play an important substitution effect on oil.

China's nuclear power capacity target

July 19 [Thu], 2012, 18:23
Binghua, chairman of the State Nuclear Power Technology Company in China's electric power and energy seminar revealed that the country will soon be reviewed have been developed to complete the "nuclear safety 11.1v 5200mah 9cells AS10B31 planning and long-term nuclear power development plan". Some experts said, suggesting that nuclear power may restart, but safety standards will be upgraded to higher access threshold and safety investment.

The Chinese Government has always emphasized safe and efficient nuclear power development strategy, building nuclear power plants is ultimately a matter for Government policy, there are three important basis for decision-making technology in the world's most advanced, highest safety standards, the most stringent emissions of nuclear power plants. China's future nuclear power development and security line gradually clear after an accident in the Fukushima nuclear power plant on the strategic significance of China's energy structure adjustment gradually to appear. Accompanied by "gate" will be the escalation of the nuclear safety standards, as well as the possible arrival of high-cost era. Although the national nuclear safety inspection found no projects under construction have a significant security risk, but the safety of nuclear power threshold will continue to improve, especially in inland areas.

Reasonable adjustment replacement UM09H36of long-term development goals

, Former director of the National Energy Bureau Zhang in 2012 China Nuclear Power Forum on Sustainable Development "held on May 10, revealed that nuclear power and long-term development goals may eventually be set at between 60 million to 70 million kilowatts. Zhang said that countries around the world different attitude towards their development of nuclear power, but from government to industry enthusiasm for the future safe and efficient development of nuclear power is still to maintain. Country except the operation and construction unit installed capacity of more than 41 million kilowatts, 16 million kilowatts have been carried out preliminary work, waiting to start building two $ 60 million kilowatts. China's nuclear power capacity target in 2020 at least not less than 60 million kilowatts.
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