the seal will be released

April 08 [Fri], 2011, 20:04

E E Zixuan hold back the pain of pulling back the sword. Stood up and said: "No, Jinxi not like that! Suddenly turned and threw to Chun Chi sword. Chun Chi gently sideways so, escaped the sword. Lengheng loudly said:" As long as I get rid of Jinxi, get that Scroll ... ... you're next. "People have jumped up and went to recover Jinxi."

E E Zixuan hearts hate: "You never expect!"

E E At this point, operation of God is sitting in his room adults in front of a crystal ball and use the technique, mouth read: "Ah ... ... Chi Chun said this guy out."

Jinxi the crystal ball that is hands and feet to rush.

"Jinxi is very disturbing. May be the strength of the seal will be released. Although Jinxi seal of the book in his hand ... ... to lift the seal, turned into a succubus possibility even if only to one. But this possibility . ... then ... "the heart of God Road surgery is not good.

E E Zixuan chase jumping in the trees: "When I saw him!" In front of Jinxi is running very fast hands and feet, shouted: "Jinxi, Chun Chi said words are panic! Is driving roll to me! Chun Chi the idea of playing it. "

E E then ran to the front to stop the Jinxi Zixuan. Who knows Jinxi suddenly force, jumped up with a shoulder withstood Zixuan neck. Knocked him to ten meters away.

Jinxi stop and pant. Softly said: "how!" Axis of the back to take down the big Cheng, a butt Zuodao tree.

E E Zixuan knocked Debu light in crawling up and asked: "Why? Jinxi?" Turned around and relentless voice asked: "Why?" A sudden burst of smoke, Chun Chi unlock the ninja, the original Zixuan he turned to. Asked: "how do you know I'm not Zixuan?"

E E Jinxi skin smile to jump Hey Hey, smoke agucci handbags clearance while, but changing horses Zixuan. It turned out he is also false. "Because I was Zixuan."

Chi Chun stood up and said: "I see." At this point Jinxi was hiding in another tree not far away from them after the eavesdropping.

E E Chun Chi said: "Jinxi killed your parents, why do you have to protect him?"

"I do not like you to scroll to the jerk!" Zixuan voice firm.

E E Chun Chi said: "You idiot, Jinxi and I are the same."

Zi Xuan asked puzzled; "the same?" Chun Chi proudly said: "As long as the scrolls can learn the technique, can do whatever they want. Succubus can not use this power."

Zixuan heard not help ease said: "This ah!"

E E Jinxi Yie, hate, think: "Damn, it really is. Even the bottom of my heart teacher Zixuan ... ... bottom of my heart do not agree with me."

E E news came Zixuan voice: "This may be a succubus, but Jinxi not the same guy ... I agree ... that guy is an excellent student. Both work and dedication. But not clever, not everyone recognition. He already knows the pain of heart. He is no longer a succubus. He is Silvermoon City Jinxi! "

E E Jinxi think Zixuan think so himself, and moved to tears splashed down. Did not dare to cry.

Hey Chun Chi cold E E two channel: "You hopeless guy." Remove another from the back of the big sword, broke into cries: "Zi Xuan, who used to be I will deal with you, but now I changed my mind. "in the left hand edge of the sword of a pull, even the right hand turn, turn the sword in the hands of the fly, mad cried:" Now by go die! "sitting on the ground Zixuan rushed. Zi Xuan did not move thought to himself: "Imagine that die here."

E E Suddenly, Jinxi out from the side, one crashed into Chun Chi, knocked him out, get rid of the sword is also flying out. Zixuan incredible, exclaimed: "Jinxi!" Jinxi stood between two hand reel according to the ground Chun Chi sad: "You should not do!"

E E Jinxi shoulders hunched, head down, with one eye and aim at Chun Chi Lengsen said: "No touch Zixuan teacher." Authentic bitterly: "Otherwise, kill you."

Chun Chi shouted: "Do not joke, I can solve your fist!" Wang Jinxi puts his hands in front of the index finger middle finger extended, and the other three fingersgucci handbags knockoffs curved, the four fingers of the right to make cross-shaped cross, Hengheng authentic: "Try it, you are a waste, I will fight back with you a thousand times."

Chun Chi shouted angrily: "kind to try, Succubus!"

E E Zixuan somewhat looked at the developments.

E E "figure places at once."

E E hundreds of Jinxi in the woods, and even stood on top of the tree full of Jinxi's avatar. Chi Chun Wai will be in the middle. Zixuan stunned heart: "This is the figure two places at once." Face with a smile. "This is an advanced technique, the separation is not the ghost, but solid."

E E Chun Chi scared my heart tremble: "how?"

E E group Jinxi aloud and said: "how? Ah come on!" Chun Chi Zuodao scared ass to the ground. "You, however, I had to attack first." Several avatar proudly said.

E E "... ah ..." the woods came Chun Chi mad cry in despair, there are numerous kicking sound. Finally over, Chun Chi badly battered lie down and kept the name of a quiver. Scroll down to the ground next to, Jinxi stood after the habit of scratching his head with the right seeds. Hey Hey, laughed: "It's like doing a little bit too, ah! Zixuan teacher, are you okay?"

