a super of the moment idea 

2006年03月17日(金) 15時40分
interwind entangled string
cause and effect
trouble shooting

to Nuala 

2006年03月14日(火) 3時02分
Hi writerNuala

Thank you for your writings and introducing Japan,my home country.
I listened to webcast and read newsletter.At the beggining, a language point I want you to cover is tense. Not very often, but sometimes I make some mistakes whether I choose past simple or past perfect.And I also confuse when I want to mention something in the future.Until recently, I did't notice present continuous is occasionally saying future happening such as 'I'm meeting you tonight'.

Secondly,on the storyline, I'm very dissapointed people don't choose 'He fancies her'.But it's okay.
I hope Michael fancies Helen one day.

Thirdly, I want to learn a scene they discuss about something,for example,what is happiness in life? or who should be blame for the fault.Because I want to learn how to complain something politely.And I want to know a bit like English sense of humour.Is this difficult for such a short conversation without non verbal elements? But,please.I expect you very much.

All the best


2006年03月13日(月) 23時58分


2006年03月13日(月) 2時48分
Hi it's you!

I'm a Japanese student and learning English now. Please write a comment in English,if possible. I'd appreciate new idea or words.

From now on, I'd like to write down my critical opinion to something I encounter in my life.

CU again!


2006年03月12日(日) 3時12分
A)What do you do in your free time?

B)I like watching movies. Today, I watched AEON FLUX(イーオン・フラックス).

A)What do you think?

B)Nothing but Chalize Theron(シャリーズ・セロン). That's all.Do you like her?

A)Yes I like her in Monster(モンスター).

B)She act various character,doesn't she.

A)That's right.I think the difference between Chalize and Angelina Jolie(アンジェリーナ・ジョリー)is that point.

B)And when acting female fighter,Angelina is sexier,I think.At this time, I'm interested in AEON FLUX's character,that is ,kunoichi(九ノ一)which means female shinobi(忍). The director might be a Japanese descent.

A)Shinobi was a spy(スパイ)?

B)Yes, but sometimes they were assassinators(暗殺者).

A)Why do you like shinobi?

B)Shinobi is a bit like a life model for me. I want to be a kind of professional person. Also, shinobi normally obeys instructions faithfully and in a critical moment,he/she plays important role in history.

A)But,are they diffrent from suicide bombers(自爆テロ)?

B)Shinobi was a bit different from Kamikaze(神風). They are kind of professional and never killed ordinary people.They had something like Bushido(武士道).

National Dignity 

2006年03月11日(土) 3時10分
A=Japanese student

B=British student

A)I really like 'National Dignity(国家の品格)' written by FUJIWARA Masahiko(藤原正彦).

B)Who's Fujiwara?

A)He's a Japanese mathematician. His father Jiro Nitta(新田次郎) is famous for novel, and his mother Tei Fujiwara(藤原てい) is a famous writer.

B)Got it! He criticize hostile acquisition(敵対的買収), doesn't he.

A)Exactly. According to national dignity, hostile acquisition is against it.

B)So,What do you think of national dignity?

A)I agree with him. We must not forget Bushido(武士道) tradition. First reason is modern rationality(近代合理主義) has limit. Secondly,we should thinks emotion and formality more important than logic(論理), freedom(自由), equality(平等) and democracy(民主主義).

B)Really? I thought Bushido is similar to knighthood(騎士道) as Inazo Nitobe(新渡戸稲造) said. And knighthood is not necessarily against modern rationality. As British gentleman is rational. Why do you think he doubts the value of logic,freedom,equality and democracy?

A)One reason is Horiemon(ホリエモン). Mostly because,he thinks that excessive capitalism(資本主義) and globalism(グローバリズム) might spoil Japan. People lost their mind of public service(公共心) and many social problems arise including successive emergence of corporate scandal(企業不祥事), deception of earth-quake resistance strength(耐震偽装) and BSE problem(狂牛病).

B)I have a bit different idea. Those problems does not derived from capitalism and globalism but from Japanese structural problem including unfair business practice called 'Dangou(談合)' . Politician and bureaucrats don't represent people but closed industry. I think Dangou is against democracy.It's corruption. Is that really a Japanese tradition or dignity?

A)Anyway, national dignity is important.

B)I think so , too. But we need to talk about what is national dignity. Is that totally different from western one?

TV tacle 

2006年03月10日(金) 3時06分
A) I really like TV tackle(テレビタックル). Have you seen it?

B) TV tackle? No, I'm not sure,but I haven't actually. When's it on?

A) On Monday evening, from 9 every week on Monday.

B) What kind of people are on it?

A) Beat Takeshi(ビート武) presents it. And regular panelists are Sawako Agawa(阿川佐和子), Makoto Otake(大竹実) and Tomomi Eguchi(江口ともみ). Guest personalities are ,for example, Mr Miyake(三宅), some members of the House of Representatives and Hamako(ハマコー).

B) Got it! I have seen it once before.

A) What do you think of it?

B) Absolutely rubbish.

A) Really? Why?

B) Why do you like it?

A) They talk about Japanese current affairs to each other and I understand news more easily. When it comes to a hot discussion, they shout like children and confess their real intention at last. It's funny and useful programme, isn't it?

B) It's a bit vulgar or coarse,isn't it?

A)Well, actually,I don't understand Japanese current affairs without watching it. NHK News is too difficult and boring for me. So I need to watch political chat shows.

B)That's okay, but speaking ill of other member and shouting curses cannot solve any problem. We need to have our own 'cool head but warm heart' as Alfred Marshall(アルフレッド・マーシャル) said.

A) Who's Marshall??

B) He's a British economist. He taught at Cambridge in the late 19th century.

A) I see. But my head is not cool, only heart is warm.

B) You'd better 'watch' whether they are brainwashing or not.
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