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> Convoy tuft of civil and military support, re-launching and re-queue accompanying bloated, making it ten miles away a lot more slowly than earlier. Www! QUaNBEN! COM "His Majesty had just been standing behind the trio, who?" Wei Ning did not accompany the Emperor Xian waiting around, to uphold the former leader to clear the way, Lu Qian to follow in the next, Wei Ning immediately whispered. "Had just been centered thirty who are auxiliary generals, lords volts finished, the right to Mishu Lang, guanglu Qing Dong Cheng, who left but Zuopu She, Zhongsantaifu Huang Wan ......" Lu Qian carefully Read Wei Ning face, although I do not know why as asked Wei Ning, or whispered back road. "V End ......? Dong Cheng ......?" Wei Ning slightly surprised a moment, his face unchanged, but float mouth hint of sneer, underground passage, "Guo Jia adjourned without aid, with the meter almost half way to punish courtier, but do not, The two men really loyal, or be accompanied by a ...... Obi Chao ah, huh, huh ...... "" its three accompanying dependents are also many privileges, can not neglect! desirable Hedong Tomitaku settle three! "Wei Ning thought , or ordered the road. "Well ......" Lu Qian Baoquan may be ordered. Anyi Although prosperous, but after all, no emperor palace. Old Yang Feng died, Hedong rights Oarai, Young almost all Serbs imprisoned by Wei Ning confiscated, and their family mansion together into one, but it is enjoying Yang Feng authority to bring wealth, luxury mansion after another extraordinary. When the Great Purge comes, this piece Young ethnic government hospital became not the main thing, Wei Ning expedition Yongzhou, since it is going to take Emperor Xian Ying, he simply waved his hand, the expansion of the entire complex to be converted. External repairs wall, coupled with clear internal connections, impressively there a dash palace posture. With a large number of displaced persons as a labor force as a basis. But a month or so, it has opened up inside, connected into one, while the outer walls of the palace, but also less than half completed. After all, is hasty repairs, alterations, and more than a dozen buildings will be connected into a palace Zhaizi group, but it is far from Luoyang and Chang'an magnificent palace is so brilliant. At best, it was two Piandian to scale. To really make this the emperor ordered security, you also need to spend a lot of time to re-complete a qualified palace out. Wei Ning unintentionally costly, but instead is a large number of displaced persons need to find a suitable job, let him not wrinkled brow, framed plunge into this unreal to go. Obviously, the palace built, at least on the surface looked magnificent, pavilions. Basilica Pianting not and will not lack, that dragon bed, Throne has been the appearance, just waiting to emperor, he completely finished, move Rotary hall. Dong Cheng :: accompanied, volt finished and others, but it is David Kay, introduced palace from his mouth shape, even then harsh. Three can not rush back and forth on this day, accusing Wei Ning wrong. Anyi city wide open, officials at all levels of the organization, the people fell down streets. Cheers, spared surface engineering. In the city the moment, let the little emperor, empress and even joint Huang Wan-volt, volt finished, Dong Cheng, Yong four people and their families, exclaimed endless. In front of Anyi. How've heard that ground. Mere small ground? Wide magnificent towering walls, three expansion. Inner, middle and outer three walls, one of four broad streets clean, Bed four stand, organized. Walk all the way north palace, the main road are many shops, bustling incomparable. Take the city alone to theory, it has been close to Luoyang and Chang'an scale of the Han empire. In particular, it fell to his knees beside the two people, mostly ruddy, vibrant, compared to used to see in Luoyang, Changan which piles numb, pale yellow hungry crowd, Anyi undoubtedly brought many surprises in this line. Even tell, in the end Luoyang empire, Emperor of the gas is still Anyi lies. Rich, strong soldiers, livelihood, stability, compared to the world Zhongcheng Yasumura, compared to the world population as pigs and dogs princes begin with, it apparently has vividly forward too much. You can also put it more clearly, is another time and space to Xu Cao Cao are in support of Emperor Xian time, that will not do Weining decidedly so, attention to the most basic livelihood issues. Volt finished, Dong Cheng, Huang Wan Lema care in the frame on both sides, that tens of thousands of people enjoying the Anyi street shouting, his