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February 28 [Tue], 2012, 11:11
China's most grand and grand festivals, hard years, the old house::, field together. Full christian louboutin sale text novels to read, all in eating dumplings, watching the "Spring Festival" The reunion dinner, sopping by the next day until the Lantern Festival. Choi celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, the total number of disharmony was made to do so. "Luo Tao, you're sure that women go this route?. A van, the four-jin, a man sitting in the car, stared straight ahead, a look of gloom. " Heige her to the orphanage every weekend gifts to the orphans, we must take this path. "Luo Tao tone very resentment and disdain. Face gloomy, with a heavy man nodded Fei Qi, the mouth a" Lek "pulling a cigarette and shoved one-third of the long spit eye socket.
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A man outside No. "sunspots" Chu City, a bully and feel of forces. But the so-called power, that is, with few Ganpin, the trail has a certain reputation, speaking, we all know there are so catty, people. this time experts of the, and sunspots are very poor. Some time ago, in order to enable the public to have a harmonious Spring Festival. Chu City, the city public security crackdown nets network, which makes them that a group of people recently "live. A lot less, there is no money to the New Year. The occasion to worry about a few days ago, he introduced louboutin sale a person to one of his, which is in front of Luo Tao, saying that a big deal, ask yourself, do not dare. At first, sunspots do not care, he did not think the look of dishes, look just graduated from college network Lengxiao Zi did not give him two years of what sources of revenue. However, Chu City, heard the upstart billionaire wants to kidnap.
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Bu sister when eggplant, or surprised. For Su Xiaomei, sunspots, although not what the business myself, but in the Chu City, the most famous of course, is that the mainland has become the richest man in the forest wind, but really to all of whom Chu City, envy, jealousy, madness, or that the recent net net become a billionaire, "fast food" of the president Su Xiaomei. In charge of the country's more than a "fast-food chain" only has a year-old young woman, and quite pretty long. Although there has been a boyfriend, but certainly still on the Chu City, all eager to get rich and single men with a fatal attraction. Kidnapping a man of Chu City, certainly no small trouble. Sunspots will cut up to extraordinary. Although at one level because of something to help people missed victimizes one person, so the trail to win a little fame. But the kidnapping of wealthy women Chu City, such a big thing, sunspots is still a little hesitant. However, at least in the Luo Tao guarantee christian louboutin men's shoes the temptation to blackmail x milk million, the sunspots also move the heart.

Moreover, Luo Tao has also developed a pound, a very detailed plan kidnapping and inducement in the heavily lobbying Luo Tao, the sunspots decided hands. People like him, things in the aisle to help people level, which Zhibu Ding heaven gone. For x music million, worth a gamble. At this time, a Dongfeng Citroen "Elysee" automatic transmission luxury car from the front of speeding past. "Boss, ideas passed a younger brother cried out in excitement. Sunspots puffed cigarette. " Heige, I went to, to act according to total profits, this we can make a fortune. "Luo Tao open the door. And sunspot account soon after, and went out. Sunspot nodded, looking away Luo Tao figure, while the hearts of wonder. If the christian louboutin slingbacks theory of ruthless, than his ten Luo Tao is not a person; but If on the sinister, Chu Laihun sunspots since he has had to admit, this is his Luo Tao, see one of the most insidious.

If this really Nengcheng Shi, may be considered to be absorbed into their own small organization. What century is not cited, are Crime is high intelligence era, there is a pound, people, after the flesh do not have to rely on a Hansha to enemies. sunspot Luo Tao silently thinking about the one walking the streets, not far to walk Chu City orphanage, docked at the orphanage and saw the outside of Dongfeng Citroen's "Elysee" car, my heart to a burst of jealousy. burst of resentment. think of the beginning. He and Su Xiaomei Chu City University students are also graduating at the same time apply for "fast food shop "Finally, he does not because the specialty counterparts, but the wind was dismissed Lin, Su Xiaomei was stayed, and now go step by step, becoming the third largest fast food chain, the president of a listed company, worth hundreds of millions, and he but still a pound, general office workers, holding the poor pay, constant state of anxiety christian louboutin overknee.

God for their unfair! Luo Tao foot kicked a stone road. the most first, he is not jealous of Su Xiaomei point, or even look down when he thought the forest the wind that pounds, "fast food" sooner or later collapse, want to "McDonald's" and "Kentucky" competition is no doubt an idiot. Since then, the "fast food" repeated the Ministry of Health, Ministry of the Environment investigation also proved that Lo Tao predict. Still later, Lam Fung find him, let him help crack "Counter Strike", the finished, and then divided into online sales, more than a month time, he just got close to 5 million in profit sharing. And then, Su Xiaomei wages only child element x only, he had graduated more than a month will have 5 million yuan deposits, which at that time students, transfer to a story, even among admirers of a student who knows in the future to "fast food restaurant. Under the leadership of the wind in the forest, turned out to be the rapid expansion, becoming the third country of a shop, and he squandered million yuan were, after a poor example to discuss calendar christian louboutin short boots.

Pa "he not lost their desire to do ordinary work. By some odd jobs just to get a party at a classmate, Su Xiaomei was already being "fast food" president, "fast food" in all matters, the focus of a gathering of students, Splendid, in particular share of calm, calm even more people ashamed. At this point, Luo Tao He suddenly discovered that the original Su Xiaomei despised so beautiful. parties, Su Xiaomei Luo Tao that did not work, they invited him to "fast food" as database managers, salary each work element. This is definitely not low-Chu City, and can even be said to be paid, but in the Luo Tao ** It seems that it is naked to show off, he was his "proud" deeply affected by the stimulation of the heart. But Luo Tao, or agreed to down, he would like to take this opportunity to close to the Su Xiaomei. and beauty captured the heart. Although Luo Tao nothing, but he knows as long as "fast food" to maintain the current scale of louboutin development. Su Xiaomei must be wealthy in the future, if we can capture Su Xiaomei heart, human and financial resources must be obtained. guessed, so he was "fast food" database after the charge, it found that Su Xiaoxiao sister already has a boyfriend, but has to go to Shanghai to open up new business.
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