Qin and Liu Chuang

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> Chapter 104 elated with the party secretary Tang Yao wins roar, Lu Qin and Liu Chuang dingy leave resort will be considered this farce came to a close, Lu and Liu, deputy secretary, deputy mayor are the only Tang Yao Sheng's lead, though her son but did not dare say anything, the Maya did not suffer any harm, Mr. Phillips is also considered to understand the situation in China, just leave, we went back to drinking. wwW, QUaNBEN, cOm Yexiang no mood to talk to their family Yanei drink anymore, Maya has gone there with his father's private room, they found the mother Liu Wenyuan say hello and let her ride his father's car back, then open the car back. Back home a look before 2:00 variety, bring your own sports bag went dynasty fitness club. To the club put on clothes to think of it not give Songxiao Ran answer it, and quickly pull the phone out of the past. Song Xiao Ran been waiting Yexiang telephone, during a telephone call from his father Song Guoping asked, she said to have gone to reveal your identity, but still no response, it may be Yexiang poured time and his father did not say, wait and so it is estimated that no problem. Song Guoping will no longer give her a call, so too are anxiously it, see Yexiang the phone call immediately pick up. No other Yexiang speak, Song Xiao Ran hastily said: "Brother, you just give me a call back ye do, just do not say that for a while on the back, how such a long time yet." Yexiang very sorry to say: "Sister, do not nerve ah, you gave me got off the phone I told my dad said, he was Deputy Managing governor heard how there would not agree, please do, and then I clashed with several people, put this thing to forget This varies think immediately call you. "Songxiao Ran a Yexiang clashed with others, automatically put the matter to the executive vice governor ignored, concern and asked:" Who are you in conflict , how do you like it? "Ye Xiang smiled and said:" Sister, all right, is the deputy secretary and a deputy head of the son of the brother's home, formerly used to bully me, this time want to be responsible for me, I have not spoiled them all on the spot down, then put them both to the District Tang Shuji evicted. "" You're all like, "What Songxiao Ran right party secretary, deputy secretaries are not interested to hear Yexiang nothing to worry the. Ye Xiang smiled and said: "Sister, did not think ah, you turned out to be the governor's daughter, ah, I'm a tell your dad and my dad's name, to my dad down the hop, so we have a big dinner leadership , my dad feel a pressure ah "Songxiao Ran said:" You told me less talkative, my dad is very easy-going, will you have dinner with a little pressure, when you get a good look at the performance, ah, have your benefits. " Hey Ye Xiang smiled and said: "Sister, what good ah? Did your heart has been ready?" Songxiao Ran a suddenly Xiunu said: "You little sè wolf thing like what America does, sister gave You did, you do not meet ah "Ye Xiang finished natural smile, said:" Since all this, and then further chanting "" You never expect, "Song Xiao Ran stand Yexiang offensive, hastily said loudly," Are you free tomorrow give me a call to the East China Sea, "suddenly hung up the phone. Yexiang blind listening to the phone tones, hehe smile and kissed phone only received up exercise to fast 5:00, thinking about this when his parents came back, have a look tomorrow to do the things the East China Sea, away sports bags, rushed into the shower room a bath, go out carrying a sports bag, went to the door head-on encounter Wang Lei, Yexiang smile, said: "beautiful sister, you coming." Wang Lei has over ten days did not see Yexiang , and very pleasantly surprised: "Little brother, this time you right away, and how the total can not see How about you?" Ye Xiang said: "I did not busy Shaya, this time I will thirty-four days not to here, it should be pretty sister too busy fishes it? "" uh, "Wang Lei is a really want this time is too busy to see Yexiang failed twice, a bit embarrassed to say:" Maybe Now is the season when the store thing too, I came here is relatively small. little brother, what are you going to eat it? "Ye Xiang said:" No, today there are things at home, I go home for dinner . "" Oh, "Wang Lei a face conceal his disappointment sè, she saw Yexiang the imagination as usual, they go out to eat dinner, and then come back together to exercise, see Yexiang say something to go back home , he asked: "Little brother, you can come over you last night?" Yexiang a thought Soong himself a dinner at noon tomorrow night how it can come back, he nodded and said: "Tomorrow, and my parents together to go to the East China Sea, is estimated to be back at night. "Ye Xiang said was estimated to be back, is to tell Wang Lei, if tomorrow night I come back, come back no solution. Wang Lei clear mind, of course, nodded and said: "Little brother, since you have things at home to get back to it." "Ah" Ye Xiang nodded and said: "Pretty Sister, Goodbye" Then waved to Wang Lei, carries the package to open the door went out. Wang Lei through the glass on the door watched Yexiang away, see Yexiang walked beside a car opened the door, threw the sports package car, start the car and then the car away, his eyes flashed a touch could not help but wonder eyes. Yexiang Back home,Oakley Hijinx Sale, his father and mother Liu Wenyuan Ye Zhengnan are sitting in the living room watching TV, to see him come back Yezheng Nan