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June 04 [Tue], 2013, 16:27
> At this point Sui Ming a gold dress ordinary people do not see the slightest martial characteristics boom repair itself also made some hidden, which mainly features the cape that has Lianqi role,oakley eyeglasses sale, if he would breath complete convergence, then she looks like just an ordinary little mortal Weiming general. WWw! QUAnBen! Com course, a person's temperament is not easy getting either Weiming camouflage mask of human skin with a subtle look, then if H was able to see some clues of. When you come into town revealed a slight hint of comprehension for those who pay a breath of gold shown with this Yellowstone city began after guards did not give him will square up directly. Here's defense naturally not as big as Buddhist Temple faction like gold if strict Buddhist temple in the territory of walking in the warm lake shrine before it reaches the general comprehension for those who had been subject to rigorous inventory and monitoring outside the boom while here The patrols did not exist any boom gates seats only have a comprehension for those who end Dan sits Boom As for the other guards were all low-level comprehension components. Where no one can see bright camouflage and true desire for the repair gold naturally very easily went into the city. This is the first time he came to Yellowstone City bombers but because here the special environment caused more famous bombers although many people have never been here but it is already been heard. Li Weiming first came to this side of the boom while playing a leisurely stroll around the store properly, and did not hurry to find needed items. It said that small can not small Huangshi City bombers after years of operation has been quite perfect gold not only has a variety of stores selling goods comprehension Ni comprehension of several aspects related industries here are able to find more of which hit gold Is there some of the workshops. Instruments on behalf of refining immortality or refining industry to magic so forth. Clouds various shops throughout the city. Which even supply comprehension practice or meditation courtyard rental payments which will not only a strong aura is very good indeed even environmental everything. If not familiar with this city bombers may want to quickly understand here is not an easy thing. Of course, the city treats general comprehension master if you want to quickly understand the gold could use the powerful soul swept gold moment to be able to grasp the whole city probably. However, this apparent Cai City Yellowstone different. As prepared specifically for the comprehension of the city which is home to a large number of self-cultivation, although the vast majority are low-level comprehension, which also can be a lot of hidden master. If the temerity to see the entire city with soul situation boom it is a completely provocation boom Even ordinary people of the master Yuan Ying did not do so gradually to mention that many of the city's places are decorated with gold just want to ban the presence with the soul does not so. Pieces are hidden identity that even where the Ni into the matter and he is also quite important. Nature is not for no reason unassuming. If he is not urgent, then might consider getting a courtyard in the city no matter rented closure waiting until slowly strolling in the city to understand the situation here and then to act at this time Weiming gold can obviously not so much free time Boom for him can only wish other way. Although this Huangshi City cohabitation bombers, but apparently not the kind of bold Weiming bombers if the person who is really the temerity to inquire very likely getting the attention of some concerned will also maybe he had a Sheep. Benjamin is now in the general strength of his opponent who is not getting this city can be if this were the forces of hands and gold he had hidden, it is considered waste a boom and therefore would like others around Weiming comprehension for those who do not hang out in general direct action H heart he apparently already had countermeasures. Sui Ming soon will be in a restaurant and have found bombers dressed character is an ordinary person and the store owner to discuss anything about the restaurant looks a boss or a low level of self-cultivation. The most common kind of restaurant where the natural gas in this city there are Yellowstone, but also one of the few gas front of this house is like a three-story building of the restaurant boom in this city, though not the largest restaurant but also not bad Through this city is not only becoming more self-cultivation there exist a large number of services in order to mortal comprehension comprehension many bombers after they no longer needed to achieve Bigu eat gold, but the strength of this city, there are some comprehension for those who must rely on lower a certain amount of food to maintain the daily required amount, net worth to mention here also has many appreciable mortals come to dinner. Weiming body in a restaurant just outside of relying on observation found in this restaurant there are a lot of people repair deep gold back through food Although these comprehension despise gold, but from some of the ingredients obtained Wicked body Cooking food is still very out of longing. Here a boom in the sea at the beach to hunt a lot of low-level Wicked will be transported directly to the Yellowstone City bombers also it can be said here on the continent has a boom freshest ingredients naturally attracted a group of comprehension for those who love food to come Wicked body through the food you want to know, but bad to the general boom in the continent where the number of very rare gold Wicked Wicked hunting but very difficult, not to mention the golden body with its fresh ingredients to cook a pass on the mainland is also the only city such as this Yellowstone handful of places to enjoy this delicious bombers were trafficked to place these ingredients plus some auxiliary Lingcao delicious