eyes bright. Wei Ning achievements here, no doubt, is that no one can match overshadowed, and for those from the Emperor Ling began to change during the peak on the right to walk in the Han dynasty, it is difficult to imagine a still unknown place in the old town built into unmatched by Luoyang Xiongcheng, what effort and exertion required. If Wei Ning trio heaved the energy minister for Peace and Prosperity to Guangfu Han responsibility, that the Han Dynasty revival is just around the corner ...... but, as seen and heard, is that more people kneeling on the first street that white shirt Duke's love, but their heart is no more emboldened. Accompanied by the so-called three looked towards the ministers, and then the beginning of consternation when Lin'an Yap, Wei Kai could not help but also a hint of pride. In fact, Wei Ning although often put a lot of ideas to point out, the real mastermind and executor, but it was his guard Kay it. ^ ^ Can be built into their old haunt comparable Chang'an and Luoyang two are the big city, nature, mind is difficult to erase a sense of accomplishment. Frame line in front of the palace, surrounded by the walls of the palace, although not yet completed, but has a considerable scale meteorology. Although much weaker than Luoyang palace that once land, but at least half of royal style no. Wei Ning will be welcomed into the front hall Emperor Xian, through deliberate renovation decoration, to be expanded, which was originally part of one of these old Young family event to discuss the land, it is quite the luxury broad,Oakley HALF JACKET Clearance, a little finishing, it impressively there is a narrowing of the palace hall of the prototype. Early poor craftsmen on the height of the dragon bed, Yong also quite satisfied with this scaled-down version to the palace. After all, is better than to come down on him too much, even in the city of Chang'an, more than half of the palace were occupied by Li Guo, really belong to the Emperor Xian point where nothing but palm. Liu Xie Yong apparently still quite dependent on the latter's support traction, slowly toward the heights, Wei Ning watching the scene, his eyes flashed Jingmang, the first public civil and military volts with both sides of the neck, shout hurray. Little Emperors eyes showed slight excitement, can really have a palace belonging to him, can truly have the opportunity to Shengtang proceedings. This devastated the court gave him the long-awaited comfort. Pair of eyes watching the tender to earthworm bed,Oakley M FRAME Sale, could not help showing thousands of emotion. Compared to two things are concerned, perhaps just this but slightly coated with a layer of gold dragon bed. Many more precious, there is no illusion, but it is truly at your fingertips. Emperor Xian sat up, a hint of rare imperial color, tender voice efforts to suppress their excitement to live so that they put a serious gesture, raised his hand, it seems like kind of mold road. "Zhongqing home free gift!" Ministers got up and, followed by the sub-order bit on both sides into the seats. Emperor Xian hint, let Yong thus stood at the start, slightly nodded his head, which in the eyes of Weining a joy to read, removed from her a Huang Chao. "Jinyang Hou Lan Ling Hou JiuJia active when the big plus raised him, and now the court initially, but when the selected virtues. Enriched Baiguan! Miss Stuart, Xuanzhao it!" Little emperors is a positive body, immediately waved right Yong Tao. Yong Su a bit robes, this half-step forward, spread Emperor Zhao Ming, read aloud road, "the emperor suffered, the court calamity, Dong usurper, and bring disaster on earth. Li Guo's Party, the wicked have Jinyang HOU Yang Yun, Lan Ling Hou Weining, loyalty is commendable. rescue the emperor in distress, are the pillars of the Han! today Fengtian Zhao Ming, a large reward meritorious! idea Jinyang Hou Yang Yun young, not official, into the Jazz and state candidates, increasing Shiyi Leping, Shouyang County, a total of six thousand ......! "read to here. Wei Ning can not help Pielepiezui. Leping, Shouyang and this will be in the state under the rule. Belongs Hedong sphere of influence, the little emperor took the things belonging to reward Hedong Hedong minister, doing really is not a good deal of the Manley. Wei Ning naturally know that this is definitely not a little emperors have scheming, can not help but write head and looked at one volt finished, Huang Wan, Dong Cheng trio, his eyes flashed and windy. And this time, it is clear that it was his turn he raised him up, but will look to see Yong him, Wei Ning can not help but take that piercing