E E Zixuan embarrassed to be said: "ah ... ... ah!" Mind happily: "It's great, ah, he might really be able to go beyond all previous God of adult patients. Stunned the head, squint one eye on the Road : "Jinxi, come here to look. I have something to give you. "

E E city, warlocks together, one person asked: "find the Jinxi it?"

Some people replied: "No ah!"

Someone shouted: "Damn, it was too bad."

Three generations of patients slowly came up and said God: "do not need to worry about this any more!" Warlocks to hear back at him. Someone called out: "three generations of adults operation of God!" Then he said: "come back soon."

E E Biliaoyanjing, after a long, Jinxi asked: "Teacher, have not you?"

Zi Xuan said: "Well, you can open your eyes. Open your eyes Zixuan are laughing lowers, but the chest necklace like gone.

The sun came out, more andgucci handbags on sale more intense light, according to two in the morning, birds tits squeaked. Sunlight Jinxi barely Zixuan, Zixuan whispered: "Congratulations ... ... you graduated! Jinxi Zhang eye was the boss.

Zixuan loudly: "Well, to celebrate your graduation. We eat noodles now!

E E mouth twitching. Zixuan see he had not immediately hailed as usual a bit surprised. Who knows Jinxi threw himself about to jump up to his shouted: "Zixuan teacher." He was too happy.

E E "Oh, it hurts!" This is what met Zixuan wounds, Zixuan could not help but cried.

E E Zixuan heart he thought: "I want to know as a warlock Jinxi need to hone This began. Jinxi is in front of him laughing and crying." But, to say good ramen shop. "

The truth

April 08 [Fri], 2011, 20:03
Chun Chi has ignored said: "Sixteen years ago, of Silver City set a rule."

Jinxi skeptical puzzled and said: "Rules?"

E E Chun Chi added: "However, Jinxi, only you do not know what the rules."

Jinxi more puzzled then added: "Only me? What rules?"

Zixuan despair exclaimed: "Do not, Chun Chi." Wants to stop Chun Chi went on.

E E Chun Chi mad then said: "That is never mentioned in the rules you are the Succubus!" Jinxi stunned, eyes wide open. Chun Chi between the sound still continued: "So that, you're killing Zixuan parents, the destruction of Silvermoon City, Succubus!"

E E Zixuan mad shouted: "Do not say it!" Jinxi as caught in the whirlpool. "You have to be all dark. We all hate you, do not you feel strange?

E E Jinxi recalled the scene at school, cross-flow of tears, cried shouted: "Damn!" Body beam Fei Zhou, repeatedly shouted: "Damn!! Damn!! Damn!!" Zixuan hearts deep sigh: " Jinxi! "

E E fuel to ferocious Chun Chi said: "You are no one will accept it. Even Zixuan hate you!" At this point, Zixuan leg hurts more, and could not help but holdimitation chanel handbags around the wound, mind thought God spoke to him three generations of patients scene: "Zi Xuan, Jinxi never get parental care. the city of people dislike him because of that thing. so he kept doing bad shows, in order to attract people's attention. He has been to demonstrate their existence. Although the surface is very strong, but the actual pain of his heart is ... ...

E E thinking about this, Chun Chi sword had been removed back in the hands of the fly turn shouted: "Go to hell, Jinxi." Suddenly throws the sword, that sword roared toward that Jinxi. Jinxi scared hands and feet, climbing back.

E E Zixuan shouted: "Jinxi, get on the ground."

E E pop Ting heard, time seems to rest, Zixuan physically protect the back of a flying Jinxi the past. Silver silver behind the clothes in mid-end of thegucci handbags outlet sword from there into his vest. Jinxi lying on the ground, looking at the Zixuan incredibly scared.

E E solution out of the mouth with blood, sweat flow down his face. Zixuan forced back pain. Blood on the mouth has landed under the stunned body of Jinxi face. Chun Chi also surprised, imagine that he will do so.

E E Jinxi finally stuttered and asked: "What is ... ...?"

Zixuan sadly said: "Because we do." Crying once recalled: "Since my parents died, no one praised me, and no one recognized me, I can only play the fool." He and fellow students in the river learn tightrope when accidentally fell into the river intentionally. "People want to get my attention. Because I do not know in what way to attract people's attention, so I've been fool! A person, secretly hiding in the corner."

Zixuan pain if, Kuchu channel: "Jinxi, you too, right? You mustgucci handbags sale be very painful, very hard to accept it?" Zixuan tears Flows. "I'm sorry, Jinxi! If I can do better, you will not have unpleasant feeling.

E E Chun Chi Lengran not help listening to chatter in the trees laugh, shouted: "Do not make me laugh! Zixuan have been killed by his parents to your grudge! Him to say, just want to scroll back."

E E Jinxi only sixteen years old how can differentiate between two words is true or false? Eyes and from the panic into doubt, and finally turn into hatred, get up and bolted away.

E E Zixuan shouted his name is not in the rationale behind mining.

E E Chun Chi jumped tree, rattle chuckle: "Jinxi is not easy to change your mind. He intended to use the scroll to the villagers to take revenge. Just look in his eyes you see it? It was the eyes Succubus . "
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