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August 23 [Fri], 2013, 16:27
(old); severe gasping for breath, eyes revealed a deep despair, the inescapable, now RI has not survived, looked up at Chen Jinyuan, then a hard heart, eye ferocious flashed, and sit and wait for death, not pull you down! The hard teeth, twinkling turn his body, ten feet high over a piece of pulling, Shen Yao trees. Chen Jinyuan is cold to hum a, the opportunity to fly above the old demon that huge head, really yuan into the Xuanyuan sword, sword with four she, the hands hold sword, along with a splash of straight toward the Witch Head thrust. Roar! Boy, dead...... A sound with pain and endless angry hiss, beautiful body suddenly violent shaking up, was instantly turned crimson se, as if there is something to break out. Not good! Feel the old ailment, Chen Jinyuan heart a sudden, pupil suddenly shrink. Detonation...... Old demon flesh in that moment explodes, the forest is like being detonated a nuclear bomb, from a huge black se mushroom cloud, a powerful shock wave toward around sharp divergence, the barrier between all crumble, between all the biological instantly into nothingness. A stretch of Li Xu crater, an area of 10 years barren, dead silence, even the slightest sign of life without. Almost got the word! A figure flashed out of thin air in the giant pit, looking around the black Yantengteng, unbearable Cui curse. That monster realm later detonated the pubic region is so strong! The heart was full at the same time, Chen Jinyuan also secretly hold fluky, just if he had not timely into the ancient martial space, I'm afraid not now also residues. In the pit for a moment, the ferroelastic silver bow to find her, but could not find the old universe pocket, have not been blown out, was destroyed. The evil doer has been killed, is also the irrigation estuary one, other worldly possessions, Chen Jinyuan also don't care, jump out of the crater, to irrigation estuary and Kensington Parka Women Canada Goose go, 'that little monk is still underwater caves and Uber battle, if he is not mistaken, true gentleman mansion and two head monster exit early the evil spirit demon and countless, also do not know metaplasia can withstand. Hou wang...... Positive Yu flight, Chen Jinyuan suddenly heard the sound of a beast roar, the sound of loud, is down nine days of thunder, come unexpectedly, full Chen Jinyuan shudder with fear. What? And Gu, see distant forests she out a small light, such as an Reese Bomber Baby arrow toward their she. -- a dog? Look at this little guy, Chen Jinyuan had played a Hello, and even some consternation, that light and rushed to the front of Chen Jinyuan ten meters stopped. A black and white haired, head and leg length thin waist, Montebello CG55 Parka UK shape is like a cheetah, and like the Western Greyhound, head slightly larger than a rabbit, but this temper is not small, to Chen Jinyuan roared called, like how much hatred. They reveal? View this shape and cry, and what is it right? The dog? The bark of the loud, each is like thunder, the noise, the noise Chen Jinyuan tinnitus, looks small, but its body style, although they reveal early. Good dog, to Grandpa here! Chen Jinyuan saw that the dog was lovely, the heart love, then squat;
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