eyes, sat, awe listening letters, "Lan Ling Hou Weining, rescue meritorious achievement striking , educate people's livelihood well-being, in view of this, Feng Wei Ning left ZhongLangJiang, Anyi order, fake festival Yue, Jin Jue Hanoi Hou, Si Yi Huai County, Yewang counties! "Han light Wu Zhongxing beginning, followed the old system, Marquis of twenty grade division and a little restructuring, the highest bit shy Toru Hou Han dynasty in the name instead Liehou, Liehou divided into counties Hou Xiang Hou, Tinghou Third, while inferior compared Guannei Hou . Liu Bang, the founding former ministers sworn in, non-champion Liu shall, no medals shall not grant Hou,oakley sunglasses sale, relatively constant until the Spirit, not to mention Liehou, Guannei Hou is also considered rare. As to the latter, Lingdi Hunkui Maiguan porridge MG, a large number of virtual MG should be shipped out, is that Lan Ling Hou Wei Ning knighthood, in fact, remove the military merit consideration, Wei Ning also far the highest among the other Liehou possible, not to mention in the first or in other counties Hou Liehou theory. In fact, it is also the Father Guardian earlier secretly RBI, bribe the court, and make him famous boy, only now Wei Ning does not know it. Today, Liu Xie Hou raised him to Hanoi, but it is also surprised to Wei Ning mind it. County, township, kiosks, third is Liehou knighted, while Hanoi Hou's name, but it is already Junhou standards, plus Junhou above the national climate, it is to be rewarded for Liu knighted. Wei Ning looked puzzled a little emperor, Yong looked again, but some do not know why. The stupidly long while, Wei Ning eyes slightly a turn, slightly swept corner of my eye Dong Cheng, Fu finished, Huang Wan trio, hearts already been conclusive. However, from the county of the same surname Jun Hou Hou Yiyue jump, but eventually saw the wedding bar. Wei Ning started puzzled face, he has been down in the early yellow Wan, volt finished, Dong Cheng's eyes, see Wei Ning ZhongLangJiang left him no because this is not high not low official position and not a cent do not like, the hearts of everyone Suddenly a burst of surprise, seems to feel wronged Wei Ning general. In fact, it sealed the three admonition that Emperor Xian Wei Ning, this seemingly incomparable Xuanhe knighthood in exchange for repression Wei Ning wandering court in this official position to gain higher ground and the right to speak, even now this is just symbolic titles also wandering court decidedly first seize the opportunity. Have to say, start to finish, short-sighted eyes, or simply never found making trio, or are unwilling to believe that this era, not the military power of the central court, the fish can only become the hands of others. Three empty thought, might be able to prestige by virtue of the emperor, and the re-east land as emperor gun rights to future re-enter the cornerstone. This is true, they ventured to use this title to suppress Wei Ning official seemed to make them more to see a layer of hope. Do not know, Wei Ning simply will not have any competition for anything at this time. Hedong satisfied in his hands, and thousands of soldiers will just listen to him a man orders, he is a worthy king land! And such a misfortune, early loss of prestige wandering court, Xu Xian that point with him, what is the use? Wei Ning just to wait for the Lord to minister his men sing triumphant generals while back, and then be competing Bale. Took her hand, is the real time to rectify this so-called court. Wei Ning gratitude again after they each raised him a lot Yong, Dong Cheng four are vassals, apparently, Liu Xie does not seem to see the situation, big plus packet, especially as the Dukes finished in volts, a few sub Individually official post in the body. And David's family, as well as Wei Kai also have sealed a Huangmenshilang title. Wei Ning has no intention of meaning, just sit on the sidelines. In Xuanzhao After Emperor Xian was also tired to run around for a long time already, but first came Anyi fresh four early so that he can not wait to stroll around. Things naturally toward Miriam scattered under Tuikai, Wei Ning rates with Baiguan get out of the palace, he called everyone in volts and the others finished Jiefeng dust, then he greeted Yong stopped early on the field in the palace guard's frame on straight in Wei Prefecture away. Just Weining this gone and it is so complete and so people think Dong Cheng volts rather rude, awkward response that Wei Ning Dong officials deliberately left, which looked at the car pull away, his face ashen quite ...... <
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