food produced does not say, but there is this strong Reiki Jin after use can also be added for high comprehension seems to say that a gold aura added that although this is optional, but often do not eat or drink gold hearts inevitably will miss often before eating and drinking scene bombers from time to time is also a good aftertaste The choice not to mention some of the preferences of comprehension for those who love food drink can also enjoy delicious wine here. It is precisely because of this city's restaurant business is still good Ni front of this home is very prosperous look. Weiming here is not to eat. Instead, look for people who need to be familiar boom while the city and the boss who is the person speaking exactly what he needs to find the net through which people apparently give the boss a number of ingredients Wicked H at this time and the boss checkout. Be able to do this trip mortal gold will mix in this city for a long time. This person must have obtained from other sources in these boom concentrated ingredients to these restaurants, although no flesh Wicked alchemy and some good material on the general comprehension for those precious gold is difficult to fancy. But for those mortals who is a very cherished items. This person is a look at doing this for some time. I believe the restaurant often walking in between each of these cities should be very familiar with the fishes Ni can explain some opportunities to do this trip, but the general comprehension gradually disdain bombers wanted to do this sort of thing, but this person is not much in the background . The most important thing a bath out fairly honest look at the way this person is also quite refreshing golden man is not preoccupied with the people, that their boss afterwards can be seen on the golden child out a little line through observation will have a decision after this he There is no direct access restaurants, soul has been followed this person. The boss even built the base period are not reached, simply can not find that someone is watching them move out of a move. See that this person is not alone in getting around getting folks to follow is that the anti-restaurant folks to transport the goods to the restaurant owner Kim re-examination after delivery. See this man, after all, this is quite astute gold Huangshi city better than many other places, mortals here will certainly is not low wages boom this way actually save a lot of costs bombers came out from the restaurant after he was not aware of any Kim has been eyeing a deal done see mood not from. Did not want to come to a small pedestrian street after the boom Sui Ming suddenly appear on this person before. For sudden Weiming, apparently shocked even allowed almost allowed to come out. After all, any who just got a lot of money net income after the gas for the sudden appearance of people have a psychological preparedness gradually But after seeing the emergence of strange Weiming seemed to be aware of what this person. Immediately become respectful attitude up. "Damned villain of the Immortal King unintentional collision Please also Immortal indulgences." This man humble attitude and even some fear said. This attitude is not surprising touches Sui Ming boom town will have a mortal he found the attitude towards comprehension mostly true. Although it has many mortals Huangshi city to see the presence of Ni comprehension is normal thing gas because of this mortal here have extensive experience in dealing and comprehension. In the eyes of these mortal comprehension for those who are high-ranking figure gradually low comprehension act here perhaps some scruples when gas treat mortals good attitude bombers but those high comprehension is completely different. Many regarded as mortal existence are like ants. These live hundreds of years, a lot of experts in recent years because of the long-term retreat practice gold are some strange behavior some of them are a little grumpy character Kim people not liking it will be imputed. While experts will treat comprehension for those who have a trace of fear, but it is a rare treat mortal gold provoke concern to them are likely to be readily kill,Air Jordan 13 UK Sale, in this city, though mortal comprehension forces have also been behind some protection. For twelve mortal can apparently lives away to offend a powerful comprehension most people will not do the forces of the city is really intervene. Just come up with some compensation also relinquished. Precisely because of this mortal Although it is known in this city can get a lot of benefit payments, but also extra careful to provoke fear and wrong into trouble. Although obviously Weiming suddenly appeared in front of him,Kristin Coach, but let startled gold or some person knows some of eyesight can instantly came before him will certainly not an ordinary citizen bombers although itself is not wrong but still customary to apologize boom Free provoke each other their luck to pass while obviously this people do not know my heart doubts bombers suddenly blocked his path Weiming why things are. If we say that Sui Ming spotted him belongings it is simply impossible gold in the eyes of his comprehension did not have any out of a mortal's worth thinking about. This person was also some courage, after all, in many restaurants in walking gold many shopkeepers are much more comprehension for those who see it less that ignorance brings inexplicable fear bombers looked slightly Weiming want to see some clues. Unfortunately, his plan is doomed to fall through. In front of the comprehension for those who face very calm. Do not see purposes. Or Sui Ming stopped coming after him looked at him directly after bombers say his intentions. "You need not be afraid to find your boom today is nothing more than to help me to do some things into the matter would happen after only ten will get the benefits began." Hear the words of golden child out of this man's eyes flashed a look of excitement . (To be continued)! ~! . . <
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