stood up to greet him, said: "Little Cheung, how do you come back, your mother and I are waiting for you for a long, fast Tell me about Soong's dinner in the end is how is it? "Yexiang sports bag into the living room to the side of children, came to sit on the sofa, said:" Dad, specifically how else I do not know, may be I saved her daughter's website that he would like to express its thanks to it, "Ye Zhengnan said:" In the eyes of a deputy governor, a website is simply nothing, for this reason too far-fetched. "Ye Xiang said:" Dad , you do not understand the subtleties of which I give you a detailed analysis about it. "" Well, you say. "Yezheng Nan nodded. Ye Xiang said: "She ran the Crown Songxiao daughter has been dominated by domestic social networking site similar position of the boss, but shortly before the Northern River Island pop up an information network Hylands entertainment, very strong, is said to Northern Provincial Deputy secretary Tan Liangde pro-nephew do, they fight for the top spot this first, what means have been exhausted, the Crown suffered hacker attacks is that they dry, and therefore I know the governor's daughter SONG Xiao Ran Song, shot repel hackers, keep her site. "Ye Zhengnan the site no sense of this virtual thing xìng understanding, he asked:" She is the daughter of the governor, what business have no worries about not making money , why is it doing web site, as far as I know, no one domestic sites to make money. "Ye Xiang said:" Song Xiao Ran is the science of electronic technology, for this emerging industry has a deep knowledge, she is the fancy there's a huge opportunity, "" Here you can have any leads? "Ye Zhengnan could not help but ask. Ye Xiang said: "Now the country to do the Internet are aimed at the U.S. Nasdaq, so they are willing to burn inside no regrets, because once their website listed on NASDAQ in the United States, the return is several times or even hundred times, Take The Crown Songxiao Ran network for it, and now she has invested more than one million if successful in the U.S. Nasdaq market, the website will be able to reach tens of market capitalization one hundred million or even billions, which is why they want to fight for the cause of domestic industry leader position because, like the domestic industry's first Web site, listed on NASDAQ in the United States may xìng great "Ye Zhengnan heard very shocked, he never thought to do a website actually spent more than one million if the more than one billion of them into the municipal building that was built many skyscrapers ah, but also in the United States that can actually look at what NASDAQ-listed status of times,Air Jordan After Game Sale, this He is unheard of for a time his mind some of the less time spent Liu Wenyuan then said: "Little Cheung, the internet really you say so iffy?" Ye Xiang nodded and said: "Of course, Silicon Valley in the United States has There are many successful precedents, some website operators very well, but because the money without investment business, went around looking for investors, investors saw the future development of this site useful, we invested heavily in shares eaten part of the site , then push the website listed on a site is listed these investors earn bowl full of pots of surplus, ranging from a few times to get a return, as much as that is a hundred times. "Liu Wenyuan great sigh and said:" there are so many make money ah "Ye Zhengnan then nodded and said:" Little Cheung, you say that Soong invited us to a dinner really a possibility. "Ye Xiang said:" Dad, no matter what might,Purses Coach Online, in short, the governor asked us to go to a stranger can only be a good thing, not an office-bearer, he has any ideas I went to know "Yezheng Nan said:" also, we do not have in this brainer, and early wash sleep early tomorrow came to the East China Sea, "" and other etc., a small Xiang, Lu Qin you say today and how they are going? Liu Chuang labeled you how to do so, he ** in front of my face good Dayton complaining. "Just Liu Wenyuan only cared to Soong house guest thing, because it relates to the future of her husband, almost regarded afternoon to forget things, then suddenly think up. Ye Xiang said: "Mom, Lu Qin and Liu Chuang De xìng usually what you do not is not known, and Tang Liang together before they bully me, bully Chengsha Yang regarded me today they see and speak German, Philip was the daughter of Mr. and Maya together talking and laughing, they told me that is the envy of jealous hate, finding fault they want to play my meal, I do not want to live like before it was useless, and it fought back, Results you can see, is such a thing "Previously, Liu Wenyuan see their son was beaten black and blue is very sad that those people are secretary, deputy secretary's son, she hit home twice, others a child fights Nothing, we want to give money to see a doctor, it's like she wants to blackmail people like, so he sent her, so she can not help it, if you go downtown will affect her husband, she could only endure. Today sees his son put those two guys labeled as her heart is very refreshing, was in front of his wife grateful, there is a feeling of just elated, she was afraid of his son astray, just mention this thing Ye Zhengnan The heart is also very straightforward, watching Liu Wenyuan said: "Children of the things that they themselves, we do not co-participation of the" PS: feel Xieshu "Need a man a" monthly pass. . More to the address <
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